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multiPOPtural - Pop Culture Unfiltered

Pop Culture Comedy Podcast from 5 friends that enjoy talking shit to each other, almost as much as we enjoy talking about Movies, TV Shows, Music, Marvel, MCU, DC, Cosplay, Cartoons, Comics, Comiccons, Vinyl, Toys, Video Games and More. Raw, unfiltered, very few cuts, and not PG rated. Follow us @multipoptural on FB, IG, iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Twitter, Pinterest, and on Subscribe and rate us for chances to be entered in our various contest for awesome prizes!#popculture #podcast #popculturepodcast #movies #marvel #mcu #tv #music #livemusic #dc #comics #cosplay #comiccon #cartoons #toys #vinyl #actionfigures #videogames #gamers #80s #90s #hiphop #oldschool

Cosplay Creations Podcast

Cosplay Creations is designed to bring you weekly news on new anime, manga and games. We also discuss the best places to buy costumes from and any events coming up.

Slipshod Cosplay

We're Slipshod Cosplay. We're a group making videos about cosplay, from tutorials to interviews. This podcast will be a closer look into our experiences with cosplay.


The #1 source for cosplay on your ipod! Check out the website at for shownotes and other goodies.

Cosplay Tōku

We take you on a journey through the many aspects of cosplay.

Builders of Cosplay

Each month, we bring you interviews, tips, and tricks to elevate your cosplay game!


Your Source for Cosplay Follow us on @cosplayfame Contact us at #cosplayfame #cosplay #cosplayer #podcast #miami #podcast #florida

CosPod: The Cosplay Podcast

CosPod is the podcast for all things cosplay. From anime to sci-fi, we cover the materials, techniques, products, and people essential to the art of costuming and bringing characters to life.


Here at CosCapture we like to explore all things Geek! We cover from comic movies to horror, zombies, cosplay and comic conventions. So sit back and lets have some fun!

Cosplay Connect University

CCU is the urban geek perspective on the variety of life that is the geek culture. Become a supporter of this podcast:

Connecting With Cosplay

Connecting with Cosplay. We have weekly interviews with Cosplayers from all walks of life talking about their experiences and how cosplay has changed their life.

Cosplay New England

This is the Cosplay New England podcast. We discuss a variety of topics, everything from movies and comic books to cosplay and comic cons.

Cosplay Stitch And Seam

Welcome to the Cosplay Stitch Seam where two crafters explore the vast world of costume creation. Join Pannon and Vermilion Fire as they talk cosplay community, crafting, contests, and more!

Cos and Effect: A Cosplay Podcast With Rebecca 'Aktrez' Adams

Join Rebecca "Aktrez" Adams from Syfy Network's reality series "Heroes of Cosplay" as she explores the ins and outs of the cosplay world! This show features everything from costuming advice, opinions, cosplayer spotlights, and interviews with the superstars of the cosplay world! This is a production of the White Dragon Podcast Network!

Jake's Adventures in Cosplay

Hello there Welcome to the first episode of Jake's Adventures in cosplay. We start with the introduction episode, go through some basic questions and as always a story or two.

The Shit They Don't Cover in Cosplay

An autobiography of the “how to dos” of cosplay. These are briefly talked about, never discussed, and the truth of what it means to cosplay. If you are new to cosplay or have been part of the community for a long time there are experiences that we all have faced that have been both positive and negative. This audio guide is intended to discuss the gaps in the knowledge of cosplay. There may or may not be guests on here but it depends on who and what is wanted to be discussed.

Cosplay For All Podcast

Welcome to Cosplay for All, a cosplay focused website made for the community by the community. Whether you’re new to cosplay or you’ve been doing it for years, we’ll have something for you. And even if you don’t cosplay yourself, there will be lots of cool things to check out. We'll have cosplay tutorials. We'll also have panels, interviews and suggestions to take your cosplay to the next level.There are also Spotlight interviews with local cosplayers and question and answer advice. Be sure to tune in to the live Google Hangout to watch the video version and be a part of the show, or catch up on your own time on YouTube or this podcast. CosplayForAll Expect content on the basics like, “How do I start to cosplay?”, “What is worbla?”, or “What if I’m nervous to wear this in public for the first time?” to more advanced ideas like working with specific materials and techniques, 3-D printing, cosplay photography, and becoming a professional cosplayer. There’s something for everyone regardless of your skill level or experience. We love ALL of you! Also, check us out at, as well as the CosplayForAll pages on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Be sure to tell us what you want to hear about and help us shape the future of the podcast and website. This is a place made for you! Cosplay is fun. Cosplay is life. Cosplay is for all. For Cosplay!

Episodes – Behind The Cosplay

A Podcast for Cosplayers. We interview YOU the Cosplayers, because underneath every Cosplay, there's a story. This is not only Cosplay, this is "Behind The Cosplay" with Asuma Jon!

Under the Capes Podcast: Geek Business Guide for Bloggers, Cosplayers, Gamers and Comic-Cons

The Under the Capes Podcast is your Geek Business Guide for creating a brand out of your favorite hobbies and fandoms. We go under the capes of bloggers, cosplayers, artists, gamers, podcasters and other entreprenerds to show you how they have built a following around what they love. My name is Tim Ludy and I’m a geek, cosplayer and writer just starting my own journey into building a geek business. As I interview the heroes of the pop culture and maker industries I’ll be asking the questions of a newcomer so you and I can take this journey together. I’ll also share the lessons I learn as I build up my own social media following, blog about pop culture, post Youtube cosplay tutorials and experiment with other ways to grow the Under the Capes brand. When I first started attending Comic-cons and exploring the geek community I saw people turning their passions into a business and a brand they can be proud of. And anyone else can do the same. The goal of this podcast is to inspire others to follow in my guest’s footprints, learn from their advice and grow their own geek business out of something their passionate about. For more information, visit us at

Cosplay with Benefits Podcast

A group of misfits brought together through cosplay and nerdom to discuss daily life, shows, games, and the occasional cosplay progress.

Craft and Geek

Hosted by Jackie from Jackie Craft Cosplay and Eric from Coregeek Creations, two makers with love for all things creative, cosplay and geek life.

Doctor Whom - Cosplay Team Podcasts

Doctor Whom Cosplay Team Podcast. We are a small group of six like minded individuals, fanatical about cosplaying TV and film characters from shows such as Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and many more. We hope you enjoy our podcasts were we try to provide fans with discussions, reviews, news and general entertainment. Even though we primarily look into the world of Doctor Who we do like to discuss and delve into other fandoms. If you enjoy these podcasts please remember to tell you friends and subscribe! Let us know your thoughts anytime at

Villainous Cosplay Podcasts

Here I talk to the amazing cosplayers I know about their interests , current geeky things going on and their cosplay journeys