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    I read books. I read authors. I read ratchet. Join me as I dive into books both big and small, good and awful, and enjoy every moment of it.

    BooksAudio BookFiction
    26 Ratings

    Founders Unfound tells the stories of exceptional entrepreneurs and tech founders from underrepresented backgrounds – starting with founders of African descent. We have a regular podcast and complimentary blog created to shine a light on the broad spectrum that reflects all the diversity in entrepreneurship today. We spotlight entrepreneurs working on venture-worthy, big opportunity ideas.We know behind every founder team is an origin story that deserves to be boldly told. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

    EntrepreneurBlack CultureBusiness
    21 Ratings

    The Nod tells the stories of Black life that don’t get told anywhere else, from an explanation of how purple drink became associated with Black culture to the story of how an interracial drag troupe traveled the nation in the 1940s. We celebrate the genius, the innovation, and the resilience that is so particular to being Black -- in America, and around the world.

    Gimlet MediaArtsSociety
    16 Ratings

    Join us as we dive deep into the lesser-known aspects of Black History. This podcast is your compass to navigate the intricacies of African American History and its relationship American History. So, if you're passionate about gaining a broader perspective on African American History, don't miss an episode.Become a supporter of this podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/podcast/one-mic-black-history--4557850/support.

    Black CultureEducationHistory
    8 Ratings

    Queue Points is the Black Podcasting Award and Ambie Award nominated music podcast that is dropping the needle on Black Music history and celebrating Black music through meaningful dialogue. The show is hosted by DJ Sir Daniel and Jay Ray. Visit https://queuepoints.com to learn more.

    MusicBlack CultureBlack
    6 Ratings

    Lily Legacy & Dae Yunique offer their perspectives on life, culture, and adulthood from Seattle, WA.

    6 Ratings

    The Black History Buff podcast is a fun and thrilling journey through time. Covering the full historical tapestry of the African Diaspora, you’ll hear tales covering everything from African Samurai to pistol-wielding poets. More than just a podcast, the show is a bridge that links communities throughout the African diaspora and enlightens and empowers its friends.If you'd like to become a friend of the show follow the links on this pagehttps://pod.fan/black-history-buff-podcastYou can find me at https://www.blackhistorybuff.com/pages/social-2 & www.blackhisto Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/blackhistorybuff/support

    Black CultureEducationHistory
    6 Ratings

    After an unarmed black man is killed by a local officer, an unassuming activist, John Mark, sets out to unite his divided city together and stop both sides from descending into chaos. Will he succeed or only make things worse? Find out in this gripping audio drama created and directed by Joshua Williams. Starring Trevon Foster, Adrian Justis, Christina Connerton, Justice Hall, and Jonathan Dauermann. Produced by Joshua Williams, Evan Carrington, and Michael R. Salas.The Miseducation of John Mark is a C-Space Media production. Visit https://whoisjohnmark.com to learn more about the production.

    FictionDramaBlack Culture
    5 Ratings

    Join Ekta as she discusses skincare trends, social issues, and myths around skincare and beauty culture. Join the discussion on Instagram @skincareanarchy!(Not legal or medical advice, all views expressed are non-legal and non-medical opinions)  Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

    ArtsBeautyFashion Beauty
    3 Ratings

    Tune in as BK Spades and Novacaine explain societal situations through the lens of pop culture. From movies, comics, and anime to politics and social issues, no topic is off-limits for your favorite instructors. #SocietyPC101

    SocietyCultureBlack Culture
    3 Ratings

    Avery Speaks Podcast (Family Advocacy)A Podcast Empowering Our Families And Communities IG @averyspeakspodcastAvery Speaks is a podcast sharing thought-provoking content that is empowering, healing and informative to our families and communities.CashApp: $authoravery1 (Donations)IG @averyspeakspodcastAuthorSite: AveryWashington.com LinkTree: https://linktr.ee/averyspeakspodcastSupport this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/authoraverywashington/support

    3 Ratings

    A podcast about people and events in American history you may not know much about. Yet.

    Black CultureEducationHistory
    2 Ratings

    My name is Erik Fleming. I am an African American native of Chicago. I have had the privilege of being an elected official in the Deep South. Therefore I created this podcast to express my unique take on politics, as well as encouraging black excellence in leadership. This podcast was a 2021 Black Podcasting Awards Nominee for Best Black Political Podcast and with your support, this podcast will continue to be an uplifting experience and a strong voice in our American political discourse. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/erik-fleming1/support

    PoliticsBlack CultureNews
    2 Ratings

    Black men having real conversations about black culture, Mental Health, Relationships and much more, that affect us our families and the black community. Uncut & Uncensoredhttps://www.thealphaloungepodcast.com/ Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/thealphalounge-podcast/support

    SocietyBlack CultureCommunity
    2 Ratings

    “The sauciest team in the game, the spiciest takes on the pitch”

    SoccerBlack Culture
    2 Ratings

    Where Politics and Pop Culture Collide! We take an independent political approach to items such as religion, social issues, racism and mash it together with the nerdy stuff we love, such as movies, comics, music, sports talk & even cigar reviews! Grab your shovel and join us in the underground for the great guests, unique, honest perspectives, uncensored fun and tangents!

    2 Ratings

    Living Corporate's flagship podcast of the same name spotlights a variety of executives, activists, entrepreneurs, elected officials, authors, artists, and influencers at the intersection of lived experience and work.

    Black CultureBusinessCareers
    2 Ratings

    The Plant Your Seeds of Transformation Podcast is Hosted by Coach Donna Marie and produced by Lead Like A Queen Coaching and Consulting, LLC. We discuss recognizing and becoming free from toxic perfectionism, shame, grief, and other things that keep you stuck. Our goal is to foster self-awareness for the black woman leader who has survived trauma or crisis and has goals to make a big impact on the world as she starts first with her own personal and professional transformation journey. Visit PlantYourSeeds.show to see show notes, guest feature pages, and to get added value for your journey.

    Womens StudiesBlack CultureCareers
    1 Rating

    Stories All Around Us is an autobiography of the Black experience where we believe if you’ve lived long enough to form a sentence you have a story to tell, and it matters. Our mission is to record and share personal short stories that will open minds, expand worldviews and inspire storytellers around the country. Each episode features three storytellers who share their personal experiences around a singular topic; highlighting the fact that we are not a monolith while showcasing the diverse identities and perspectives of the Black experience.Controlling our narrative. Telling our stories. There are stories all around us. What’s yours?

    StorytellingSociety CultureBlack Culture
    1 Rating

    Tales to feed your inner child, and also soothe its hungry spirit. We strive for inner peace and work towards daily mental stability. Bipolar is only my diagnosis it is not who I am. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/melanindads/support

    SocietyCultureBlack Culture
    1 Rating

    An open invitation to the mind of a creative writer and creatives of all walks of life. Where we dehumanize the creative one episode at a time. If you’re interested in poetry, astrology, and aggressive affirmations this. This may just be for you!

    ArtsPerforming ArtsSelf Help
    1 Rating

    Join Teezy, Darryl Superior, and D. Kelly each week as they discuss hip-hop and some of the hot topics of the week in a style that is often ratchet, sometimes sophisticated, but always entertaining. They're just three Plairs discussing hip-hop, black culture, and all the ratchet sh*t in between. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/thegoodplairs/support

    MusicBlack CultureComedy
    1 Rating

    An all POC actual play DnD5e podcast, set on a isolated, fabled(and entirely homebrew) continent called the Everrealm. Join Farlies (a half-drow half something?)rogue/warlock played by Mark J.) , Mythcyra (a tiefling monk played by Jinx), Nimbus (a kalashtar artificer/druid played by Mark H.), Lucky (a tiefling warlock barbarian played by Mark H.) and Chenora(a human fighter/warlock played by Chevon) and the DM, Elias, on our journeys in the Everrealm. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/daeverrealmpod/support

    Dungeons DragonsActual PlayBlack Culture
    1 Rating

    Hosted by Marcus Smoot, Ms. Lyric Bravado & Tony ‘TiggaMann’ Nelson, WRTR Real Talk Radio is a comedy podcast and online radio show that focuses on discussing real-life issues (in the black community & beyond) with a unique and humorist vibe. The show aims to provide a platform for open and honest conversations about various subjects, including relationships, mental health, personal growth, and social issues. WRTR Real Talk Radio encourages listeners to engage in meaningful discussions and share their own experiences and perspectives. The show is hosted by a team of individuals who are passionate about creating a safe and inclusive space for dialogue and understanding.

    ComedyNewsBlack Culture
    1 Rating

    The Start Within Podcast seeks to disrupt the narrative about what it means to be strong in mind, body and spirit – particularly for people of color. You'll hear candid insights from Coach Colette about her personal growth journey, along with interviews of BIPOC coaches, healers and founders sharing how they stay healthy while pursuing their goals. You'll want to listen as certified stress management coach, Colette Ellis, shatters the myth of the "Strong Black Woman" who is supposed to be strong for everyone but herself. Stay tuned for informative, healing conversations about real issues. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/coach-colette/support

    HealthFitnessBlack Culture
    1 Rating

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