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    Tale of the Manticore is a hybrid between a dark fantasy audio drama and a solo D&D RPG. The dice make all the important decisions and, as a writer, my job is to interpret them and tell their story. Part fiction, part game, it’s the story where ”Chaos rolls.”

    Tabletop RpgFantasyDark Fantasy
    5 Ratings

    Mortis Maledictum creates cinematic audio experiences through interwoven grimdark stories to make you crave answers. We want to share what we are passionate about: dark fantasy, cosmic horror, and grimdark stories that cut through the fluff to give you suspense, mystery, monsters, magic, and dread. Ghostly adventures, witchcraft, old gods, ancient evils, and madness permeate these chilling tales. Access Exclusive Stories and other bonus content through our Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/MortisMaledictumJoin our Discord Community and connect with us: https://discord.gg/SG6xEzxGV4

    Audio DramaFantasyFiction
    2 Ratings

    Sin City meets Constantine.Monsters lurk among us.The tattooed magician Evan Wexler and his werewolf partner V spend their nights prowling a shadowy underbelly full of frenzied monsters and mad sorcerers. Working for the mysterious organization known only as the Madhouse, they struggle to contain the threat of the Gloom, a malevolent force that breathes life into humanity’s worst nightmares and can make a heart’s darkest desires come true. But Madhouse isn't the only organization of magicians interested in the workings of the Gloom. Deep in the heart of Texas there is another, crueler cabal of occult sorcerers that seek the Gloom's dark power. An organization dedicated to unfathomable ambition. An organization ready to declare a shadow war against the Madhouse. An organization attempting to bend reality to its will. This is The 100 Handed. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

    FantasyHorrorDark Fantasy
    4 Ratings

    True Police StoriesFrom serial killers to shocking current events, these true crime stories prove that sometimes real life is a lot darker than fiction.Best True Crime Stories Podcast 2022 Police Interrogations, True Crime Investigationstrue crime is a nonfiction literary, podcast, and film genre in which the author examines an actual crime and details the actions of real people. The crimes most commonly include murder; about 40 percent focus on tales of serial killersTrue Crime Stories Podcast 2022Unsolved

    True CrimeMysteryDark Fantasy
    1 Rating

    The Mage's Den Podcast features all of The Common Tongue Magazine's fiction in audio form akin to a podcast. Each episode is hosted by our audiobook narrators, and features a story from our current issue. Best of all, we offer this service completely free of charge in a number of accessible services & platforms (though we hope you'll consider supporting us financially.)

    Dark FantasyLiteratureFantasy
    1 Rating

    Two best friends take turns telling tales of vampires and mermaids to each other. With plenty of tangents and humor along the way?

    Science FictionStorytellingFolklore
    1 Rating

    Welcome to Ombligo Del Diablo! This is an actual play podcast of a home-brewed Mage: The Ascension. Our story follows five "heroes" as they learn about what magic is, what it means to try to make good decisions in a morally gray world, and experience loss, tragedy, and victories. This podcast contain explicit language and mature themes. Listener discretion is advised.

    FictionDramaTabletop Rpg
    0 Ratings

    A Fantasy Worldbuilding Audio Narrative. Let me tell you of my world, Vhul.Its history, the memories of its people, they drift upon the black sea roiling just outside these walls.And if I am lucky, I may pluck something worth telling from those depths.We'll start at Rham Sek, the Great City of the Swamp.Then we'll meet a group of friends at play in a dusty plaza of that city and follow them as they go on an adventure.Sushya Sek will come next, and all the mysteries of the God Mage who rules it.So, sweet listener, come with me as I weave these visions into the story of the end of my world - The Fall of Vhul.

    0 Ratings

    A real play, 5e, Dark Souls inspired Dungeons and Dragons podcast with a cast full of actors.

    GamesVideo GamesFiction
    0 Ratings

    Welcome listener. It's good to meet you. I do hope we can be friends. I have plenty to tell you, but.. it might take a bit of time. Its not easy and, well, I'm sure you have your problems too. But sometimes it helps to talk...tell stories...look at ourselves...if we are to be friends, will you stay? Will you listen?twitter.com/maskwewear1 OR [email protected] ORhttp://beyondthemaskswewear.wordpress.com/OR also rate and review on Podchaser: https://www.podchaser.com/TheMasksWeWearOR Goodpods: https://goodpods.app.link/dBNR46DTUbbOR Podcast AddictJust type in The Masks We Wear

    Dark FantasyFictionAudio Drama
    0 Ratings

    The Mysterious Bluffs is a free-think fiction podcast that lampoons politics to the paranormal. The episodes are serial fiction and current issues all rolled into one. Is your favourite football player a victim of Russian Interference? Will eased pot laws make life tougher on Billionaires? Is the local supermarket really a mind-control cult? Are aliens messaging us in our dreams?Written and Performed by Jay Walt.Read the Episodes:www.themysteriousbluffs.com

    Dark Fantasy
    1 Rating

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