Top Rated History Podcasts

Totally Awesome Films

Totally Awesome films is a podcast where Jon Chung picks a movie, and talk about what the film is about, how it was made, and what makes the film TOTALLY AWESOME!!!


Is it haunted or is it history?

Gleebooks Author Talks

Throughout the year Gleebooks invites the leading Australian and international authors to discuss their latest works in our shop. If you've missed out, or want to revisit some of the fascinating author talks held in our events space, you can listen to their conversations here!

Citizen Historian

History isn't just about the past anymore! Join historian Garrett E Eriksen in "Citizen Historian" as we journey through the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of our past, present and future! Robotics, dinosaurs, comics, ancient battles, cosmic forces, political intrigue - everything is up for discussion and no subject is safe! Time to get Historical!

KUT » ATXplained

What about Austin has you curious?

Großbritannien und Deutschland nach dem II. Weltkrieg

Sir Ian Kershaw spricht über die Beziehung der beiden Länder nach dem II. Weltkrieg.

In the End

A morbidly curious, relentlessly irreverent podcast about that ubiquitous fascination - death.


¿Qué se esconde detrás de lo que nos asusta?... casas encantadas, demonios, ouija... Vive auténticas noches de terror junto a nosotros

Warrior Class Podcast

We are sitting down with men & women who have served in either our military or as a first responder & hearing their stories.

Let's Talk Law with Chad Murray

Chad takes a few minutes to discuss a legal concept, idea, procedure, or article in the least boring way possible.

New Books in East Asian Studies

Interviews with Scholars of East Asia about their New Books

Behind the Glass Cabinet

Join Ellie and her guests as they discuss, explore, and challenge stories surrounding artefacts, objects and images in London science museums.

The Last Of The Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper

The Last of the Mohicans is an epic novel by James Fenimore Cooper, first published in January 1826.It was one of the most popular English-language novels of its time, and helped establish Cooper as one of the first world-famous American writers.The story takes place in 1757 during the French and Indian War, when France and Great Britain battled for control of the American and Canadian colonies. During this war, the French often allied themselves with Native American tribes in order to gain an advantage over the British, with unpredictable and often tragic results.

TCBCast: An Unofficial Elvis Presley Fan Podcast

TCBCast is an unofficial fan podcast featuring co-hosts Gurdip Ladhar and Justin Gausman discussing the music and life of Elvis Presley. These post-1977, next-generation Presley aficionados tackle topics such as his film career, discography, influences and of course cultural phenomenon surrounding his iconography. TCBCast is not associated with or endorsed by Graceland, Elvis Presley Enterprises, or Sony.

Jeff Woods Radio, Records & Rockstars Podcast

Jeff Woods, “Canada’s voice of classic rock,” is back behind the microphone with a brand-new weekly podcast. Long having created content and context around music through his radio programs and series such as World Album Premiere and The Legends of Classic Rock, Jeff drew an audience of more than a million listeners a week. He’s had behind-the-scenes access to hundreds of rock stars and has spoken with them on and off the air for decades. He has the stories you want to hear. And now you can, join Jeff once a week for conversations about the most legendary bands to ones attempting to make their mark today, the music industry, collecting vinyl, strange stories in rock, the influencers and the influenced, rock family trees, the dearly departed and more—all delivered in that distinctive voice Canadian classic rock fans know and trust.

The David Knight Show

David Knight brings you the real news in real time with a 3 hr radio broadcast every weekday morning. As news anchor, reporter and radio host, David has broadcast live from events ranging from political conventions to the Bundy ranch standoff. With guests ranging from the former tech head of the NSA to the New Jersey Weedman, the broadcasts are diverse, Compelling insightful surprising and even humorous as David interacts with listeners from a global audience and social media in real time. As an entrepreneur with a background in engineering and politics, Knight explores the junction of business, technology and freedom with experts in their field. Firing bullet points in the information war against fake news, David makes sense common again. Watch LIVE M-F 8am-11am ct:

Joanna & Kevin’s Big Show

Welcome to Joanna & Kevin’s Big Show. Joanna Leban is a professional poker player, bartender, and wellness enthusiast. Kevin Fitzpatrick is the author of 7 books tied to New York City history, and a walking tour guide. The Big Show is recorded live at The Lambs in Midtown Manhattan.

Sete Reinos

O Sete Reinos é um podcast quinzenal sobre o universo criado por George RR Martin para o livro As Crônicas de Gelo e Fogo. Aqui, abordaremos Game of Thrones (Guerra dos Tronos) como uma franquia, passando por literatura, TV, games, jogos de tabuleiro e demais escritos do velho Martin. Quando a série da HBO estiver em cartaz, faremos uma edição do podcast a cada dois episódios inéditos da série.

Bunny Trails: A Word History Podcast

Welcome to our whimsical adventure of idioms and other turns of phrase. Each week, we delve into the origins of phrases to find out how they came into the English language. We tell the story of how the phrase got from its beginnings to where it is today. Shauna and Dan are two big nerds, so expect some geek culture references, random trivia facts, and loads of laughs!

Talking in Chairs

Submit topics to Douglas and Joe and they will select one you submit and research and present it to you with their own special flair!

Echoes in Eternity

Echoes in Eternity is an exploration of interesting connections throughout history. The show is written, produced, and hosted by Samuel Melcher.

Historia del mundo y España A TODA LECHE!

Historia a toda leche, Curiosidades, Historia de España y del mundo en general. Aunque sea un canal un tanto hipster, que no llegamos a los 110.000 suscriptores, nunca perderemos la esperanza de seguir intentando que os lo paséis bien mientras aprendéis un poco de todo de una manera diferente. No hace falta que os suscribáis, esta claro que los 2 eurazos que llevo ganados en mas de 10 años que llevo con el canal los invertiré en la fiesta que voy a hacer cuando lleguemos al millón de sus! (estáis todos invitados) Supongo que para entonces yo ya no estaré aquí, así que a mas tocáis! Yuhuuuu Un saludo locopizzas!!!!!!!!! Y a vivir que son 48 hours! (ya sabes 2 dias...48 horas... bueno yo lo digo por si no lo piyabas.. venga ya me callo)

New Books in Middle Eastern Studies

Interviews with Scholars of the Middle East about their New Books

Drum Corps History Podcast

A weekly podcast delving deeper into Drum Corps History. Each episode is devoted to reading material and audio clips of a single corps.