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Acts of Pod

A weekly podcast where we cover flashpoints in history that help to give context to our current chaotic state of affairs.

American History (Audio)

UCTV programs take a closer look at the events, people and places that shaped the American experience from the history of early exploration through modern times.

Who Makes Cents?: A History of Capitalism Podcast

Who Makes Cents?: A History of Capitalism Podcast is a monthly program devoted to bringing you quality, engaging stories that explain how capitalism has changed over time. We interview historians and social and cultural critics about capitalism’s past, highlighting the political and economic changes that have created the present. Each episode gives voice to the people who have shaped capitalism – by making the rules or by breaking them, by creating economic structures or by resisting them.

Silk And Steel Podcast

Weekly discussion on China and Silk Road, history, culture and current events

True Bypass Podcast

The weekly podcast where two buds demo and talk about pedals, amps and guitars. Featuring musicians that are much better than us chatting about their gear!

My History Can Beat Up Your Politics

Since 2006, bringing historical context to the politics of today. TV pundits discuss politics in a vacuum. Cable news tells you everything is 'breaking news' but in most cases, events have long roots in history. In this podcast, we smash and bash the politics of today with a healthy dose of history

Art History for All

From art lovers to art haters to art-is-just-okay-ers, Art History for All aims to get all kinds of people thinking about art and what it means to them. Each episode, Allyson Healey tackles a single work of art and its history and larger significance, always asking the question: so what? Art History for All takes you beyond the art historical canon and helps you find the way in which art speaks to you (even if it's never spoken to you before).

Notes on Bach

Conversations with scholars on the life, times, music, and legacy of J.S. Bach, sponsored by Bach Society Houston.

History and Politics

History and Politics is a podcast about topics ranging from American History, World History, Intellectual History, American Politics, Political Philosophy and International Relations.


A weekly conversation exploring China's economy and tech scene. Guests include a wide range of policy analysts, business professionals, journalists, and academics. A SupChina production, hosted by Jordan Schneider.

Journeythroughthegate's podcast

Have you ever seen a ghost? Maybe seen a Shadow Person from the corner of your eye? Perhaps heard the woods get quiet, and have a chill run up your spine? Or wondered how a Physic can use their gifts to find the lost and bring them home? Sysco has been interested in finding out more about these and other elements of the uncanny, since her early childhood when she saw her first ghost. So many of us have had our interests stirred in the same way. In this podcast she looks at these things from the perspective of those who have seen a UFO, had a run in with a Dogman, or live through the horrors or amazement of a haunting. Interviewing Paranormal Investigators and talk about their findings, taking a walk with a medium through a haunted house to ask the ghost why it is there, or find out what its like when something you see, looks back at you! We do our best to keep it real here and not sensationalize the stories. They are pretty darn sensational all by themselves! So if you have seen a Cryptid, wondered if Elementals and Time Slips exist. Or just interested in the wonder of the supernatural, this is your podcast! If you have guest suggestions, or a true experience you would like to tell us about, please email us and we may read your story on a future episode, or perhaps you could be our guest!

One Human Nation

A safe, honest, open, and productive environment to listen and learn about racism in the USA. Sandy Battise was born and raised in Savannah, GA. She completed her education in Savannah public schools and obtained an undergraduate degree from Mercer University. She moved to Texas and lived in Austin, TX for 30 years. Her career included various roles in the housing industry: real estate lending as a licensed mortgage loan originator, Executive Director of a housing-related non-profit, and a management position in the housing department with the City of Austin. Sandy served in several leadership positions with local community initiatives. She was instrumental in developing workshops focused on race reconciliation. Sandy relocated back home to Savannah in 2016.

Podcasts do Portal Deviante

Todos os podcasts publicados dentro do Deviante: Scicast, Miçangas e MeiaLua Cast.

School of Poetry

‘School of Poetry’ is a podcast dedicated to discussing and analysing the good – and the not so good – within the world of poetry. With fresh poems and new themes to discuss in each episode, Loughborough University’s Dr Oli Tearle and other guest academics will bring their knowledge and expertise to this fun, yet educational, new show. Interact with Oli and guests on Twitter by following @LboroEnglish.

Abdullah Hakim Quick

Abdullah Hakim Quick, FREE Audio Podcast brought to you by Muslim Central. Muslim Central is a private Audio Podcast Publisher. Our Audio Library consists of Islamic Lectures, Interviews, Debates and more, with over 100 Speakers and Shows from around the World.

Offenbarung Vers für Vers

Jede Woche geht Christopher Kramp mikroskopisch durch einen Vers des Buches der Offenbarung aus der Bibel. Dies sind Aufnahmen einer Live-Produktion von Joel Media Ministry e.V. Die entsprechende Videoserie findet sich auf

Dial It Back Or Die

These be serious times. And this is a serious podcast. But it's not about politics. Rather it's about exactly how and exactly why it has come to pass that Western Culture is in its ever accelerating death spiral. And, after many episodes, what might be done about all of that. You can think of it as an audio book that covers history, science, social science, and philosophy. And its Insights and conclusions might well, as we used to say, blow your mind. So I would suggest that you start with Episode 1. And then continue sequentially. Thank you.

Not Your Father's History

Not Your Father's History is a weekly podcast hosted by Annika and Katie who discuss noteworthy and non-conventional topics in history that may have been overlooked. From the missing women in our history books to the unknown trends to events that leave us spooked, Not Your Father's History takes a fresh approach to telling a historical narrative - with a little comedy thrown in.


Each month I sit down with a friend to discuss history not as a lecture, but as a conversation. The aim of the program is to foster curiosity about and understanding of history by telling engaging, relatable stories in a narrative structure.


Join Ex-Roommates Parker & Herschel as they try to make sense of the world. Discussing everything from the entertainment industry, international events, crime & politics. Download & Subscribe!

For the Record: The 70s

An audio documentary of 70s music. This podcast examines the intersection of a wide variety of musical genres -- pop, rock, country, country-pop, disco, punk, soul -- with the historic events and decisions that helped shape our modern world.

EagleEye Outlook Podcast

Join pioneering Author, Investigative Researcher & Engineer Robert Antonellis as he shares his breakthrough discoveries from a hidden underbelly that will stun you! Keep listening... For new episodes, subscribe below.


Wise About Texas presents Texas history in an engaging, scholarly and interesting way. You'll learn more about the Texas history you know, and a lot of Texas history you don't know. Most importantly, you'll come to understand the spirit of Texas! So get Wise About Texas!

Mark Driscoll Audio

Pastor Mark Driscoll is a Jesus-following, mission-leading, church-serving, people-loving, Bible-preaching pastor. He’s grateful to be a nobody trying to tell everybody about Somebody. This channel features audio content from Mark Driscoll, including sermons and event teaching. Mark preaches about Jesus with a skillful mix of bold presentation, accessible teaching, and compassion for those who are hurting the most. For more great teaching resources visit

Historia del mundo y España A TODA LECHE!

Historia a toda leche, Curiosidades, Historia de España y del mundo en general. Aunque sea un canal un tanto hipster, que no llegamos a los 110.000 suscriptores, nunca perderemos la esperanza de seguir intentando que os lo paséis bien mientras aprendéis un poco de todo de una manera diferente. No hace falta que os suscribáis, esta claro que los 2 eurazos que llevo ganados en mas de 10 años que llevo con el canal los invertiré en la fiesta que voy a hacer cuando lleguemos al millón de sus! (estáis todos invitados) Supongo que para entonces yo ya no estaré aquí, así que a mas tocáis! Yuhuuuu Un saludo locopizzas!!!!!!!!! Y a vivir que son 48 hours! (ya sabes 2 dias...48 horas... bueno yo lo digo por si no lo piyabas.. venga ya me callo)