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Maranatha 2008 Convention

Watch the 2008 Maranatha convention held at the Rolling Hills Community Church near Portland, Oregon. See how God is working in different parts of the world and how you can get involved

The Scene

The Scene is a weekly podcast about the art, theater, nightlife, and stuff to do in Louisville, Kentucky. Each week our hosts, Shauvon McGill and Rachel Allen, welcome a special guest (or guests) from around the city with a unique insight into the amazing community that we call home. Maybe you will learn about a whole world you never knew existed, or maybe you will just discover something you can do this weekend.

The Nonprofit Podcast with Justin Harter

Too many blogs and books today contain no actually helpful information on how to grow a nonprofit online. Write compelling content and grow followers on Facebook by posting helpful tips isn't cutting it. This show isn't just self-help rah-rah cheerleading. It's about setting goals, having an effective strategy, and learning what we do for our own selves and clients.

Smash The Ceiling: Social Hiring

This podcast discusses social hiring practices, corporate citizenship, Canadian Labour law, disability and inclusion and hiring for diversity

American Friends Service Committee's Podcast

The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) is a Quaker organization that promotes lasting peace with justice, as a practical expression of faith in action. This podcast will bring together stories of its work and interviews with experts from around the world.


繼2011年之後,香港電台與香港證監會再次合作,製作全新一輯戲劇節目“證義搜查線2”。節目共六集,故事均改編自證監會法規執行部(Enforcement Division) 近年面對的個案。包括:內地民企「造數」來港上市、社交網絡無牌經營的「股壇明燈」、有意無意泄漏上市內幕的公司董事等等... 透過不同角色的涉案過程,看小股民、大商家、家庭主婦、甚至專業人仕,如何徘徊在金錢遊戲的誘惑與法規之間。也透過證監會的執法過程,看他們如何維護本港 作為自由市場的法治精神。

The Smart Nonprofit Master Class

Most Nonprofits Struggle With Growth. We Guide You Through a Proven Framework That Increases Donors, Members, and Volunteers. Have you ever asked yourself •How in the world do I get more donors? •How can I find a marketing company who will understand our mission? •What if I run out of money and resources? •How do we leverage marketing to accomplish our mission? •How do I make my nonprofit effort truly significant? You’re in the right place! Every nonprofit wants to impact the world in their own way. But, the lack of money, resources, and people makes it almost impossible for many nonprofits to succeed. We have worked with over 60,000 nonprofits over the past 20 years, and we understand how frightening it can be to think about your critical, world-changing mission never getting off the ground or growing. We have a proven framework that will help you accomplish your mission, get funding, and attract donors, members, and volunteers so you never have to close your nonprofit. You're in the right place.

radioCona: Avtorstvo in vizualna umetnost - pogovor s pravniki in umetniki - 2.del / Panel discussion with lawyers and artists about …

o pogovoru: Pri diskusiji so sodelovali: pravniki: Urša Chitrakar, Maja Lubarda, Jaša Vrabec umetniki in producenti umetniških projektov : Andrej Intihar, Alenka Pirman, Barbara Borčič, Mojca Pungerčar, Borut Savski, Luka Frelih, Vasja Lebarič, Brane Zorman, Irena Pivka Namen delovnega pogovora je bilo soočiti umetnike in pravnike, ki pokrivajo področje avtorskega prava in preveriti medsebojne praktične koristi. Odprle so se teme kot so: Ali ustanoviti kolektivko za vizualno umetnost? Kaj in kako rokovati s projekti v digitalni obliki? Kaj storiti, ko je piratstvo edina oblika pridobivanja materiala? Kakšna je zavest o avtorstvu med uporabniki in avtorji? About the panel discussion: Lawyers: Urša Chitrakar, Maja Lubarda, Jaša Vrabec Artists and art projects producers: Andrej Intihar, Alenka Pirman, Barbara Borčič, Mojca Pungerčar, Borut Savski, Luka Frelih, Vasja Lebarič, Brane Zorman, Irena Pivka

The Prophet of Thought Series

Two hours of conversation surrounding issues that should concern us as Black people. Whether those issues be politics, prejudices, finances or even personal problems found within our community, this show will attempt to open our minds. Call in, express your viewpoints as we'll be speaking with community activists, political figures, policy makers and everyday men and women. We'll ask those tough questions and try to get to the truth of every topic. Subjects will be based on facts, not fabrications. We do this for one reason: To Get You To Open Your Mind!.... Hopefully by the end of the show we will have accomplished at least this much.

Recess Appointment

The Recess Appointment Podcast is the companion to, a blog focused on the way politicians speak and frame arguments. A rotating panel of guests records weekly, recapping the week's events and providing insights from outside the confines of the conventional media

Powerswitch naar een vitale samenleving | Schatmakers

De overheid en de markt hebben de afgelopen decennia veel ruimte ingenomen ten koste van de gemeenschap. Door de gekortwiekte gemeenschap verloren burgers het vertrouwen in de overheid en de markt. Verwezing en populisme zijn het gevolg. Het kán anders! Burgers kunnen het heft in handen nemen en met elkaar de gemeenschap vitaal maken. In zijn podcast Powerswitch schetst Den Uyl hoe dat kan.

PCC annual review 2009 podcast

The PCC annual review 2009 is accompanied for the first time with a podcast in which the PCC Chairman, Baroness Buscombe and Stephen Abell, Director are interviewed by the media commentator Roy Greenslade.


#tamojunto todo dia na de segunda a segunda. Acompanhe!

Défense Mobilité Radio - Entreprises, recrutez des militaires !

Découvrez Défense Mobilité Radio ! La webradio de Défense Mobilité, au service du personnel du Ministère de la Défense en transition professionnelle et de leurs conjoints. Recruteurs du privé ou des fonctions publiques, découvrez chaque semaine sur Défense Mobilité Radio des contenus qui vous sont spécialement dédiés. Vous êtes une entreprise ou collaborateur RH des fonctions publiques ? Si vous souhaitez faire le choix du recrutement d'un ancien militaire ou en savoir plus sur ces profils, découvrez des témoignages de vos homologues privés ou publics qui expliquent pourquoi ils ont fait le choix de ce recrutement bien spécifique.

Mississippi Prospects

Welcome to Mississippi Prospects. A new podcast focused on community and economic development throughout Mississippi. Brought to you by the MEDC, each podcast will explore a broad range of topics. From workforce development and corporate recruitment to stress management and the traits of effective leadership. You’ll hear from economic development experts who will share their insights on how we can build a stronger Mississippi together.


Optimal är Riksorganisationen Unga Synskadades (US) ljudtidning. Tidningen vänder sig till dig som är medlem och dig som är intresserad av vad US gör. Optimals redaktör spelar in reportage och stöttar medlemarna runt om i distrikten i att göra egna reportage från distriktens verksamhet. Det är också redaktören som sammanställer och publicerar Optimal.

Ronnie Eldridge - Keeping Relevant

Ronnie Eldridge welcomes you to Eldridge and Company’s podcast – called Keeping Relevant — bringing you up to date conversations about changing perspectives in our ever changing world.


Ihr möchtet Infos rund um die Wasserwacht hören und erleben? Dann seid ihr hier genau richtig. Wir freuen uns auf Euch. Ihr wollt selbst Rettungsschwimmer werden? Dann nix wie rein in die Wasserwacht der Deutschen Roten Kreuzes.


Välkomna till vår podcast. På ett lite lättare sätt fångar vi de diskussioner som engagerar just dig. I varje avsnitt intervjuar vi också en gäst.


Where you find a variety of podcasts from the National Conservation Training Center

USFWS/NCTC Student Climate and Conservation Congress (SC3)

100 of the Nation's top high school and rising college students joined together at the second annual Student Climate and Conservation Congress at the National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, WV during June 25-July 1, 2011.

Inside Government with your Westchester County Legislators

INSIDE GOVERNMENT with your Westchester County Legislators, is a news and public affairs radio talk show where, each week, the format of the show will feature County legislators, journalists, government and elected officials, community leaders, stakeholders and representatives from nonprofit and civic organizations, give listeners an ‘insiders view’ of county government and feature interviews and commentary on a wide range of subjects that impact the lives of Westchester residents. INSIDE GOVERNMENT airs each Tuesday from 2:00pm to 3:00pm EST and streams live on the WVOX website at Listeners have the opportunity to call in with questions at 914-636-0110 or by emailing