Top Rated Fitness & Nutrition Podcasts

The Rich Roll Podcast
A master-class in personal and professional development, ultra-athlete, wellness evangelist and bestselling author Rich Roll delves deep with the world's brightest and most thought provoking thought leaders to educate, inspire and empower you to unleash your best, most authentic self. More at:
'Under The Bar'
Join two of Sydney's elite trainers Under The Bar for a weekly dose of 'in the trenches' know-how on training for body composition. Rawdon Dubois and Tom Hewett will take you through the foundations necessary to achieve optimal fitness results and a wider knowledge of health, strength and performance. Tune in each week to hear Dubois and Hewett build on these foundations as they share and discuss some of the key systems and strategies they use to achieve the impressive results their clients enjoy on a regular basis. Each podcast will focus on a different theme, taking a look at a particular training method, nutritional system, go-to supplement and mindset strategies, as well as featuring special guest interviews. Take no prisoners – fuel your training fire and power your performance by catching up with us Under The Bar.
The Good Life Podcast
Every week on Nightlife Jono Coleman brings you the best in travel, entertainment, lifestyle, finance, and property.
LocalAlists by James Pesch & Steven Morales
2 Young Fitness Professionals interview and deconstruct the methods and mindsets of top performers in their varied fields from Business to Politics and everything in between.
Curls and Plants Podcast
The Curls and Plants Podcast is a place of inspiration and education, offering helpful resources to living a balanced life—wholly transforming your mind and body through a socially conscious lifestyle.
The Fit Asian Man
The Fit Asian Man Podcast is a health, fitness, and lifestyle podcast geared towards Asian American Men. This includes (but are not limited) to men who are Vietnamese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Filipino, Chinese, and/or Thai. The information comes from a Vietnamese American perspective, but most of the information can apply to men (and women) of any nationality. This podcast is similar to Abel James (Fat Burning Man), Barbell Shrugged, Kevin Larrabee (The FitCast), and Layne Norton.
Gods of Comedy
Do you like podcasts? Do you like God or gods? Maybe, but Most Likely Not. If you answered no to only one of those questions, you’ll maybe enjoy Gods of Comedy! Bec Hill and Brydie Lee-Kennedy will be interviewing fellow comedians about their religious thoughts and beliefs and spiritual leanings and other stuff that is maybe too personal to discuss in a public forum but let’s see how it goes.
FightShape Radio
This is FightShape Radio. Hosted by Mitch Chilson, Fitness Coach turned Professional Fighter, now Lifestyle Entrepreneur. FightShape Radio is a weekly podcast designed to uncover the secrets and rituals of the worlds best performers. Here you'll learn how to eliminate lower back pain to losing 100kgs of pure FAT. FightShape Radio will teach you the fitness science you need to transform and take control of your body. Mitch Chilson worked in the trenches of gyms all over the world since 1998. Eventually he created and developed his system of strength & conditioning by researching the greatest minds in nutrition, personal training and fitness. At the age of 30, Mitch transformed his body into a professional fighter and achieved a dream by becoming a Muay Thai / MMA champion. Taking a quick hiatus from fighting, he is now a regular TV personality appearing on some of the top reality TV shows around the world. He's also seen calling the action outside the cage as a color commentator for the largest MMA organization in Asia, ONE Championship. Proving his belief that if you can change your body, you can change your life. Every week Mitch will provided insight into groundbreaking information from his FightShape System and interview some of most intriguing people on the planet about their own beliefs and strategies for health and personal development. Download now and join the FightShape Movement.
Als Sportler zum Sieg- Der Podcast für deine persönliche Bestleistung im Wettkampf
"Als Sportler zum Sieg"- Der Podcast für deine persönliche Bestleistung im Wettkampf. Der Podcast "Als Sportler zum Sieg unterstützt dich als Sportler deine persönliche Bestleistung im Wettkampf abrufen zu können. Der Podcast beschäftigt sich mit Sportmentaltraining und Mentaler Stärke im Wettkampf, wird aber auch andere Bereiche aufgreifen.
The Woman & Beyond Podcast
The resource for girls who want to look good, feel great, find love and succeed on their own terms.
The KiteFit Project: Kiteboarding | Fitness | Adventure
Welcome to The KiteFit Project with your host Brayden Smith. Originally The Adrenalin Rush Podcast, The KiteFit Project is designed to share our passion for the outdoors, the ocean, the wind and living life to the fullest. We combine our passions of kiteboarding and fitness to deliver unique conversations and ideas to all that want to kite harder and live more mindful. If you want to learn more about kitesurfing, you want to train smarter to improve your ability on the water or you just want to listen to some interesting ideas about health and wellness you have come to the right place.
Tricrastination's podcast
We explore health and happiness through better life choices and triathlon training. Along the way we will look at: Food, Recipes, Gadgets, and Training including Swim, Bike, Run and other fun stuff like Hiking and Snow Sports. We will also look at the psych behind our choices.
Natürlich essen – gesund leben. Gepflegte Esskultur und natürliche Lebensmittel sind die Voraussetzung für eine fortbestehend optimale Ernährung. Lebensmitteln höchster Qualität können wir nur durch verantwortungsvollen Umgang mit Tieren und Natur sicherstellen. Urgeschmack zeigt: Es besteht eine perfekte Symbiose aus Genuss, Gesundheit und Nachhaltigkeit. Qualität statt Quantität. Kritische Auseinandersetzungen mit der Paleo-Diät/Steinzeiternährung, Rohkost, vegetarischer/veganer Ernährung etc. Willkommen bei Urgeschmack.
Music for Meditation and Deep Relaxation (mp3)
Listen to each relaxation music sample and notice how relaxed you feel. Listening to this relaxation music will help you improve your health, both physically and emotionally. Each recording is 30 minutes in length and Only $1.95. Click on Website link to Buy Now and Download Immediately.
The Performance Weightlifting Podcast
The Performance Weightlifting podcast is a weekly show from Wil Fleming and Dane Miller. WIl and Dane are two of the best young coaches in the country in the sport of Olympic weightlifting. Both have produced national champion athletes in the sport of Olympic weightlifting. Listen in weekly to hear their take on training and interviews with some of the best coaches and athletes in Olympic weightlifting and strength sports (powerlifting, strongman, track and field, and highland games).
Adam In Keto Podcast
A podcast about not only my life trying to lose 100lbs, but also many of you out there trying to lose weight as well. I will be interviewing everyday people about their weightloss journey.
The Clean Eating Plan
There Are No Secrets To Weight Loss, Just Stuff You Don't Know Yet. Fitness for Families on the Front Lines of Life
Discover the way to vibrant family health with Unplug from bleak "consumer" society and plug back into the joyful natural world, the world not controlled and distorted by corporations, governments, and the media.
The Complete Triathlete - Improving Performance With Science
Want to train smarter and race faster? This show reveals the best sports medicine and science has to offer. The mission is to make triathletes faster.
Sleep Music of Insomnia for Sound Sleeping (mp3)
Listen to each recording and notice how relaxed you feel. Listening to Insomnia will help you go to sleep quicker and stay asleep longer. Each recording is 30 minutes in length and Only $1.95. Click on the Website link to Buy Now and Download Immediately!
Simple Healthy Podcast
Making healthy simple so you can stop worrying about your diet and focus on the things you love!
Relaxation Music for Stress Relief (mp3)
Listen to the relaxation music samples and notice how very relaxed you feel. Each recording of Harmony is 30 minutes in length and Only $1.95. Click on the Website link to Buy Now and Download Immediately.