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As the lake rolls, Scoots strolls…down memory lane, of his long intimate relationship with the greatest of the Great Lakes. (Lake talk starts about 12:40) Tonight’s show is sponsored by SleepPhones!  Pick up a pair at and use “sleepwithme” for $5 off! Thanks to all the listeners who give “value for value” by becoming patrons on Patreon @ SleepPhones® Effortless are Bluetooth®-enabled headphones inside of a soft headband, complete with induction charging technology for a completely wireless experience. Pick up a pair at and use “sleepwithme” for $5 off!
We'd been getting a lot of listener questions about when to sleep with a guy, so here you go, ladies! We cover this topic + what to do physically with a guy before you move into sex territory, and also when to NEVER sleep with him. We also catch up on life things including doctors, diets, and DMs.  Follow Girls Gotta Eat on Instagram @GirlsGottaEatPodcast. And check out our sponsor for this episode (+ get a discount) at 
As you snuggle in your sheets, I’ll page through the HBO guides of my past and see what my meandering memory manages to ‘member. (story starts at 19:50)  Thanks to all the listeners who give “value for value” by becoming patrons on Patreon @
Some objects shouldn’t listen to Rihanna songs, and shine brighter than those who would object. But you can rest as Simon will crack this one with the help of Gee and DK. (story at about 19:20) Thanks to all the listeners who give “value for value” by becoming patrons on Patreon @
Spring has sprung and a pillowy delight awaits you. Slumber, as I lumber across the pages of TJ’s latest. (starts about 20:19)  Thanks to all the listeners who give “value for value” by becoming patrons on Patreon @
Listen to the "Romaine Heartbreaker” and your worries will be spun away like water off a salad’s back. (starts at 18:45) The only podcast that improves on roundabouts. Join our Patreon @ and get the satisfaction of putting yourself and 1000 other people to sleep every month.
This piece features the character “The Lady Noor” from the Alternative Stories and Fake Realities miniseries “The Angel’s Calling” by Victoria J Price Noor is played by Iraqi / Norwegian actress Saya Zahawi who has appeared in a number of Alternative Stories episodes and in BBC Radio Drama. Music and sound design are by Chris Gregory Transcript :                 “Call it magic, call it energy, call it what you will. Often it is our belief in something that helps the magic to grow. Witches like you and I hold the power within our fingertips to change the world.  We can save a life, maybe many lives and all you need is soap and water.”  About Alternative Stories and Fake Realities  Alternative Stories and Fake Realities is an anthology podcast producing audio drama, short fiction and poetry using writers and actors from both sides of the Atlantic from its base right in the middle of England. You can find us by searching alternative stories in your favourite podcast app or clicking on We’re social on twitter And Instagram Email:  
You think you know math? You don't know math.  INT. OFFICE IT GUY How was the math test? MATH GIRL Inconclusive. IT GUY You took a math test and you got an “inconclusive”? MATH GIRL No, I didn’t take a test. We’re testing math. IT GUY You’re testing MATH ITSELF? MATH GIRL Math has shown some alarming trends. IT GUY What’s wrong with math? MATH GIRL Among other things, it’s warming. IT GUY MATH WARMING? MATH GIRL What are you doing? IT GUY I’m just compiling this week’s reports. MATH GIRL How many numbers are you using? They’re all over your screen. You’re wasting too many numbers, you’re a menace. IT GUY I - MATH GIRL In 100 years, there may not be any more math thanks to people like you. Pete Barry is a co-creator of the audio comedy Mission: Rejected. He is an award-winning screenwriter, playwright, actor, director and musician. He was named a 2013 Young and Hungry List writer, and Sony Pictures is currently developing his screenplay Marian. 
A guided meditation for and as a grain of sand, no grit, no grind, just a train of sunscreen. (story at 17:50) You can find all of our sponsors or become a patron on our new website 
Due to the huge response from last time we did this, this week were are doing back to back all intro episodes. There is only theme music at the get in bed, turn out the lights, and press play..until morning. Have a safe holiday week everyone. Become a Patron @ Commission a Song from Jonathan Mann @
Sleeping to this one will be as easy as losing your marbles (or pogs) on game night. As the sea rolls into Dragonstone, you’ll fly into sleep like a dreamy dragon. (GoT talk starts at about 20:17) You can find all of our sponsors or become a patron on our new website  Research
The Moon mode of podcasts loses his phone and asks the universe for some dopamine. Part review and part retrospective of purchases past. Use code "sleepwithme" for $5 off @ Listen to "Dumb People Town" @ Support through Patreon @ Support through Paypal / Venmo @
Like riding butter, a relaxing, circular trip around the Orlando Eye with a dreamy rainy day view of rooftops and mini-golf courses. Special thanks to everyone at The Orlando Eye- #trypod Check out Medicare Nation by my friend Diane Daniels!
Can you spot a cheater? In this episode, Rayna and Ashley take you through a step-by-step identification process for 2018. The ladies discuss how to spot a cheater before you even get involved, and also how to appropriately stalk your man if you suspect he's messing around (spoiler alert: females usually aren't wrong.) They also share their cheat stories, and play another hilarious game of Red Light Green Light with their followers. Follow Girls Gotta Eat on Instagram @GirlsGottaEatPodcast. 
The story of Lisa Irwin, who went missing when she was just 10 months old, has riveted the nation and left behind unanswered questions.  How does a 10-month old infant disappear from her crib, never to be seen again?  The police have focused on Lisa’s mother Deborah although there was plenty of evidence pointing to […]
Tonight’s story is as warm as an Astor’s bathtub. Simon goes to the place where design and art wait for Steve. Only a IIGS can crack this case. (story at 16:04) Spoiler...we miss you Steve! Tonight’s show is also sponsored by SleepPhones!  Pick up a pair at and use “sleepwithme” for $5 off!
A soupy sea based sleep as Simon follows red herrings thru Atlantises, Bikini Bottom and shipwrecks. You won’t need to believe in dolphinism for this bedtime story. (story at about 17:55) Tonight’s show is sponsored by SleepPhones! Pick up a pair at and use “sleepwithme” for $5 off! Tonight’s Episode is sponsored by eSalon! eSalon offers professional-grade, completely personalized hair color created just for you and delivered right to your door! Fill out your hair questionnaire @! New customers will receive 50% off their first order! That’s just $10 dollars for your personalized hair color! SleepPhones® Effortless are Bluetooth®-enabled headphones inside of a soft headband, complete with induction charging technology for a completely wireless experience. Pick up a pair at and use “sleepwithme” for $5 off!
Talk a stroll into the past, I promise you'll be asleep or this episode will be the pits! (starts at 19:54) Tonight's show is brought to you by Casper. Goto and use "sleepwithme" for $50 an obsessively engineered mattress! Please fill out this quick survey as well! It is a huge help for the show, THANKS
Balance on Florida's water table and let the motion rock you to sleep, while Scoots tackles Podfest. (story at 16:08) Tonight’s episode is brought to you by Blue Apron - get over to and get your first three meals free.
INDIFFERENCE TRANSCRIPT WRITTEN AND PERFORMED BY JORDACHE AND NIKKI RICHARDSON Are you tired? Are you stressed out? Are you constantly worried? Try the restorative powers of indifference Order now and get a 3 pack of vanilla, chocolate, and plain I used to overthink everything, until I found indifference… Warning: may cause bloating, a decreased sex drive, apathy, homicidal tendencies, hearing voices, regret, listening to the voices, spontaneous implosion, bees, the wrath of all bears on earth, unlimited pixie sticks, diarrhea, fruitcake, and mild swelling. Indifference was written and performed by Jordache and Nikki Richardson from the Top of the Round Podcast. Nikki and Jordache Richardson are married Washingtonians that edit, produce, and perform on the podcast Top of the Round. They have 2 fur babies and enjoy everything having to do with podcasting and voice acting. Twitter: @totrcast Instagram: @topoftheround Facebook: @topoftheround Music from "Fancy Family" by Rafael Krux ( License: CC BY (
PUNCH IT IN THE FACE Witch:  You must pass a test. Now answer wisely. What do you do when life gives you lemons? Carlötta:  You make lemonade? Witch:  Wrong! You punch it in the face. What happens when the going gets tough? Carlötta: The tough get going? Witch:  Wrong! The tough punch the going in the face! Carlötta:  I think I’m getting it. Narrator:  Wash your hands so they’ll be nice and clean for when you punch Coronavirus in the face. A PSA from the Carlötta Beautox Chronicles. Show notes: Carlötta:          Samantha Gordon Witch:              Sarah Agor Narrator:         Ann Sloan Written and produced by Ann Sloan Music:             The Chamber by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:
Do thunderstorms awaken the wolf in you? Or the witch? Transcript: It was the perfect storm. The thunder was equal parts crackle and boom, and the lightning that followed threw off shards of light, split the dark and sewed it up again. This night, this moon, this storm were for wolves and witches, and Sara, who was a bit of both, headed towards the mountaintops where the wild things were. Voiced by: Bonnie Brantley Written by: Shannon Perry Find more by both of us on Oz 9 podcast. Available on about any podcatcher, including wherever you're listening to this. JJ Virgin is one intimidating, yet amazing, woman. Seriously. I've had a chance to hang with JJ on numerous occasions over the past several years, and, at over 6 feet tall, strikingly beautiful, fit, muscular and with a sharp, keen intelligence and wit, she's one of those women who probably would have been a queen or, perhaps, an Amazonian warrior were she born at some other time in history. But, in fact, JJ is actually a celebrity nutrition and fitness expert and author of 4 New York Times bestselling books: The Virgin Diet, The Virgin Diet Cookbook, JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet, and JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook. But her recent memoir, Miracle Mindset: A Mother, Her Son, and Life’s Hardest Lessons, in which she explores the powerful lessons in strength and positivity that she learned after her son Grant was the victim of a brutal hit-and-run accident, is perhaps the most meaningful and life-changing of all her titles. One of my biggest takeaways from the book was the enormous number of frustrations that JJ  encountered while attempting to navigate the modern medical system, and to keep her son from dying, not recovering properly, or being seriously harmed by modern medicine, along with her extreme willingness and stubbornness in incorporating every aspect of alternative health and natural medicine into a modern hospital setting...with shocking results. If you want to be fully equipped to deal with any trauma that might land you in a modern hospital industry or having to deal with close-minded physicians and caretakers, this podcast is a must-listen for you. During our discussion, you'll discover: -The shocking story of the hit-and-run with Grant...[8:50] -The biggest frustrations JJ ran into at the hospital, and with Grant's physicians and nurses...[19:05] -How JJ got 10-20 grams of fish oil each day into Grant...[25:10] -What JJ did with essential oils...[29:20] -Why JJ would rub progesterone cream into Grant over and over again during his recovery...[31:20] -The superpowered smoothies JJ gave to Grant when his feeding tubes came out...[45:00] -How JJ used stem cell harvesting and stem cell IV's in Grant's therapy...[51:20] -The advanced biohack therapies JJ has used in combination with physical therapy, from ping pong to earthing, grounding, gardening, neurofeedback and more...[59:20] -For people who wind up being in the modern medical system having to deal with the trauma, where you can find the biggest pieces of advice from JJ...[64:55] -And much more! Resources from this episode: -Miracle Mindset: A Mother, Her Son, and Life’s Hardest Lessons -When Brains Collide: What Every Athlete and Parent Should Know About the Prevention and Treatment of Concussions and Head Injuries -The Biology of Belief -Lavender essential oils -My podcast interview with Dr. Kirk Parsley -The NatureCBD blend Ben uses every day -Stem Cell Revolution -Neurofeedback Show Sponsors:  -Quip  - Quip is an electric toothbrush that packs premium vibration and timer features into an ultra slim design, that's half the cost of bulkier brushes. Go to to get your first refill pack free with a Quip electric toothbrush. -HealthGains - Text the word "GAIN" to 313131 to receive a $250 off HealthGAINS'HGH, Testosterone or Sexual Heatlh Services at their Aventura, Florida Location. HealthGAINS offers assistance with travel arrangements to their Aventura location. Call 305-749-0389 to find out details. Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for JJ or me? Leave your comments at and one of us will reply!
A mixup around a cauldron will swirl you off to dreamland. This life lesson will go down as sweet as a newt gummy. (story starts at about 17:30) You can find all of our sponsors or become a patron on our new website  
Punch without lines pours out like a novocaine flashback, numb and mumbly. Take our Survey @ You can find all of our sponsors or become a patron on our new website

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