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The boys determine the boundaries of a relationship, Javs explains the story of his latest catchphrase, and Mark admits to being a horrible friend.
Guy Ritchie is a writer, director and producer. His latest film "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword" releases on May 12, 2017.
If you are new to the podcast this is the episode that will get you hooked guaranteed! In episode 8 Koolade slams an entire bottle of peachtree schnapps. Les gets left alone on the podcast while koolade cleans out his eyes from the jalapeno jui
Chris D'Elia is an actor, writer, and comedian. His new special "Man On Fire" is available now on Netflix, and he also has a podcast called "Congratulations" available to download via iTunes.
Alex Jones is a radio show host, filmmaker, writer, and conspiracy theorist. Eddie Bravo is a jiujitsu black belt, music producer, and author.
The day has come for Miss Amber to leave Sensible People for maternity leave. While the 8 month pregnant co-host certainly gets teased for one last time, Raw Dog is reminded of a certain punishment he has to face from an earlier episode. Plus,
Hometown dates are upon us and The Broads have a lot to say (per usual)! They chat about the MOST precious step-father, alien etiquette classes, Orange County, potential Bachelor tattoos, future Bachelorette, and much more!  ***OPENFIT: text “C
The boys decide to finally eat the McDonalds board, Paolo exaggerates Juan's collectors obsession, and Andy and Javs battle it out with whose culture is the older of the two.
He has JUMPED the fence and the Broads have opinions that may surprise you! They chat future live shows, human meat suits, awkward breakfasts, Daddy visits, and more! *** FAB FIT FUN: use code "CHATTY" to get $10 off your first box at fabfitfun
Aunt Bo's rabbi, R.M. Peezul (his "rap name" pseudonym), finally joins the conversation!  Jews have been unjustly persecuted by other religions and cultures for centuries and it still continues on the rise every single year.   Aunt Bo has been
Join Parrish, Aunt Bo and Coach as they welcome actress and activist Erin Cummings to the show!  You have probably seen Erin on TV in:SPARTACUSCOLD CASE911 LONE STARTHE FLASHDETROIT 187MAD MENSTAR TREK: ENTERPRISETHE BLACKLISTNCISINSIDE AMY SCH
There are up to 500 million guns on our streets and in the homes of Americans.  In the past year, gun sales have skyrocketed along with murders, suicides, accidents and deaths.  Law abiding gun owners believe there is no gun problem and mental
Featuring:Aunt Bo's hubby supplies the zombie apocalypse!Answers to last week's UNPOPULAR OPINION  INSTA POLLS !AND our first non-anonymous guest and actor as well as comedian and certified life's the "vocabulary virtuoso,"  AIDAN PA
The gang is back with Episode Two!  They have just begun their amazing journey.  This episode deals with race, prejudice and equality.  Special guests for the evening:  Kassandra and our sound, Engineer, Oz!5 different view points.  5 different
It's our very first episode!   Who knows where this whacky trio will go?(Sorry about the sound quality, folks... we were just learning the ropes.)  Featuring:Who the fuck we are (kinda)5 minute politics - The Capitol InsurrectionTopic Tornado!a