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Spaced Out Radio Show

Spaced Out Radio is your premiere source for news and views regarding the Paranormal, Supernatural, Cryptozoological, Extraterrestrial, Ufological, Conspiratorial and more. Host Dave Scott talks to you LIVE, every Monday through Friday, starting at 9pm Pacific, 12am Eastern, before turning the weekend duties over to Dave Cruz for Spaced Out Saturdays, and Elizabeth Anglin's Cosmic Passport for Spaced Out Sundays. We are always live, and always interactive. And every week we guarantee we are going to bring you the top guests in their fields. Our website is

The Creek Church Video Podcast

The Creek Church is a place where people who don't like church love to attend—both online and at campuses across the state of Kentucky. We exist to love God, love people, and make disciples. Our weekend services feature dynamic, relevant, high energy music, coupled with practical, Biblical teaching you can understand. Follow this podcast to stay up-to-date on recent messages from our Sunday morning environments.

The Loftus Party

The Loftus Party is political comedy, pop culture Podcast that crushes the news into bite sized bits of comedic common sense.

American Enough with Vikrum Aiyer

America's identity is evolving in real time. Immigrants are being scoffed at for looking a certain way and not being "American" enough. Transgender individuals are being determined not "fit enough" to serve in our military. Sexual assault and neo-nazi behavior is being condoned by the Oval Office. The First Amendment is being ridiculed. And, America's moral authority is eroding internationally, begging the question of who is "enough" of an American ally. Former Obama White House senior advisor and Chief of Staff to the Under Secretary of Commerce, Vikrum Aiyer, is joined by journalists, comedians, politicians, activists, and listeners, to unpack this crucial existential moment for our nation's identity.

East End Ears

As the Member of Parliament for the East end, which covers from Carmyle up to Stepps and from Barrowfield right out to Bargeddie, I’m bringing you this podcast to keep you up to date with what’s going on around this side of Glasgow, as well as my work here and down the road at Westminster. So please, hit subscribe, and I look forward to keeping you informed with East End Ears. David Linden MP

Ben Nelson Weekly Audio Podcast

Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson's weekly audio Podcast to Nebraskans.

Leadership Insights Podcast

Are you a leader or an aspiring leader who truly cares about your organization, people and culture? Then this podcast is for you! We bring you educational, enlightening interviews with today’s most innovative, inspirational leaders. Each episode is filled with inspiring stories, new perspectives and invaluable tools to help you communicate, innovate and lead even more successfully!

Overdue Finds

Welcome to Overdue Finds, an Edmonton Public Library podcast. Bryce Crittenden and Caroline Land will be hosting conversations about movies, music, books, pretty much any sort of popular culture and media you can think of and likely some you’ve never thought of. We’re hoping you’ll learn more about what you can find at the library. (Radio Freies Sender Kombinat, Hamburg (FSK))

Das Freie Sender Kombinat (FSK) ist ein freies, oder auch: nichtkommerzielles Radio. Zu empfangen in Hamburg auf 93,0 MHz Antenne oder 101,4 MHz im Kabel, und überall im Internet:

Rivkin Investment Podcast

Rivkin has been inspiring people to invest directly in financial markets since we first published the Rivkin Report in May, 1997. Since then, our company has grown to incorporate both local and global advice, dealing services covering the thousands of global financial instruments, and accounting services that help Australians manage their superannuation. We love helping our family of clients build and manage wealth so they can enjoy the freedom that increased lifestyle choices can bring. Our Rivkin Podcast is dedicated to bringing the latest and most relevant market news as well as thought and educational pieces to listeners. We offer a wealth of knowledge from seasoned investors, market analysts and economists. If you are looking to keep up to date on all financial market news nationwide this is the place for you.

On the air – National Defense Week

National Defense Week delivers the latest news and expert analysis in the world of US national defense, national security and military affairs. Current Defense Department newsmakers, former officials and military leaders, think tank experts, and top-flight journalists present and analyze the latest news.

inSocialWork - The Podcast Series of the University at Buffalo School of Social Work

inSocialWork is the podcast series of the University at Buffalo School of Social Work. The purpose of this series is to engage practitioners and researchers in lifelong learning and to promote research to practice, practice to research. inSocialWork features conversations with prominent social work professionals, interviews with cutting-edge researchers, and information on emerging trends and best practices in the field of social work.


Tacoma, WA Daily Local Weather, Delivered as a Podcast from

SAMatters Radio

The mission of the Situational Awareness Matters! Radio Show is to help you see the bad things coming... in time to avoid bad outcomes by improving your understanding of human factors, situational awareness and decision making under stress. Listen and learn from hundreds of incredible interviews with first responders who survived near-miss events.

No Vacancy Colorado

We are dedicated to sharing stories of locals & tourists who have come to make this great state what it is – a place where everyone wants to be! With a focus on Food & Booze, live music, the outdoors & the arts we have guests join weekly to give insight! The name is meant satirically, calm down.

Immanuel Church - Forest Lake

Sunday doesn't have to be the only time you hear the word taught at Immanuel. Now take the messages with you wherever you go.

In The Arena

A SHOW CREATED SPECIFICALLY FOR RESPONDERS, EMERGENCY MANAGERS AND SAFETY OFFICIALS Hosted by: E.G. Weiss, Jr. Homeland Security Consultant, Emergency Management and Disaster Response Specialist. Author, educator, trainer, presenter.

NOLA Matters: Health is a Human Right

Health Is A Human Right is a weekly show that focuses on social justice issues that affect the multiple facets of health (physical, mental, spiritual). Hosted by 102.3FM WHIV-LP founder and local infectious diseases physician, Dr. MarkAlain Dery, Health Is A Human Right is committed to righting the US Healthcare system and getting back to putting people before profits.

Carnets de campagne

Un voyage au coeur des régions et des départements en compagnie de Philippe Bertrand

Matt Olien's Movie Reviews

Television producer Matt Olien doubles as Prairie Public's resident movie critic, and uses his background in film studies and extensive knowledge of movie history to review a current film. Stay tuned until the end, where he's quizzed with obscure Oscar trivia.

Disrupting the Global Order with Janice Stein

Political scientist Janice Stein is one of Canada's - and the world's - foremost authorities on global affairs. Each week on the Disrupting the Global Order, Stein leads a conversation with an author about an ideology, event or issue that affects our opinions and perspective - or could have a significant impact on world order.


San Francisco, CA Daily Local Weather, Delivered as a Podcast from

Horizon Church Audio

Weekly Teaching from Horizon Church in Surrey, Canada. We exist to see lives transformed through Jesus.

The Healthcare Policy Podcast ® Produced by David Introcaso

Podcast interviews with health policy experts on timely subjects. The Healthcare Policy Podcast website features audio interviews with healthcare policy experts on timely topics. An online public forum routinely presenting expert healthcare policy analysis and comment is lacking. While other healthcare policy website programming exists, these typically present vested interest viewpoints or do not combine informed policy analysis with political insight or acumen. Since healthcare policy issues are typically complex, clear, reasoned, dispassionate discussion is required. These podcasts will attempt to fill this void. Among other topics this podcast will address: •Implementation of the Affordable Care Act •Other federal Medicare and state Medicaid health care issues •Federal health care regulatory oversight, moreover CMS and the FDA •Healthcare research •Private sector healthcare delivery reforms including access, reimbursement and quality issues •Public health issues including the social determinates of health Listeners are welcomed to share their program comments and suggest programming ideas. Comments made by the interviewees are strictly their own and do not represent those of their affiliated organization/s.