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"Just because you love something doesn’t mean you can’t suck at it." - Mike Rowe Mike Rowe (@mikeroweworks) is perhaps the best storyteller and pitchman I've ever had on the show. You may know Mike Rowe as the host of Dirty Jobs. Mike Rowe is a TV host, writer, narrator, producer, actor and spokesman. His performing career began in 1984 when he faked his way into the Baltimore Opera to get his union card and meet girls, both of which he accomplished during a performance of Rigoletto. His transition to television occurred in 1990 when — to settle a bet — he auditioned for the QVC Shopping Channel and was promptly hired after talking about a pencil for nearly eight minutes. There, he worked the graveyard shift for three years, until he was ultimately fired for making fun of products and belittling viewers. Why listen to this episode? You will learn: Secrets of the perfect pitch How Mike flew around the world for free (until he got caught) Why to pursue opportunity instead of passion How being different can help you win in business and life The business of Mike Rowe Favorite books, voice-over artists, and much, much more... Enjoy! Show notes and links for this episode can be found at This podcast is brought to you by Audible. I have used Audible for years and I love audio books. I have two to recommend: The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman Vagabonding by Rolf Potts All you need to do to get your free 30-day Audible trial is go to Choose one of the above books, or choose between more than 180,000 audio programs. That could be a book, a newspaper, a magazine, or even a class. It's that easy. Go to and get started today. Enjoy! This podcast is also brought to you by MeUndies. Have you ever wanted to be as powerful as a mullet-wearing ninja from the 1980’s, or as sleek as a black panther in the Amazon? Of course you have, and that’s where MeUndies comes in. I’ve spent the last six months wearing underwear from these guys 24/7, and they are the most comfortable and colorful underwear I’ve ever owned. Their materials are 2x softer than cotton, as evaluated using the Kawabata method. Check out to see my current faves (some are awesomely ridiculous, like the camo).***If you enjoy the podcast, would you please consider leaving a short review on Apple Podcasts/iTunes? It takes less than 60 seconds, and it really makes a difference in helping to convince hard-to-get guests. I also love reading the reviews!For show notes and past guests, please visit up for Tim’s email newsletter (“5-Bullet Friday”) at transcripts of episodes, go to in sponsoring the podcast? Visit and fill out the form.Discover Tim’s books: Tim:Twitter: Instagram: YouTube:
A corto di spunti per i prossimi post? Ecco qui 5 consigli davvero pratici per trovare l'ispirazione per il blog aziendale.Questa volta abbiamo inserito davvero tanti strumenti che potranno esservi utili ogni volta dovrete preparare il piano editoriale e sarete a corto di idee.Quante volte capita di non sapere cosa scrivere sul blog aziendale. A volte si tratta proprio del blocco dello scrittore, altre volte basta usare gli strumenti giusti per recuperare entusiasmo e focus.Giada e io ci siamo fatti così una chiacchierata su questo tema condividendo tutti i trucchi e gli strumenti che usiamo per ritrovare l'ispirazione.Potete ascoltare la puntata oppure andare leggere qui sotto la trascrizione.Continua su:http://www.MERITA.BIZ/116### PODCAST ###HTTP://www.MERITA.BIZ/PODCAST Sottoscrivi il podcast su: iTunes: Stitcher: Spreaker: Soundcloud: ##### WWW.MERITA.BIZ #####
Episode 131: Bradley Davis, Co-Founder and CEO of Podchaser, talks about launching a start up, fundraising, and his evolving views on money. Guest Biography Podchaser is a Venture Capital-backed podcast database company founded in 2016 and led by CEO Bradley Davis. Sometimes called "the IMDb of podcasting," the company is currently focused on three core initiatives: advanced search and discovery, industry-wide data standardization, and data-driven marketplaces for connection. Features include ratings and reviews, shareable lists, detailed tagging, and more than 4 million creator and guest credits. Leveraging its unique database of credits, Podchaser recently announced its Podchaser Connect service that will pair compelling guests -- brand representatives, university professors, authors, domain experts, and more — with podcasts to unlock the tremendous influence of the intimate medium and grow podcast audiences. In this episode, you'll learn: How Podchaser started as a side-hustle with a Reddit post. Fundraising from scratch and how Podchaser recently closed on a $1.65 million seed round. Why Bradley is excited to be heading Podchaser and how fundraising is changing his views on money. Show notes: Find more from our guest: Twitter LinkedIn Mentioned in this episode: Twitter Podchaser raises $1.65M in round with prominent Louisville investors Rocketreach Write a review for Inspired Money at Runnymede Money Tip of the Week The Rule of 72 Thanks for Listening! To share your thoughts: Leave a note in the comment section below. Share this show on Twitter or Facebook. Join us at the Inspired Money Makers groups at facebook and LinkedIn To help out the show: Leave an honest review on Apple Podcasts. Your ratings and reviews really help, and I read each one. Email me your address, and I'll mail you an autographed copy of Kimo West and Ken Emerson's CD, Slackers in Paradise. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts. Special thanks to Jim Kimo West for the music.
Ti svegli sentendoti pigro quasi tutte le mattine? Le bevande contenenti caffeina sono diventate una necessità per aiutarti durante la giornata? Se questo suona familiare, è tempo di abbandonare le soluzioni rapide su cui fare affidamento e sviluppare un piano di gestione dell'energia. Iniziare può sembrare scoraggiante, ma presto sarai stimolato per andare avanti una volta che avrai raccolto i frutti di uno stile di vita più felice, più sano e più produttivo.
Podchaser is often referred to as “the IMDb of podcasting”.The company was founded in 2016 with the goal of creating the “ultimate, platform-agnostic podcast database.” On this episode of Podcraft, Colin is joined by founder Cole Raven to talk about the various ways podcasters can utilise Podchaser.The platform enables you to create your own profile. Then, you can link that profile it to all the shows and episodes you've ever been involved in.Podchaser lets other users “follow” your show, so they'll never miss an update from you in their feed. They have a great ‘lists' feature too, so you can create themed lists of your favourite podcasts or podcast episodes. There's also a rating and review system. Cole points out that many podcasters ask for iTunes/Apple reviews on their shows, which excludes the huge number of folks listening on non iOS devices. With Podchaser, anyone with an account can leave your show a rating and review.Users can even review individual episodes. You could start to leverage this by asking your listeners to review each episode on Podchaser to let you know exactly what they think. This could be a good way to determine what content really hits the mark, and what stuff you might want to consider dropping in future.Podchaser is a fast growing platform that's becoming a great place to discover new shows. Users can keep up with what their like-minded friends are listening to, following, adding to lists, and reviewing.For the interview show podcaster, it's also a really good place to seek out interesting and relevant new guests for your show.As the platform is still relatively young, it's a good time to get on there, create your profile, and ‘claim' your podcast/podcasts. Cole and the Podchaser team are very supportive, receptive to feedback, and constantly adding new features and tweaks to the service.Support the show (
Ron Palmeri is Founder and CEO of Layer and Founder of Prism Skylabs. Layer has raised about $30 million in 5 years for its toolkit for building better conversations through messaging. Prism Skylabs has raised $24M in less than 7 years to bring physical spaces online – it’s a video intelligence platform that transforms security cameras into data sources for business analytics. Like Algolia’s Nicolas Dessaigne, Ron is excited about the evolution of conversational ininterfaces. “Mobile is rewiring our brain. All of that is going to get fundamentally remade through what we call conversational interfaces.”
Edith Harbaugh, CEO and co-founder of LaunchDarkly, adores software so much that she’s built a product that helps other companies build better software. She also writes, codes, podcasts, runs ultramarathons and mentors startups while running a Silicon Valley star scale-up. Her company is less than 4 years old and has raised over $32m “When you’re outside your mind starts to make connections because you’re not staring at a screen.”
Eilon Reshef, Co-founder and CTO at Gong, talks about his conversational intelligence platform for helping sales teams converse more effectively. Gong was founded founded in 2015 and has raised $26 million in investment. Eilon also reflects on AI and data ownership. “I can’t recall a King who suddenly decided he doesn’t want to be a King anymore …. Kings are gonna take as much tax as they can and these guys are gonna take as much of our privacy as they can.”
Rick Stollmeyer, is Co-Founder and CEO at MINDBODY. He started this in a garage in 2001. Way back then it was an app for boutique health & fitness businesses to manage the scheduling of their fitness classes. Now it’s the largest
Il farmacista completa la pratica del medico, concentrandosi sull'educazione del paziente; uso di farmaci per prevenire, curare e gestire le malattie; e migliorare i risultati dei pazienti. Molte pubblicazioni dimostrano i migliori risultati per le malattie croniche quando i farmacisti collaborano con i medici.
Il panorama immunitario può influenzare la risposta alla chemioterapia o al trapianto allogenico di cellule staminali (AlloSCT) nella leucemia mieloide acuta (LMA) e può aiutare a identificare i pazienti con risposte superiori all'immunoterapia.
Valentina Tudose is a Transformational Relationship Coach and TEDx Speaker passionate about empowering women to live their best life. IG: @therealqueenmaker FB: -- CallumConnects Micro-Podcast is your daily dose of wholesome entrepreneurial inspiration. Hear from many different entrepreneurs in just 5 minutes what hurdles they have faced, how they overcame them and what their key learning is. Be inspired, subscribe, leave a comment, go and change the world! Every entrepreneur featured has been recommended by one of our previous guests.
Blake Mycoskie started and sold four businesses before age 30. But only in Argentina did he discover the idea he'd want to pursue long term. After seeing a shoe drive for children, he came up with TOMS — part shoe business, part philanthropy. PLUS in our postscript "How You Built That," how a long-haired Southern Californian, Chris Healy, co-founded The Longhairs and created special hair ties for guys.
On this episode we get the grinch (Harry) to tell us everything he hates about the holidays. We discuss our love of Christmas music, cookies, and sweaters. We'll also tell you what you should and shouldn't do at your work's holiday party. Very exciting stuff, folks. Towards the end Andy makes up a winter holiday.
Nicolas Dessaigne, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, chats about Algolia, his platform for building search into your business. Algolia was founded founded in 2012 and has raised $74 million in investment. He discusses the importance of APIs, conversational interfaces and a special focus on developer experience. Nicolas is obsessed with promoting a positive company culture and he believes in always striving for authenticity. “Sometimes when you have a problem or a bug, it’s an opportunity to shine … you need to care about the culture you create“
Mada Seghete, Co-Founder and Head of Mobile Marketing, discusses Branch, a linking infrastructure for apps and the mobile web. Branch was founded founded in 2014 and has raised $113 million in investment. She talks about her vision for Branch becoming the conduit that effortlessly takes users to the content they want. She shares future visions of a seamlessly connected digital world and VR, and talks about building community. She also shares memories of her imaginary competitor! “I’m a mobile gamer … I’m always addicted to one game … you play very differently when you have only one life left“
In this episode, Shamir Kumar Nandy shares with us his story in addition to helpful tips that can help anyone looking to start or grow their existing business.
Did you know that over 200,000 entrepreneurs currently sell over $100K per year on Amazon? Sales continue to skyrocket with no indication of slowing down anytime soon… and this week Shamir Kumar Nandy is here to help you get in on the action!
Using solar panels instead of relying on a utility company can help you cut your electric bill by up to 50% per month. When your home has solar panels, energy from the sun will be used to power your electricity, except for when the sun is not present, such as during thunderstorms or at night. --- Send in a voice message:
The iPhone 12 is finally official, and it was unveiled alongside the new iPhone12 mini, iPhone12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max during the company's virtual October event. So what do we know about the new iPhone? Almost everything we will do before the iPhone 12 release date, which is set for October 23. You'll be able pre-order the phone from today at 5am PST / 8am EST / 1pm BST / 11pm AEDT. The company has confirmed that the whole range of iPhone products in 2020 will be G5-ready, allowing you to enjoy super-fast download and browsing speeds on your phone. All four handsets feature a new design, including new colors, and there are a variety of changes to the camera on the rear, the power inside each phone and other features. --- Send in a voice message:
In this Podcast Shamir Kumar Nandy discuss the impact the virus has had on Private Equity investors, ESG factors, and the risks and opportunities that lie ahead.
Social distancing, self-quarantining, and the closure of many gyms have made it harder to exercise. But these tips can help keep you active and healthy during this difficult time. --- Send in a voice message:
Still not convinced about the power of social media? Wondering what the benefit is for your small business? With more than 2 billion worldwide users, your customers are already there. That makes social media a crucial part of your brand's marketing strategy. But while you should be on social media, knowing where to begin is easier said than done.
Today’s marketers use a multitude of tools and technologies to plan, execute and measure the results of their marketing efforts. Yet the vast number of technologies available to them has created a paradox. They have access to more interaction and audience data than ever before to influence campaign planning, product launches and storyline development, but it’s scattered across multiple systems with no simple way to tie it together. Moreover, marketing organizations are losing productivity as they struggle to establish a “single source of truth” about their marketing performance.
An off-grid solar energy system is not connected to the utility grid, whereas an on-grid (aka grid-tied) solar energy system is connected to the utility grid. Your choice of an off-grid system or on-grid system will determine your access to electricity, what equipment is needed for excess production, what happens when the grid goes down, and how you’re billed for electricity. --- Send in a voice message:

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