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How We Manage Stuff
An audio drama that makes you laugh, that make you think, that makes you wonder what these characters believe that they are doing. Imagine a cast of characters trying to make their way through the bleak promise of the modern industrial landscape. Machine Intelligence to the left of them. Disruptive Innovation to the right. A boss often absent from the scene. And the wrong person for the wrong decision at the wrong time front and center. This is How We Manage Stuff. An episodic drama about the working world. Human characters who are trying to make something of themselves is a turbulent time. Anna the intern. Vinny the Venture Capitalist. Jameela, the data scientist. Evelyn the Office Manager. Rohit from IT. Sulley from PR. And of course, Maddie, the business leader of the future, currently a student at The Lillian Moller Gilbreth School for Disruptive Innovation. No promotions. No sales. No advocacy. No best practices. Just a story. A sharp, insightful, story that strips away superficial ideas and asks you to think clearly, unconventionally, and ultimately, deeply. How We Manage Stuff is produced by Djaghe LLC, David Alan Grier Executive Producer.
IGH Podcast
The Institute of Infection and Global Health is an international centre of excellence dedicated to improving the health and well-being of humans and animals. We bring together doctors, vets and basic scientists to put Liverpool at the forefront of the 'one health' agenda.
General Chemistry Spring 2009
General Chemistry Spring 2009
Leerburg Dog Training Podcast
Ed Frawley has owned and trained dogs for over 45 years. He has bred over 350 litters of working bloodline German Shepherds in the last 30 years. He has been a police K9 handler for 10 years and was chairman of the training committee for the Wisconsin Police K9 Assoc. for several years. He has competed in AKC obedience training, Schutzhund, and at one time was a herding Judge for the AKC. In 1982 Ed started to produce dog training videos and since that time he has produced over 120 dog training videos and DVD's. His web site, is over 10,000 pages which includes a web discussion board that has 8,500 members and an archive of over 100,000 posts.
Beyond The Bike Podcast
Whats up amigos y amigas and welcome the official Soundcloud page for Beyond the Bike podcast with Big Lou. this is a weekly bike centric show with awesome guest that will inspire, educate and motivate you. I will also step into other topics and also to my community to capture awesome stories. I have several series that include #oneonone series #podcastontherun series #womenofenduro series and #lalinia series that is entirely in Spanish. The idea of the podcast to meet new people and catch up with old friends and capture their stories. You can also find me on iTunes and Google Play and now on Tunein.
Sage Hill Podcasts - Chip Dodd : Teacher | Trainer | Author | Counselor
The following podcasts speak to how we are created to live fully in relationship with God, ourselves, and others. They are brought to you by Sage Hill: A Social Impact Organization, founded by Chip Dodd. Our mission is to help people be who they are made to be so they can do what they are made to do. Find more resources to live fully, love deeply, and lead well at
Publish Me!
Join aois21 Publisher Keith F. Shovlin, first-time author Paul Dickinson Russell, and cover designer Rana Gainer as Paul's novel The Will of the Magi goes from a story in his head to on sale at an online bookstore near you! Released on the 7th of each month.