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Arnie Appreciation Society

A humorous podcast for Arnie fans! We discuss every Arnold Schwarzenegger movie ... in chronological order.

Arc Attack Podacast

Hosted by best friends Derrick and Irving, their lifelong passion for superhero and comic book movies has led them to this. Join them as they review and talk about movies from the Marvel and DC universe and anything else listeners want to talk about. To send us your suggestions for episodes email us at

Männer, die auf Videos starren | Trashfilme, schlechte Musik und grottige Games

Trash-O-Meter, das Blog für B-Kultur und schlechten Geschmack. Bei uns gibt's Trashfilme, schlechte Musik, grottige Games – kurz: Alles, was zum Himmel stinkt und trotzdem Spaß macht...

Reboot Already Underway

In a world littered with remakes, reboots, sequels, prequels, and cinematic universes, three friends gather each week to try to make sense of it all. Join Aaron Hahn, Jacob Lacy, and David Becker as they discuss the latest film releases, their all-time favorites, some of the worst films that they have ever seen, and much more. One may never know exactly what to expect from this podcast for film-lovers, but don’t worry, because there’s a Reboot Already Underway.

Aux Frontières Des Séries

Aux Frontières Des Séries ( décortique chaque semaine le phénomène des séries TV. Depuis 20 ans, nos journalistes vous font partager leur passion pour l'une des créations les plus spectaculaires du petit écran: les séries. En alternance, vous avez rendez-vous soit avec nos dossiers, qui analysent en profondeur une série ou une thématique durant 15 minutes ou plus, soit avec notre feuilleton, soit avec nos chroniques qui vous font découvrir avec précision et humour des thématiques spécifiques (Biographies, Adaptations au cinéma, Génériques, Séries Craignos), soit avec nos suppléments: des débats animés sur l'animation, les grands événements, les séries web, les épisodes spéciaux, les personnages,... Bref, les podcasts d', ce sont chaque semaine des podcasts neufs proposés par une équipe de journalistes spécialistes en la matière. Si vous êtes fan de séries, une émission à ne pas manquer!

Der Bla Bla Cast

Der Bla Bla Cast mit Marius Rohmann und Benjamin Ahmic.

Wake Up Ft Pierre

For two long weve slept on.

Trek Mate The Delta Quadrant

Trek Mate is not just another GNDN podcast, join us as we talk about Star Trek. Each week we review the latest news, play some trivia games and discuss all things Trek

Bridging The Gap

This is the podcast where I bridge the gap between your questions with some of my answers!

Top Shelf Films

Every week, Clay and Tony will see whatever movie was the top grossing film of the weekend and review everything about the film. WARNING: CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS!

Tom & Malia Have A Podcast

We're a nerdy couple from Nebraska. We'll be covering everything from Star Wars to Magic the Gathering to whatever else we find interesting.

90 Day Have Your Say!

Debae & Degill break down your favorite 90 Day Fiancé episodes, sometimes through a deeper sociological lens, but sometimes we just be more stupider. Listen and laugh with us and have your say, too!

Cinematic Inquisition

Join the guys each week as they discuss the things going on in the world of movies, from trailers to casting. We like to think we know everything so we make bets on what the #1 movie will be at the Box Office each weekend and we are usually wrong. We also take it upon ourselves to discuss a movie in depth each week in our After Credits show. Join the conversation and let us know what your thoughts are and what movie we should tackle next!

Double Take

Brief reviews on movies with a first take just after watching the movie ad a second take later on that provides more in depth analysis.

AtlanticSC Podcast

Atlantic Screen Connection is an online film discussion podcast co-hosted by Jason Michael (filmmaker and essayist) and Lee Brady (screenwriter). UK Blog Award-nominated and press accredited, #AtlanticSC Podcast looks to make in-depth analysis of films old and new entertaining and engaging. The show has even been featured on a curriculum for a community college in the US! Listen to the show on SoundCloud, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher Radio or your favourite RSS Player, and be sure to follow the show on Twitter @AtlanticSC, Instagram @AtlanticSCPodcast and Facebook.

Drinks with F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Friends debuted in 1994 and had a crazy successful run that ended in 2004. Join me for An in-depth look into each episode of the hit tv show FRIENDS! While I critique everything I see in real time as I watch!! And a drink or two in between! Don’t worry I’ll let you know wat I’m drinking! There will be fun facts, favorite quotes, fashion critiques, plot explanations, opinions, and just taking about the show as I’m watching the show!.I’m so excited to be doing this and I hope you are as excited to join me on ten awesome season seasons (some better than others) of the gre

Bailey’s TV Rants

I love TV and want to share my thoughts on my favorite shows. Shows include Arrow, The Flash, Wynonna Earp, and many more!

Just Sayin’

Some say we’re too much to handle, we say we’re just getting started. Talking all things housewives, reality TV, and whatever else spills out. 🥂

Nerd Card Podcast

Ashlen and Whitney discuss, analyze, and swoon over their favorite TV Shows, Films and Literature

Down To The Point

Welcome to The Down To The Point Podcast, a weekly show featuring conversations with incredible Canadian talent, with a focus often on Nova Scotia. New episodes every single Thursday!

Sitting With Podcast

Welcome to Sitting With Podcast we talk about the past and sit with people who experience human rights that were violated. Cover art photo provided by Ajeet Mestry on Unsplash:

Lets talk

This podcast is created for me to think out loud and talk about life Become a supporter of this podcast:

Mad About Media W// Youngsta TV

Cover art photo provided by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash:

Imagine Man

Motivation, sports, Music, entertainment

King George

Life and everything that's comes into my head