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En podcast om personlig effektivitet og mental performance, hvor vi blander viden med håndgribelige værktøjer indenfor kost, motion, søvn, planlægning og meget andet. Formålet er at blive klogere på, hvordan vi kan blive mere effektive og få mere overskud i hverdagen. Vi taler ud fra det hele menneske - effektivitet vil altså ikke bare sige at få gjort mest muligt arbejde på kortest tid - trivsel og livskvalitet er det vigtigste. Jeg inviterer ugentligt en ny inspirerende gæst med, der kan hjælpe os med at forstå, hvad vi kan gøre i vores eget liv, for at få mest muligt ud af de 24 timer.


The #1 amputee podcast hosted by LBKA amputee Brian Moser is on a mission to inspire, empower and inform the limb loss community. For more information about revAMPd visit and connect with us on Facebook @revAMPdpodcast


Sportuccino: Digesting Sport at Breakfast Sportuccino is your new breakfast show. Start your day with a large serving of fun sports entertainment. The show is hosted by Richard Parr every weekday morning at 8am UK time at You can listen back to the programme as a podcast. There is more information at

Guías de vida

Tod@s tenemos un guía interior que provee luz, conocimiento, experiencia, amor, felicidad y alegría a otras personas ¿Eres mamá, hermana, abuela, mujer, amiga, esposa, tía? Entonces tú eres una guía de vida ¡Atrévete a compartir tu esencia y ven a nutrirte de la esencia de otras guías de vida que te esperan en un mismo lugar:


Der Podcast mit Sportwissenschaftler & Athletiktrainer Damien Zaid, zu allen Themen rund um Kraft- & Konditionstraining, Ernährung & Mindset. Du willst dein Training optimieren? Schneller, stärker und robuster werden? Wissen worauf es bei der Ernährung wirklich ankommt? Über aktuelle Trends und Hypes aufgeklärt werden? Hilfe beim Differenzieren welche Informationen richtig und wichtig sind und welche du bedenkenlos ignorieren kannst? Damien beantwortet gemeinsam mit seinen erfolgreichen Gästen aus der Sportwissenschaft, dem Profisport, des Athletiktrainings & Fitness deine Fragen und klärt evidenzbasiert über aktuelle Themen auf. Das Ziel ist endlich die Mythen die sich seit Jahren in der Allgemeinheit halten zu beseitigen und wissenschaftlich fundiertes Wissen zu verbreiten!

2 Keto Dudes

2 Keto Dudes is all about the Ketogenic lifestyle. Science. Recipes. Stories. Join Carl Franklin and Richard Morris on their continuing journey from metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes to wellness.

Chats From The Mat

Interviews with people that have stories related to yoga. Learn their background and how they were introduced to yoga. Find out how they incorporate yoga into their lives and how they have an impact on yoga.

Depression Stream

An unfiltered stream of consciousness from a depressed person. There’s no moment of grace. There’s no upside. There’s no happy ending. Just some raw, unhealthy thoughts. Sorry…

Plant Liker

A podcast by Steve Roggenbuck about eating plant foods, and other stuff.

Rebel Hearts with Kristie Reeves

Bring on the rebels, the dreamers, the warriors of the rainbow…..those who envision a world beyond hatred, beyond fear and separation. The ones who believe we can change the world and create a better tomorrow. If you have a dream, if you sense you’re here, on this Earth at this precise time, for a reason, then this show is for you. Hosted by Kristie Reeves, “Rebel Hearts“ is dedicated to inspire you to step into your power and unlock your unique gifts, so you can begin changing the world, starting with you. We are living in an incredible moment in history: the world is changing like never before – and we have never needed change-makers as much as we do now: dreamers, paradigm shifters, visionaries, those whose bright light sparks social and global evolution and who push the human race forward to create a more peaceful world. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

Two Fab Femmes

Women’s survival tips Podcast on surviving and thriving in this great, big world!🍸💞 Join your hosts Gina Cafasso & Maggie Kouri Hill as they discuss the good, the bad and the ugly. From relationships, to family, to politics, to careers, no topic is too big or too small for your 2FFs. They're raw, a little rude, and always real! Listen in and tell your friends!

The V Spot: Vegan Podcast

Dani and Katt are vegans. They take a not-too-serious look at being a vegan in the real world, making jokes, puns, segues, cat sounds, and the occasional good point along the way. If you're a vegan or veg-interested, they're here to help and entertain. Updating every Friday.

Lightbulb Moment: Business Breakthroughs and Personal Discoveries with Becky Mollenkamp

A podcast about the lightbulb moments that change everything. Each week, host Becky Mollenkamp (founder of the Own it, Crush it movement) interviews women business owners about the business breakthroughs and personal discoveries that helped their companies and lives. The stories are inspiring, motivating, and educational.

Potencial Millonario

An Original Podcast of Audio Dice Network

Don't Go There

Welcome to the Don't Go There podcast. We are four psychotherapists going toward mental health issues that aren't often discussed. And our podcast may go to psychological places that are both scary and exciting. We hope to inspire authenticity and vulnerability. We want to go there. And we hope you go there with us!

Amazing Living with Dawn & Lucky

Amazing Living is dedicated to sharing the practical applications that took two people on the verge of suicide, to living the absolute life of their dreams, and the very best years of their lives. Dawn & Lucky don't tell you WHAT to think, they share HOW to think, and how that thinking has dramatically changed their lives, and that of the countless people they have helped, since making such a radical transformation.

Nobody Told Me That! with Teresa Duncan

Teresa Duncan explores the dental business from behind-the-scenes of the industry to tackling management and business issues in the office. Frequent co-host Kevin Henry throws in his viewpoint. We don't want you to ever be in positions where you find yourself saying "Nobody Told Me That!" Show notes over at

ShEvo vs. The First World | A Skeptical Look at Western Culture

A critical look at the first world, inspired by the reverse culture shock your hosts, Sheila Dee & Evo Terra, experience every day as American citizens returning to Western civilization after three and a half years living and working in developing nations. Expert guests from the fields of science, skepticism, and critical though are frequent guests.

Bicycle Talk

Call-in talk show about bicycling, health, advocacy, racing, fitness, and lots for the general enthusiast!


LGBTQ&A (recommended by The New York Times) documents modern queer and trans history. This weekly interview podcast from The Advocate gets beyond transition and coming out stories in order to get to know each person's defining moments, their accomplishments, and how they got to where they are today. LGBTQ&A is hosted and created by Jeffrey Masters. This show is moving to Luminary! For more, go to

The Space Between: Conflict Resolution with Dr. Tammy Lenski

The Space Between is about getting better results from your most difficult and important conversations. Award-winning mediator, executive coach, and conflict resolution teacher Dr. Tammy Lenski shares practical strategies for resolving conflict and tension in high-priority relationships at work and home.

Super Gym Friends

Three chunky mates and their handsome, chiseled friend on a quest to become four handsome, chiseled friends. The Gym Friends. New episodes when we can!


Programas, reflexiones, pensamientos acerca de la interrelación entre el corazón y la razón , donde pretendemos encontrar el justo medio que nos permita abrazar la incertidumbre y hacer de vida y muerte una experiencia de amor.


TAGSpodcast is a weekly conversation about gay sexuality with host Steve Rodriguez, and Co-hosts Jeremy Ross Lopez and Steve Carpenter along with special guests. Every Tuesday we break down hot gay sex topics that are personal or making the news. @tagspodcast IG @talkaboutgaysex on Twitter #TAGSPODCAST

Swole Patrol

Swole Patrol Podcast is a comprehensive and unflinching look at the world of health and fitness. Hosted by board certified Physician Dr. Drew Pinsky and unashamed meat head Michael Catherwood. No topic is off limits and no agenda is pushed. Swole Patrol podcast is for the weekend warrior and the elite athlete alike. Find it all on #SwoleIt