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Tara Brach
Tara Brach, Ph.D is an internationally known meditation teacher and author of bestselling Radical Acceptance and True Refuge. Tara shares a weekly guided meditation and talk that blend Western psychology and Eastern spiritual practices. The podcast addresses the value of mindfulness meditation and self-compassion in relieving emotional suffering, serving spiritual awakening and bringing healing to our world.
'Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing' - Helen Keller Join the Radio Announcer, Colour lover and Cake Obsessed, Tiffany Rouge on her adventure through conversations with people who weave positivity, mindfulness & courage into their own adventures and hustles. Hit subscribe and you're guaranteed to be left feeling empowered and inspired to set out on your own life's adventure, no matter how mundane or exciting!
With Good Reason
Each week scholars explore the worlds of literature, science, the arts, politics, history, religion, and business through lively discussion with host Sarah McConnell. From the controversies over slave reparations and global warming, to the unique worlds of comic books and wine-making, With Good Reason is always surprising, challenging and fun!
All That Is Podcast
“All That Is Podcast” with Sergei Davidoff is focused on gathering stories of how humans navigate their existence in search of peace, love and understanding.
The Overwhelmed Brain
Anxiety, depression, fears, obsession, panic, or any relationship, marriage or family issues, this show will help you achieve less stress and more happiness. Become empowered and honor yourself so that you can make decisions that are right for you. Mindfulness, compassion and being in the present moment are only components of a bigger picture. Live authentically and strengthen your emotional intelligence to avoid emotional abuse. Get to the root of emotional issues with solid relationship advice and personal help. If affirmations don't work and you're tired of being told to "think positively!", start listening to this show for a better life.
Down with the Dharma
Nick Meinhardt and John Freese, two former Buddhist monks, discuss all things Dharma.
Contemplarte: Estrategias para una vida de meditación, creatividad y balance emocional. con Alma Ayon
หลวงตามหาบัว ญาณสัมปันโน
ธรรมะบรรยาย โดยหลวงตามหาบัว ญาณสัมปันโน วัดป่าบ้านตาด อ.เมือง จ.อุดรธานี : สติปัฏฐานสี่, สวากขาตธรรม, พระจริง พระปลอม, อริยสัจนอก อริยสัจใน, กิเลส - ธรรมะ เป็นอย่างไร, ทำผ้าขี้ริ้วให้เป็นทองคำ ฯลฯ
용화선원 - 영상법문
한국선의 중심도량 용화선원은 경허선사로 시작되어 만공선사 전강선사로 이어지는 한국 정통 선불교의 중심이며 정통 활구참선도량입니다.
หลวงพ่อวิโมกข์ เมธิโน วัดปิปผลิวนาราม อ.บ้านค่าย จ.ระยอง
เจ้าอาวาสวัด วัดปิปผลิวนาราม อ บ้านค่าย จ ระยอง
Grind Well
A daily-ish blog for a daily-ish practice. Meditations on meditation by Jon Mitchell, author of In Real Life: Searching for Connection in High-Tech Times from Parallax Press.
The Angry Buddhas Podcast
Life and how the Buddhism practice helps to elevate the human existence through today's constant challenges and ever-changing racial, ethical, and political landscape. Two women living in America with very different backgrounds talk about all types of subjects with each other and the occasional guest.
สาระธรรม โดย มูลนิธิหอจดหมายเหตุพุทธทาส อินทปัญโญ ออกอากาศทุกวันอาทิตย์
Universal Dharma…Not
This is the first of two dharma talks given at Marin Sangha in June 2014. In this talk, Lisa Dale Miller refers to the Suttas to refute the controversial claim by Jon Kabat-Zinn and others, that mindfulness-based interventions (MBSR and the like) deliver a "universal dharma"; an accurate depiction of traditional Buddhist meditation practices and implicitly imparts the profound ethical and philosophical aspects of the actual Buddhadharma.
Seven Month Compassion Series
Lama Willa Miller, teacher of Natural Dharma Fellowship, shares a series of compassion meditations from the Tibetan tradition, recorded in the summer of 2012.
Living Phrase Seon (Korean Zen) Meditation - Hwansan Sunim
Hwansan Sunim was born and raised in the United States and he is the disciple and attendant of Seon Master Songdam, the most respected Buddhist meditation teacher in Korea. Hwansan Sunim explains in English the techniques and applications of traditional Seon or Korean Zen Buddhist meditation in lectures delivered at The International Seon Center (Director: Subul Sunim) in Dongguk University, the Jeongkakweon Dharma Hall at Dongguk University, and the Yeongsan Seon Meditation Center (Directors: Seongkwang Sunim and Yeohaeng Sunim) in Seoul, Korea.
Is Enlightenment Relevant Part 2
The second of two dharma talks given by Lisa Dale Miller, MFT, at the Marin Sangha on November 4 & 11, 2012. Continued discussion and teaching about the relevance of enlightenment for Western Practitioners, focusing on the Buddha's teaching of Dependent Origination.
Wat Florida Dhammaram • Theravada Buddhism
Here you will find Dhamma talks, chantings and other recordings related to the study of Theravada Buddhism.
Sac Urban Dharma
Dharma talks, discussions, and interviews, presented to, or by, Sacramento Urban Dharma meditation group
Lawrence Grecco
Lawrence Dōan Grecco is a Zen priest, Dharma Teacher and Life Coach. He was ordained by the Five Mountain Zen Order and is the founder and Abbot of Open Sky Zen, a nomadic Zen Center in New York City. Lawrence writes for Sweeping Zen, The Interdependence Project, and Open Sky Zen. He received authorization as a dharma teacher from the Interdependence Project, and holds a certificate in Foundations in Buddhist Chaplaincy from the New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care. See and for more information.
Identity & identitylessness part 2
The second of two dharma talks given by Lisa Dale Miller, LMFT, LPCC, SEP at the Marin Sangha on November 10 and 17, 2013. This talk covers the phenomenology of identitylessness and the gateway to its direct experience: awareness.
Buddha Dhamma
တရားတော်များ စုစည်းမှု (MP3)
The Dialectic Struggle
The Dialectic Struggle is a podcast devoted to exploring the deeply held beliefs of individuals. This podcast is dedicated to exploring, at a deeply personal level, why and how individuals choose to believe the things they do.Podcast episodes may range from discussions on religion to conspiracy theorists, to the paranormal. The host of this Podcast, John W. Ratcliff, is a devoted follower of the teachings of Robert Anton Wilson and, therefore, tries very hard not believe anything realizing that as soon as you start to believe something you close off your mind from other possibilities.