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Speakapedia Podcast
Get a new Wikipedia article delivered to iTunes every few days for free! Listen to currently popular articles from Wikipedia.
De EduKast MP3-feed
Podcast in Dutch about IT and Education
South Allegheny Podcasts
South Allegheny is a school district about 10 miles south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. These podcasts were created by our staff and students as part of the Classrooms for the Future grant through the Pennsylvania Department of Education. These podcasts are also on our website:
The Nguyen School's Podcasts for worldwide learners.
The yumas podcast is created for the entrepreneur, wantrapreneur or world traveler. If you are looking for inspiration, motivation, and how-to advice during your spare time, Armand and Andrew deliver a weekly podcast while traveling to uncover the best in entrepreneurship across the globe. Each episode brings to you an awesome entrepreneur, social innovator or a simply adventurous soul who shares anything from their failures and successes, how they bring their ideas to life and advice for those that want to start something that matters. Each episode ends with a sweet tune that will make you want to get groovy and go make stuff happen.
COEUS International school Podcast
Podcast made by COEUS international School Students grades 5 through 10. Here the podcast team shares with work done by the students, news, events and music and travelling adventures at CIS. Coeus International School offers educational opportunities for young learners in grades K-12, with dual-language programs in English and the choice of Arabic, French, Mandarin or Spanish." The mission of Coeus International School is to educate young people to develop intellectual capacity and creativity, cultivate emotional intelligence and healthy relationships, achieve academic excellence and proficiency in world languages, value cultural diversity, and acquire peacemaking skills.
NSayne TV
The Podcasts for car enthusiasts, by passionate car modification artists
Future Break Podcast
Technology has been a passion for both of us. We quickly found that out once we started working together. Lunch breaks became an assembly of ideas. We discussed not only emerging technology but how we got to this point in time in the first place. On one of these lunch breaks, without much planning, we grabbed a personal recorder, got in the car, and the Future Break Podcast was born. We're thrilled to have you join us on this wild and wonderful journey... New shows come out every other Wednesday
IT och Pedagog
En lärare och en programmerare filosoferar om hur IT kan användas i skolundervisningen. Vad finns det för möjligheter? Vilka problem kan uppstå?
Ten Minute Traffic and Funnels
Kit Elliott with The Click Agency &, reveals the complete blueprint for getting quality traffic and building high converting sales funnels for your online business. In this podcast, we discuss online business strategies for getting more traffic, converting that traffic into sales, and creating a REAL online business. Kit Elliott has been marketing online full-time since 2004 after retiring as a 6th Grade Science Teacher. He generates six and seven figures through three different niches AND passes on those strategies to help others find success. If you're looking to create something big AND become part of the change, then, subscribe & let's crush it together.
Mattress Minute Audio Podcast – Mattresses and More
The sleep specialists of Mattresses & More, Missouri's original family owned mattress show room, bring you weekly informative tidbits, that make it easy to get a great night's rest. From product feature's and reviews to debunking mattress myths you'll rest easy, knowing your health and comfort are being looked out for by the mattress experts, the sleep specialists of Mattresses & More.
Video-Tutorials von Studenten der Universität Ulm (Medieninformatik) - Einführungen in Web 2.0-Technologien.
Audiobooks with Annie
Audiobooks with Annie is a podcast of classic books in the public domain, read aloud to you by me for free. I am not reading anything for the podcast at the moment. Previous books I read for the podcast include Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, and Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery. You can email me questions or comments at annierothenberg AT gmail DOT com or visit my website at
Slaughterhouse Five
An audiobook of Slaughterhouse Five, dedicated to Duncan Ramage, inspired by Kurt Vonnegut. All rights of the novel go to Dial Press Publication
Around the County Podcast
Take a look around the Bradley County School system with the Around the County Podcast. Each month, in conjunction with the Director's View newsletter, the podcast will focus on a theme and how the school system embodies that theme.
Urban Learning Space Seminars (Enhanced)
This podcast series features inspirational talks by some of the most innovative educational consultants and developers in the world. They have been recorded at the Urban Learning Space in The Lighthouse in Glasgow, Scotland. Urban Learning Space is a learning lab equipping the people of Scotland with the capabilities to face the challenges of 21st century life. Urban Learning Space was established with core funding from Scottish Enterprise Glasgow. We are working with people around Scotland to address real life challenges. Our network of experts are using transformational design practice to promote individuals' capacities for change. Nurturing an innate capacity for learning by using collaborative design processes, we create new approaches. These range from the building of creativity tools to support innovation, transforming public spaces into learning landscapes, and harnessing emerging technologies to explore new learning contexts.
LinguLab Screencasts - German
Wir zeigen Ihnen, wie Sie mit LinguLab verständliche und suchmaschinenoptimierte Texte schreiben. Schwerpunkte: - Textqualität - Wissentschaftlicher Hintergrund - Optimieren von Online-Texten (insbesondere Scanbarkeit und Online-Relevanz) - Vorstellung der Produkte, Lösungen, Add-Ins und Plug-ins Wir wünschen Ihnen viel Spaß und freuen uns auf Ihre Rückmeldungen!
podcast – Building Your I.T. Career
Author Matthew Moran, a 20+ year I.T. industry professional, executive, and entrepreneur, provides strategies, tools, and advice on career development, consulting, content strategies, social media and more.
EDT500 Software Reviews
Software reviews (some funny) of popular K-12 educational software by graduate students at West Chester University, PA.
WIS 7th Grade Life Science
DNA--Deoxyribonucleic Acid; Genetic material found in all living things. Nucleotides--composed of three pieces:phosphate, sugar, base 4 bases--Adenine(A), Thymine (T), Guanine(G), Cytosine(C)
Cursos de Podcasting
Te interesa comunicar, entretener o simplemente compartir tu vida con miles de Podescuchas? En estos cursos de podcasting encontraras las herramientas necesarias para crear tu propio podcast
The Disruptive Entrepreneur Videos
The ‘Disruptive Entrepreneur’ is regularly the UKs no.1 ranked business podcast, by Disruptive Entrepreneur Rob Moore, with subscribers in over 174 countries. This podcast is unique because Rob mixes interviews with titanic world disruptors, his own detailed critical analyses of all areas of entrepreneurship & his famous ‘Caffeine Cast’ inspiration-shot episodes. Rob is known for being Disruptive. He has held 3 world records for public speaking & has authored 9 books including global best-seller ‘Life Leverage’. Rob founded & co-owns the UKs largest & most Disruptive property education business & own/manages over 550 properties with his partner. If you want easy-background listening & to stay safe & comfortable, this podcast is not for you. But if you want to be disrupted, challenged to grow & innovate & you want to improve in all areas of business & life, subscribe to the ‘Disruptive Entrepreneur’ now. “If you do’t risk anything, you risk everything”. The ‘Disruptive Entrepreneur’ challenges you to start & scale your venture. It will help you endure the challenges, prove the haters wrong & break the boundaries of convention. This podcast will help you merge your passion & profession, make money & make a difference & will be your guide to building a meaningful, disruptive enterprise. Rob has helped 100,000s of entrepreneurs, & when you listen he can help you too. There are 2 episodes per week including interviews with 3 MBEs, worldwide human behaviour experts, billionaires, global celebrities, highest performing athletes & famous business experts. “If you don’t risk anything, you risk everything”. Rob Moore
Notre Dame Media
This is a podcast on the history of radio broadcasting. The first episode is a piece of public domain audio featuring the great Jack Benny. This podcast is part of an experiment in using podcasting in education.