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In Episode 7, Andrea, Addie, and Mackenzie discuss death, dying, and Ouija boards (they're real), Mackenzie reveals what she thinks Disney did wrong with Moana, and they debate what the fuck is up with phone sex.
Look, I've been up all night, and seriously the first person to speak to me may find themselves trying to pour coffee into a stump. Like, where their head used to be, not a tree, that was supposed to be sort of threatening and scary. Never mind
The party leaves Waterdeep behind and sets off to unearth a mystery and some feelings... Comedy, action and a whole lot of shaming come together in Dice Shame, an Actual Play Podcast of Storm King's Thunder by Wizards of the Coast! Join our GM
A harrowing event forces the party to confront a larger question and decide what their role in all of this is... Dice Shame is a podcast that welcomes its audience to the gaming table. There’s nothing quite like getting together with your close
The team must confront life and death as they return to Nightstone and see what awaits them... Dice Shame is a podcast that welcomes its audience to the gaming table. There’s nothing quite like getting together with your close friends on game n
Philip DeFranco is a popular YouTube and internet personality. He hosts "The Philip DeFranco Show" where news stories are discussed every Monday-Thursday.
Josh Barnett is a mixed martial artist and professional wrestler who competes in the Heavyweight division of the UFC.
Naval Ravikant is an entrepreneur and angel investor, a co-author of Venture Hacks, and a co-maintainer of AngelList.
Case #0181810Vigilo, Audio, SupervenioThanks to this week's Patrons: Fast or Write, Capricious Cacti, C. X. Lu, Stick in Hand, Margaery Clare, Cora, aritchie, Brian Greenwald, Elita Grunde, majesticrhyhorn, Jon Williams, Sigma Bunny, Jack, Rain
By listener-request we're investigating the curious case of Dracula Untold - the 2014 film that puts a supernatural spin on Vlad the Impaler's real world origins and would have been the first installment in Universal's ill-fated cinematic unive
This season of television you've got choices when deciding where to boldly go. Option A: Seth MacFarlane's The Orville; a Galaxy Quest-style, Roddenberry-fueled sci-fi comedy. Option B: Star Trek: Discovery; a darker slice of Trek set in the ne
In Episode 6 we find out about Addie matching with an actor from Hamilton on Bumble and how she's never been on date. The girls also discuss their endless search for a friend with a boat, and how to acknowledge someone you're "kind of dating."
In this episode Mackenzie, Addie, and Andrea try and figure out what you're supposed to say to your parents when they ask if you're dating anyone, Addie tries to defend having babies before having dogs, and we debate whether or not this new Sna
In Episode 4 Mackenzie, Addie, and Andrea discuss how to be a good friend in regards to your cakey makeup, we learn a hot tip about how to deal with your drunk texts, and our very first guest Julian Gamboa tells us about how to deal with your p
It’s a new year and Sensible People is adding more sensibility to your life than ever before! Raw Dog files his appeal of the Viagra punishment and Tay announces the #WetBanditChallenge. Does Mandi B have a Push Broom Pete? Perhaps, but Tay inf