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GUGU MANGA FRONTIA ~あなたも漫画を読みませんか?~ - ALFAポッドキャスト
【初見でも大丈夫! ポイントを押さえて漫画を紹介】本屋さんやコンビニ、色んな所で見かける、あんなマンガこんなマンガ、時にはマイナーなマンガを紹介する番組です。漫画を知らなくてもわかるように噛み砕いて紹介しています。この番組をきっかけに漫画を読み始めませんか?
Mayhem Acadedmy: The Power of Ja'kira
The future is here and the world as you know it, has changed. Pollution, disease and poverty are a thing of the ancient past. The surface of the beautiful blue planet has once again become a paradise and the world is finally at peace. That is, until the ambient energy from a long forgotten war finds a new home; in the unborn children of the year 2037. Afraid of what this development could mean, the world governments agree to create an experimental school called the Mayhem Academy. This highly advanced school not only educates and houses these incredible children but teaches them how to safely use their potentially dangerous abilities.After a decade of the Academy’s successful operation, the governments breathe a sigh of relief. Unbeknownst to those watching the school, there are sinister forces at work, plotting to see that the Academy fails and that the history; that has been wiped from the minds of the populace, is allowed to repeat itself. Join the students of the Mayhem Academy as they fight these forces and struggle to find their true destiny in a world on the brink of disaster
Talon Marks News Hour
A weekly discussion of Cerritos College campus news brought to you by Talon Marks and WPMD.
RPGMP3 Tatters of the King Podcast
The eyes of Hastur fall on the earth once more and only a brave few can resist his power
Sam Houston’s 
Front Porch
 with your host, Ed Blackburn
Welcome! These podcasts consist of short interviews with top authorities on Sam Houston’s life and times. Use them for classroom discussions, to supplement reading, to assign as homework, or as source material for reports and papers. Your suggestions for additional topics are welcomed.
即興演奏ブログ / Piano improvisation vol.12
Autism Tales and Special Needs Stories(tm)
Strange, funny and heartwarming stories about individuals affected by autism from around the world. For more information, go to: Send your stories to:
A showroom for different Oasis+ Concepts
JPub podcasts
is a platform for weekly audio and video podcasts by JPUB. The first series is LOST SURVIVOR audio book ,read by author Thomas R. Jones. Based on actual events in the author’s life. It could be any Soldier in any war; the details change, but the heart of the matter is survival. Inextricably bound in our history; truths of racism and brotherhood, truths of values and actions, truths about right and wrong and when they matter. Two chapters every Wednesday. More exciting things like video podcasts will be coming. Share with friends, email us your thoughts. Thank You for visiting. Opening Podcast music by Brian Pryor. Music and production for ‘Lost Survivor Audio Book’ - Vince Lawrence, Slang Music Group, Chicago Illinois.
[podcast]:[the heard world]
A semi-weekly show featuring mostly music by myself, and some other influences of mine. experimental, lo-fi, electronica, indie, blogging and audio whining...but always interesting.
Tie Em Up - Leather Bondage Master
This isn't about sex.. but the Gay leather and bondage scene as I experience it. It's not supposed to be authoritative - just my take on things.. Hope that doesn't sound too off putting LOL... I will also be talking with my husband about our life style from time to time to cover the BDSM side of our Master/slave relationship and how it works for us, equally we will discuss our normal lives as well. I plan on covering things that have happened in the past was well as things that are current and future. Living in Essex in the UK, I will be covering what we do on the scene in London and further afield in the UK. No set time scale for episodes - as and when really... Sorry have limited Bandwidth so this may become unavailable from time to time.... I do keep my eye on it. Only the Current ones are on iTunes - older ones are available on my website Due to the subject matter no under 18's please.
Halounge. A place to lounge and do what we all love. Talk about halo.
A Bluegrass and Old Time Music Radio Show
One hour radio show that plays bluegrass, old time and gospel music only by unsigned bands. Discusses playing style, venues, and provide band website an CD links.
Quite Frankly
Quite Frankly is a podcast about the the University of Pennsylvania, its students, higher education and Philadelphia. Each episode examines a specific topic in depth, highlighting first-hand student perspectives, administrative input and commentary from experts. Whether you’re a student, professor, alumnus, administrator, parent, or Philadelphian, tune in. Quite Frankly is presented by the Daily Pennsylvanian, Penn’s independent, student-run newspaper.
FOWL Radio
FOWL Radio - fun of & with language is a podcast about Hindi, German & English - in English. We talk about anything and everything to do with language and about other stuff too. Come fowl around with us!
Build the Church
Bringing the newest and freshest Independent Christian Music to everyone.
Oscar Wants A Sausage - Series 2
Oscar Wants A Sausage is a topical podcast recorded by a group of friends from South West London. Hosted by Owen Marshall and Matt Henderson Oscar Wants A Sausage introduces some unique perspectives on the world.
Harraß raschelt
Ex-NDR2 Moderator Ulli Harrass ist wieder da! Jetzt können wir es hören - warum er schon lange nicht mehr im Radio moderiert: Auch dieser Podcast ist völlig überflüssig und kein Brüller - einfach pure Zeitverschwendung. Unter 0700 - 929 63 63 8 (12 Cent pro Minute) können HörerInnen dazu Ihre Kommentare aufsprechen, die dann im Podcast erscheinen. eMails erreichen Ulli unter
Stockert liest ...
Matthias Stockert liest Klassiker und Märchen. Lasst euch überraschen ...
Presented by a combination of the following 5 visually impaired people Matt Darkin, Lynne Hester, Warren Wilson, Katie Rogers and Jerry Gilbert - I-balls is a lively roundtable discussion program ranging over a wide variety of topics. It is made available with assistance from Cam Sight, an organisation providing services to blind and partially sighted people living in Cambridgeshire in the United Kingdom