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Rights Not Reserved

Every month, Catherine and Erin discuss activism, social justice, and today’s pressing human rights concerns with local, national and international leaders in civil and human rights.

Garbled Twistory: A US History Podcast told through elections!

Garbled Twistory is a podcast that’s primary objective is to humanize history, through humorizing history. It re-tells history in a way that places special emphasis on the most unusual elements and indiscriminately injects F.U.N by the bucketload! The first season’s focus is US History: as told by all of its presidential elections and all of its presidential election candidates! There will be biographical episodes for every presidential candidate, episodes for every election, and episodes for the years in between them! Get Excited! Expect a new episode to pop up here every Sunday! You can listen on iTunes, Stitcher, many a place! We also have a Facebook Page!

Barcelona m'esborrona: temporada 3A

Programes de divulgació història i cultural, de la mà de l'associació Kàtedra.

Muskrat House Podcast

Muskrat House is a podcast dedicated to finding the craziest story in Wisconsin History, hosted by Mary and Colin

Super Friends Super Show: Nights

Aughts & Nots is a chronological review of comic book crossover events from DC & Marvel from the early 2000’s - perhaps the most overlooked era in comics!

Drenthe Toen

In Drenthe Toen behandelen we alle aspecten van de Drentse geschiedenis, zowel op provinciaal als op lokaal niveau.

My Wax Museum

Take some time to listen to someone.

This Actually Happened with Chad McKenzie

The greatest adventures rarely start out intentionally. They begin with a simple idea. They are debated. Inevitably someone will say it's impossible, it can't be done, and whoever attempts it will surely perish from the effort. Once the impossibility has been decided there always seems to be one man - one dumb man, who sets out to defy the odds (usually to impress a girl) and will risk his life to do so (and hopes that she's watching). The best stories aren't always fiction. Before we begin I would remind you - this actually happened.

Relatos Salvajes

Espacio dedicado a audio relatos de aventuras, fantasía, ciencia ficción y terror, narrados con voz humana, dirigido al colectivo de invidentes y a aquellos que no tienen tiempo para sentarse y leer. ¡Sed bienvenido!

The Truth About It All

This podcast is about the search for Truth - in politics, religion, sex and the concerns of the times. Each episode will cover two to three different topics where I will share with you what I know about the topic. Keep in mind anything I share will be based on the facts I have knowledge of and my own personal opinion of the subject. At the end it is up to you, the listener, to be the judge of what your own Truth on the matter might be. I am just here to get you thinking and in search of the Truth About It All.


On April 15, 2013, two bombs went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Two years later, 21-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was sentenced to death in federal court for his involvement in the attacks. During the penalty phase, I was in the courtroom. I walked in wanting to understand his story. I left unsure he was even guilty, let alone deserving to die. Since that day, I have been researching and writing about the case, trying to understand what really happened. His is the tale of an immigrant, a Muslim, an American, a kid I almost knew and certainly would have liked. Marathon explores that story and its legal, historical, and political context, all for a singular purpose: to save a life. For more information, please visit:

The Freecast

Freedom begins between the ears. The Freecast is your premier source for liberty news, views & happenings. Podcasting weekly from the Freecoast to the World! Learn more at

My Regency Life

Regency history combined with sewing, costumes, and crafts.

Native Opinion Podcast an American Indian Perspective

Native Opinion is a unique Indigenous culture education Radio show & podcast from an American Indian perspective on current affairs. The Hosts of this show are Michael Kickingbear, an enrolled member of the Mashantucket Pequot tribal nation of Connecticut and David GreyOwl, of the Echoda Eastern Band of Cherokee nation of Alabama. Together they present Indigenous views on American history, politics, the environment, and culture. This show is open to all people, and its main focus is to provide education and insight about all things Native American. Sensitive subjects are explored such as American immigration policy, The United States political system. racism in America, plus a whole lot more. Subscribe to the show and receive it each week on your favorite mobile device!

Words for Granted

Words for Granted is a podcast that looks at how words change over time. Each episode explores the evolution of a single word. Host Ray Belli uses language--more specifically, individual words--as a way of understanding history, culture, religion, and society.

Lim Law: La Voz del Inmigrante

Henry Lim was born in Managua, Nicaragua and came to the United States as an immigrant with his family. During the fourteen year immigration process, he learned first hand the value of an aggressive immigration attorney. Attorney Lim studied political science at Florida State University and graduated magna cum laude in 1995. Mr. Lim continued his studies at the University of Miami School of Law and graduated in 1998. While in law school, Attorney Lim was involved in immigration issues with Haitian refugees at the Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center and at Krome Detention Center. Since obtaining his license, Attorney Lim has focused almost exclusively on immigration matters, advocating for the legal interests of businesses, families, and individuals throughout Central Florida. Attorney Henry Lim belongs to the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), the Hispanic Bar Association of Central Florida, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando , Orlando Regional, Florida, and US Chambers of Commerce, and works with cases of domestic abuse with Harbor House. In 2012, the Hispanic Bar Association of Central Florida recognizing his dedication to the community and organization, named Mr. Lim member of the year. Henry Lim is now a U.S. citizen, but he never forgets his roots. As an established and respected immigration lawyer in Orlando with nearly 20 years of experience, Attorney Lim provides honest consultation and aggressive advocacy on behalf of his clients.

Gayrisafi Fikirler

"Hayatın denklemleriyle bilimin teorisi."

Business Class

Legendary local host Greg O'Connor chats with Jackson area business movers and shakers, while they dish on their secrets to success.

BFBS Radio

Supporting the British Armed Forces in the UK and overseas. Forces Radio BFBS beams a unique mix of music, news and entertainment around the world. We have stations in 12 countries, including Afghanistan, Brunei, Canada, the Falklands, Germany and Nepal. Hear the full service on the free app, Sky Guide 0211, Freesat Channel 786, or right here on the web at

Histories, Mysteries, & Conspiracies

If you have ever had a strange fascination with dark histories, compelling mysteries, and conspiracy theories, then this podcast is for you. Every episode your host Skye and a guest will delve into a case file full of unknowns. They will ask questions, tell related stories, and give their own opinions, all while learning about the case.

El Podcast de Misterio

Sección dedicada a la difusión de temas paranormales sometidos a investigación y comentarios por expertos en el tema.

AWR Italia - L'Altro Binario (RVS)

Rubrica settimanale di attualità (anno VIII). Domande testimonianze e percorsi da condividere insieme.


Týždenný podcast o významných historických udalostiach s hosťami. Pripravuje denník SME v spolupráci s Historickou revue.

Walter Edgar's Journal

From books to barbecue, and current events to Colonial history, historian and author Walter Edgar delves into the arts, culture, and history of South Carolina and the American South. Produced by South Carolina Public Radio.

Medeb Siyasa

Medeb Siyasa, a youth round table on the current affairs, politics and histories of Eritrea. A