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The Dire Solutions League D&D | Ace Podcast Network - Robots Radio

A hilarious story-focused Dungeons and Dragons adventure. Warning: May include zombie baby pigs, the end of the world, and a bridge troll named Elton John.

My First Mon

Jack Martin has NEVER Played a Pokémon game. To right this wrong, over the next several weeks he will be sitting down with Pokémon enthusiast, Christian Buckley, to document his journey into the world of Pokémon!

Wheel Bearings

Dan, Rebecca and Sam discuss the cars they are driving each week and then dive into some of the big topics of the auto industry including the technology, trends and personalities.

On Full Blast

Discover new music, and listen On Full Blast!

My One BLANK Friend

This show is about your one black friend. Actually, it's about your one nerdy friend. Perhaps it's about your one gay friend. Co-hosts Miles and Reyno are BLANK friends, listen as their different perspectives collide in this podcast.

Your Local Imaginarium

Exploring the world behind your eyes, and other things.

Mouse Guardians

Mouse Guardians is an actual-play podcast of the Mouse Guard 2nd Edition tabletop RPG game. Join us as GM Peter takes Paulomi, Waffles-Chris, Jason, and Tess deep into the world of Mouse Guard for a series of epic tales.

Lançando Play

Bem-vindo a Lançando Play, o podcast da Lançando Dados, onde mundos incríveis são criados. Um lugar para conversas RPGísticas.

Prize Count

I go over topics and news and answer your questions about Pokemon games, movies, shows and the trading card game.


Let us introduce you to the wonderful world of Nerds, a podcast for all your geek or nerd needs. On Nerds we talk about video games, movies, television, music, comics, film, drones or anything we want to nerd out about. You may hear news about an upcoming game or a movie review about a recent block-buster film. We are by no means experts in any arena but we love what we love and hopefully you love that same thing. Tune in, listen, subscribe and chime in with comments, emails and questions as we take you on a journey to Nerds the Podcast.

Podcaster Mage

A Magic: The Gathering podcast where we will discuss everything from Limited, Standard, Modern, Legacy, to Commander, Spoilers, Tournament Results, and Brews. Hosted by the Podcaster Mages themselves: Tom, Derek, and Chris. Come with us on our journey through the world of MTG.

Ecto Radio

Ecto Radio. Horror and paranormal topics.

Finding the Fun

a podcast about game design


The official podcast of the machinima group BoxerRockers We talk about video games, and whatever else, plus upcoming projects

Shiny Podcast

The continuing adventures of two geeks, friends from birth, neck deep in shiny new and rusty ole with an eye to sky and all feet on the ground. Weekly. Mostly. Shiny Podcast: following the light and throwing a little shade on the newest and brightest in today’s gaming and technology...

Rote Liste Filmcast

Im vergangenen Jahrtausend entwickelten sich Stop-Motion-Filme zu gigantischen Blockbustern. Heute geraten diese Werke immer mehr in Vergessenheit. "Rain Man", "Die unteren Zehntausend" oder "Cry Baby" findet man heute vergeblich auf Wunsch- und Watchlisten - zu unrecht. Denn die Wegbereiter der heutigen Publikumsmagneten dürfen nicht völlig vergessen werden. Holt die VHS-Recorder aus dem Keller und seid dabei.

Jaktradion - en podcast om jakt

Jaktradion - en podcast om jakt. Vi intervjuar intressanta jägare, testar jaktprylar & delar jaktupplevelser med dig. Jaktradion vågar ställa de dumma frågorna – för nybörjare har vi alla varit. Skitjakt på er alla jägare.

DIY Sportsman | Sportsmen's Nation

The DIY Sportsman Podcast focuses on covering hunting and gear-specific topics for the do-it-yourselfer. Hosts Garrett Prahl and Bobby (Boudreaux) Boswell draw from their backgrounds in engineering and wildlife biology, respectively, to provide a unique perspective which compliments their real-world experience hunting whitetails, turkeys, hogs, and western big game with everything from homemade bows to firearms. This podcast is brought to you by the Sportsmen's Nation - Outdoor Podcast Network.

Gamers Get Rekt Podcast

Co-Hosts Andre and Kinnon discuss a wide range of video game topics.

99 Hobbies

Ham Radio is 99 Hobbies in one. Tune in to listen to people who have done some unusual things... things you can do, too!


Podcasts do cotidiano e notícias semanais do mundo nerd e geek, damos nosso ponto de vista em cada cenário desde series, cinema, games até e-sports.

Zenon HD Podcast Feed

Follow the adventures of Zenon and his gaming habits

Not Just Superheroes

We are two "kids" and a chick in our 30's who discuss everything nerd, from Star Wars to Comics to WWE to Anime to Video Games. We're dumb and kinda funny to listen to. If you have nothing better to do for 35-45 minutes every other week, give us a listen.