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The Create Unknown interviews the most successful online creators to reveal how they got started and how they keep going. iDubbbz. Vsauce. Casey Neistat. iJustine. PsychicPebbles. We talk to the YouTubers, artists, and streamers who exemplify our mantra of “Make Something. Mean Something.” Part high-level analysis, part hopelessly stupid, Kevin Lieber and Matt Tabor from Vsauce2 dissect the complex business, the unpredictable drama, and the uncertain future of creating online. We’ll see you in The Create Unknown, Space Cowboys. Advertising Inquiries:
Evan the Great and JVD break down the abilities and equipment of fictional characters and then discuss a fight between them through six environments to determine a winner. Sure, we know you may not like the outcome of a battle but its just our opinion. In the end, we just hope you learn something new about your favorite characters, learn something about a different character that may change your opinion about them or most importantly, discover a new character to read about.
A podcast for all writers (aspiring to professional) looking to find a healthy work/life/writing balance. Get the encouragement, honest advice, and inspiration you need to pursue your passion and write every day. Recurring themes include books, coffee, rainy days, truth, beauty, lasers, dinosaurs, and all of your other favorite things.
Topics and practices to explore creativity as a life enriching force. Artist and educator Amy Markham explores development in creative thinking meant to encourage personal growth and progress in all artistic endeavors. Join in as she discusses how an artistic practice can deepen and enrich our personal life experience. These discussions & exercise will engage your creative spirit and direct you towards finding your authentic expressive voice.
Pop the kettle on and join Gareth Davies for a cuppa, as he chats with people working in the many creative industries. Produced by The Sound Boutique. Find out more at
Join Scottye Moore and Blake Tanner every week for A Load of BS! It's your own personal creative space where two idiots take your great ideas and make them... well, A Load of BS! We're your own personal think tank to do with what you wish!
A podcast about creativity – what motivates us to make things, how to make space in our lives for creative adventures, and how to have more fun with it all. Hosted by Kim Werker, author of Make It Mighty Ugly and host of the Online Community of Creative Adventurers.
The collaborative fiction podcast with each chapter written by an entirely different person. You won’t have any idea what to expect next – and neither will we.
A Show about Creators and their Stories. Songwriters, Artists, Poets, Playwrights, Authors, Photographers, and more.
“Straight Talk with Dean and Marc" is a podcast that touches many aspects of our society ranging from politics and social justice to entertainment and sports. We feature guests from various backgrounds who motivate, encourage and provide tools to pursue goals and dreams whether those dreams are entrepreneurial, corporate or personal. The show is hosted by Marc Lee and Dean Geronimo. Here's what some of our past guests are saying about the show.... It's people like Marc that care about the little guys like me that make the sun shine and the flowers grow. Listening to his podcast has become the high point of my week..... Cliff Latshaw, President at Newbasstone. It was a delightful, interesting, and fun interview that felt more like a conversation with an old friend as Marc Lee and I talked about the book and related topics and swapped a few stories. Dean pitched in some comments along the way. Peter Davidson, Author. As a guest on the show, I enjoyed the conversation about the connection between science and art, between activism and Afrofuturism. Marc has been a longtime friend and supporter of the Arts, especially regarding blues music and film, and it was easy having this conversation. Dean carried us down the road with his politically informed charm. I look forward to being back on the show to pick up where we left off and to carry us into what Sun Ra would say, The Spaceways! Darrell Stover, Poet and Educator You have such a wonderful radio voice and a great demeanor with your guests on your blogtalkradio show "Straight Talk With Dean and Marc." I had fun talking with you about my new book "Dear Passenger: Welcome to My Wacky World as a Flight Attendant." I hope all our friends tune in for an entertaining time. - Elizabeth Calwell, Flight attendant and author... *A member of the LEVEL Radio Network.
Reconnect with your photography. A weekly photography podcast to inspire, educate, and entertain. Hosted by Scott Davenport.
From composer to screen: the journey of the orchestral score. We all know that the composer writes the music for a soundtrack, but what about all the people we don't see or hear about? Making A Soundtrack Season 2 shines a light on all of the people who contribute their time, energy and skill to bring an orchestral soundtrack to life.
Hello, World! Welcome to the first episode of the Worldbuilders podcast. This is a bi-weekly podcast where we explore settings in genre fiction by crafting them here and now for you, our listeners. Every season, we’ll explore and build a new world right here on air - and then, at the end of the season, we’ll debut a creative work set in that world. This will usually be a piece of short fiction, but sometimes we might be doing something different. These are released on a pay-what-you-want model. Anything that you contribute will go directly into making the podcast. For more information including show listings, social media links, team member bios, and our community discord, go to You can follow @rhinobotstudios on Twitter
Loi Laing is an artist, teacher, and lawyer who believes we are all creatives. Whether you already express your creativity through a defined art-form, or just want to live a more creative life, this podcast explores practical tools and strategies to help you re-discover your creative self. For more information, please visit The Art of Creative Living YouTube channel at Your time and presence are truly appreciated.
The Entertainment Engine weekly podcast series is created by Seamless Entertainment to provide helpful tips on navigating the entertainment industry across Music, Film, and TV for bands, artists, actors, songwriters, and creatives. We have informal chats, providing in-depth knowledge, advice, and professional experience. We're joined by special guests on the show and keep our listeners updated with current industry news, fun facts, and trends. ** ** ** **
A former Universal Studios Florida employee and a former Walt Disney World cast member challenge each other to imagineer their own theme parks, one attraction at a time, while also discussing the current state of the theme park industry. Hosted by Scottye Moore and Jim Murphy.
We're just a bunch of guys having some laughs and playing Dungeons and Dragons along with other RPGs. WARNING! We have no filter, that's where the laughs come from. We love playing RPGs, particularity Dungeons and Dragons, which we have been playing forever. We decided to set up some mics and record out adventures with some of our closest friends and comrades.
Podcast sobre diseño de una manera casual. Presentado por @rodzarain cada semana. Creatividad | Diseño gráfico | Tutoriales | Ilustración | Tipografía | Branding | Libros | Web | Identidad | Lettering ...
All about Horror, Music & Movies. Your hosts Matt, Matty and Lunn jump into discussions about Horror and other movies that interest us, Music (New albums, Creativity, Music Industry, Gigs & Festivals) as well as interviews with creative individuals inbetween!Support this show See for privacy and opt-out information.
Welcome to the THRIVING HeART Podcast, hosted by Nova and Mack, founders of ARTicualte NYC. This platform was created for authentic expression, genuine connection, and facilitating the elevation of independent, underground artists. Our holistic background allow us to approach artist management in an innovative way. We incorporate spirituality, holistic wellness, mental health, financial literacy, and an entrepreneurial spirit into everything we do. Let’s EXPRESS, CONNECT and ELEVATE together so we can starve the artist stigma and THRIVE. Support this podcast:
"We cannot fix anyone, we can hardly fix ourselves. What we can do is create ideas, systems and processes that help them, and us along the way. This is how we fix the world." Join brand strategist Rodney Omeokachie aka 'the young god' as he curates ideas, stories and conversations that challenge us to aspire towards our best selves. Whether you're a free thinker, or just curious for new ideas, this podcast is for you. An Avocado podcast.
Greetings and salutations, Visionaries! Welcome to The LabCast. A podcast is all about CubeLab Media. What's new and cool and hip and all that lingo. The LabCast is about games, videos, stories, skits, and more! Support this podcast:
The podcast exploring what it’s like to find purpose even when we’re out on a limb. While popular stories about commercial success tell you to produce fast and aim for most reach, we think there’s a better way. We’ll take you behind the scenes at The Daring with founder Ioana Friedman and bring you stories from leaders, creators, and thinkers who have embraced digging deep and growing slow.
Aspiring writer? Join author Mark Carew for an in-depth chat with fellow writers about their books and how and why they write them. Mark and his guests discuss the nitty-gritty of writing, with advice to encourage new writers. Sign up for Mark's newsletter and enjoy book reviews, short stories, writing news, and a (very short) story-writing challenge to entertain and inspire.
Martin Wong Chat deep dives into meaningful conversations with intriguing guests from different industries such as cosplay, gaming, photography, and much much more.

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