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Surrey Residents Network

All things Surrey (UK) from the residents perspective

Smash The Ceiling: Social Hiring

This podcast discusses social hiring practices, corporate citizenship, Canadian Labour law, disability and inclusion and hiring for diversity

Middle of Everywhere

From the National Training Center and Fort Irwin, the Middle of Everywhere shares real stories about real people at the U.S. Army's premier combat training center.

Radical Decency

Decency to Self, Others, and The World -- At All Times, In Every Context and Without Exception

Are you DataSmart?

Are you Datasmart? Does your company focus on the right strategy, governance, and legal framework to ensure global data domination? Tune in each week to hear the Ward brothers and their guests dive into the most important issues facing data rights, GDPR preparedness, data privacy, and regulatory changes.

Les cahiers de vacances France Bleu

Pour commencer l'après-midi un magazine qui nous emmène aux quatre coins de France.

American Friends Service Committee's Podcast

The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) is a Quaker organization that promotes lasting peace with justice, as a practical expression of faith in action. This podcast will bring together stories of its work and interviews with experts from around the world.


繼2011年之後,香港電台與香港證監會再次合作,製作全新一輯戲劇節目“證義搜查線2”。節目共六集,故事均改編自證監會法規執行部(Enforcement Division) 近年面對的個案。包括:內地民企「造數」來港上市、社交網絡無牌經營的「股壇明燈」、有意無意泄漏上市內幕的公司董事等等... 透過不同角色的涉案過程,看小股民、大商家、家庭主婦、甚至專業人仕,如何徘徊在金錢遊戲的誘惑與法規之間。也透過證監會的執法過程,看他們如何維護本港 作為自由市場的法治精神。

The Smart Nonprofit Master Class

Most Nonprofits Struggle With Growth. We Guide You Through a Proven Framework That Increases Donors, Members, and Volunteers. Have you ever asked yourself •How in the world do I get more donors? •How can I find a marketing company who will understand our mission? •What if I run out of money and resources? •How do we leverage marketing to accomplish our mission? •How do I make my nonprofit effort truly significant? You’re in the right place! Every nonprofit wants to impact the world in their own way. But, the lack of money, resources, and people makes it almost impossible for many nonprofits to succeed. We have worked with over 60,000 nonprofits over the past 20 years, and we understand how frightening it can be to think about your critical, world-changing mission never getting off the ground or growing. We have a proven framework that will help you accomplish your mission, get funding, and attract donors, members, and volunteers so you never have to close your nonprofit. You're in the right place.

radioCona: Avtorstvo in vizualna umetnost - pogovor s pravniki in umetniki - 2.del / Panel discussion with lawyers and artists about …

o pogovoru: Pri diskusiji so sodelovali: pravniki: Urša Chitrakar, Maja Lubarda, Jaša Vrabec umetniki in producenti umetniških projektov : Andrej Intihar, Alenka Pirman, Barbara Borčič, Mojca Pungerčar, Borut Savski, Luka Frelih, Vasja Lebarič, Brane Zorman, Irena Pivka Namen delovnega pogovora je bilo soočiti umetnike in pravnike, ki pokrivajo področje avtorskega prava in preveriti medsebojne praktične koristi. Odprle so se teme kot so: Ali ustanoviti kolektivko za vizualno umetnost? Kaj in kako rokovati s projekti v digitalni obliki? Kaj storiti, ko je piratstvo edina oblika pridobivanja materiala? Kakšna je zavest o avtorstvu med uporabniki in avtorji? About the panel discussion: Lawyers: Urša Chitrakar, Maja Lubarda, Jaša Vrabec Artists and art projects producers: Andrej Intihar, Alenka Pirman, Barbara Borčič, Mojca Pungerčar, Borut Savski, Luka Frelih, Vasja Lebarič, Brane Zorman, Irena Pivka

The Prophet of Thought Series

Two hours of conversation surrounding issues that should concern us as Black people. Whether those issues be politics, prejudices, finances or even personal problems found within our community, this show will attempt to open our minds. Call in, express your viewpoints as we'll be speaking with community activists, political figures, policy makers and everyday men and women. We'll ask those tough questions and try to get to the truth of every topic. Subjects will be based on facts, not fabrications. We do this for one reason: To Get You To Open Your Mind!.... Hopefully by the end of the show we will have accomplished at least this much.

Annual Giving Interviews With Bob Burdenski

Annual giving is the "front door of philanthropy" for many institutions. It's the initial annual giving donor who often becomes a major donor later. CASE Innovations in Annual Giving author Bob Burdenski conducts a monthly online Annual Giving Roundtable program with ideas and insights for improving fundraising performance. In this podcast series you can listen free to interviews with today's leading annual giving fundraising practitioners, taken from Bob's Annual Giving Roundtable Series.

Surviving Disruption: A Roadmap for Health Care Governance

Disruption of traditional health care is inevitable and will be a central challenge for health care governance. We see new examples of “business disruption” every day, as innovators use technology, scale and consumer insights to create a lower-priced, more convenient consumer experiences, and force traditional companies down a path of compulsory cost-cutting and lost relevance. While the size and complexity of health care have slowed the process of disruption, its high costs and lack of convenience make it highly vulnerable to innovative, nontraditional competitors offering solutions that are more compatible with the digital era.  To make sure boards of directors are well-prepared to address this challenge, McDermott Will & Emery and Kaufman Hall have partnered to bring you a new podcast series, Surviving Disruption: A Roadmap for Health Care Governance, in which we'll identify the signs of disruption, how health care organizations can prepare, and the implications for health care governance.

The Never-Still Life: Win a GoPro Camera From The Trust for Public Land

Since 1972, The Trust for Public Land has protected more than 3 million acres and completed more than 5,200 park and conservation projects that provide the backdrop for all your pursuits. The Trust for Public Land works across the country to protect places where everyone can get outside, from the best of the back country to your go-to neighborhood parks and trails. To share your love of the outdoors and to help spread awareness of the importance of protecting our nation's open spaces, The Trust for Public Land invites you to submit a snapshot of someplace you like to get moving! By doing so, you'll have a chance to win a GoPro camera!

Sights & Sounds Jingle Bell Run

The Sights & Sounds of Christmas Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in San Marcos, Texas, is proud to bring you the Sights & Sounds of Christmas Festival! Founded in 1987, the Sights & Sounds of Christmas strives to provide the San Marcos community and surrounding areas with an exciting holiday celebration for all. Each year the Sights & Sounds of Christmas Festival begins the week after Thanksgiving and runs Wednesday-Saturday for two consecutive weeks.


GSA was a podcast where Sal and George were gonna try to take on as complete a topic as they could every week or so. It has since gone off the rails, becoming a podcast where George and Sal really eliminate any possibility whatsoever of ever finding a regular job. Sydneys on it too, but she'll be fine because she's got one o them cooooool degrees. Welcome to Season Two.

Everything Kansas City

Aimee and Elisa discuss all things Kansas City. Everything is on the table and nothing is out of bounds. We are Kansas City enthusiasts and want to share our love of the city with you. Join us as we discuss all things 816 and 913.

CISG 2008, Midland Hotel, Manchester

Audio from the 'CISG 2.0' conference in Manchester, dealing with a wide range of issues facing Higher Education IT staff.


八集五分鐘的單元劇集,以模擬戲劇的形式,為觀眾打開獨立監察警方處理投訴委員會(簡稱監警會)之門,帶你審察不同的警察投訴事件之餘,同時簡介有關監警會的種種。      監警會於2009年成為法定機構,為香港投訴警察制度中兩層架構的一個主要部份,它屬獨立機構,可直接向行政長官匯報,以及就投訴提供意見和建議。所有投訴個案均會先交由隸屬警務處的投訴警察課處理及調查,此為投訴制度的第一層。之後,須匯報投訴的調查報告連同所有相關檔案、文件及材料,會再交由投訴制度的第二層──監警會審核。所有個案需經監警會審察並完全同意處理得當後,才會通過調查結果。通過以上兩層架構的調查和監察程序,可以確保每宗投訴個案都得到公平、公正的處理。   合共八集的短劇,由較為老練的Jessica(張文慈飾)與新人Hardy(譚俊彥飾)兩位監警會職員擔任「包青天」,從角色扮演、重演事件到層層推理,二人在每份調查報告中尋找蛛絲馬跡,務求找出事件真相,還大家一個公道。此外,整個系列更介紹了投訴警察制度中的兩層架構、處理案件的流程、案件的不同分類,以及於投訴事件中意外發現警務人員有疏忽或不當行為的處理方法等等。   普羅大眾或許對投訴警察制度的架構、監警會職能、投訴人和被投訴人的權益等所知不多,而系列裏的短劇,正好讓市民輕輕鬆鬆地了解本地的投訴警察程序,以及他們自身的公民權益。      播放資料: 2012年8月12日起,逢星期日播映─亞洲電視本港台周日早上11:00        無線電視翡翠台周日下午3:20 (重播)   監製:利子良

Iztok Osojnik bere Podrealistični manifest, prvo branje

Jure Detela, Iztok Osojnik, Iztok Saksida: Podrealistični manifest (1979) Podrealistični manifest je izšel leta 1979 v samozaloženih Zbranih delih I Edicije Pest (s. 78-100). Natisnila jo je Tiskarna Društva mišično in mišično-živčno obolelih v 50 izvodih. Enega od njih danes hrani Mednarodni grafični likovni center v Študijskem kabinetu grafike, knjig umetnikov in druge tiskane efemere. V okviru razstave 9 + 9 Knjige umetnika in umetniki (23. 11. 2010 - 8. 2. 2011) je Iztok Osojnik manifest prebral v petih terminih. Zvočna realizacija javnih branj ter produkcija in arhiviranje podcastov Podrealističnega manifesta je delo radioCona, besedilo manifesta pa je prosto dostopno tudi na, spletni knjižni polici Društva za domače raziskave: termini branj: 1. december 2010 ob 17. uri 3. december 2010 ob 12. uri 15. december 2010 ob 17. uri 23. januar 2011 ob 12.30 uri 28. januar 2011 ob 16. uri

Live Free or Die Alliance Podcast

The podcast of the Live Free or Die Alliance.

Concordance Academy Podcast

The vision of the Concordance Academy of Leadership: to be a global leader in understanding justice-involved adults, engaging and teaching them effectively, and developing in them the strength of character, wisdom, and skills required to make a positive impact – improving the vitality and safety of the community around them.