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Golf Legends

Two amateur golfers who love the history and stories of the game. Chad and Dustin chat about the true legends of golfs great champions! We hope you join us on this trip around the course.

The Way of Improvement Leads Home: American History, Religion, Politics, and Academic life.

A biweekly discussion dedicated to American History, historical thinking, and the role of history in our every day lives. Cohosted by John Fea and Drew Hermeling.

Battle of Britain 1940

A podcast for each day of the Battle of Britain detailing aircraft crashes, engagements, targets and map positions

The Look Back Machine

The Look Back Machine provides a revealing peek back into history with firsthand accounts and research. This documentary-style podcast explores the overlooked, the disregarded, and misremembered tales from Hollywood. In its first series, the podcast explores the epic multi-part journey of Paul Germain and Joe Ansolabehere to their cartoon creation Recess. Visit us at or

Gone in NICsty Seconds: A Nicolas Cage Celebration

Two Nicolas Cage fangirls watch his entire career in chronological order. This podcast discusses each movie, its contents & daily traumas in his personal life and in ours. Instagram: @goneinNICstyseconds Twitter: @GINSpod SUBSCRIBE: Apple | Google | Spotify | Stitcher | Other

Dear Subjects

With you, the listeners, as the citizens, discussing and voting, and Alex Williamns as the news anchor, we explore the culture, history, politics, and economics of this young, simulated nation.

Dennis Mitchell's Breakfast With The Beatles Podcast

“Dennis Mitchell's Breakfast With The Beatles” is among the world's longest-running weekly tribute shows about the Best Band Ever. Listen each week for a combination listening party and in-depth study of the most amazing phenomenon in music history. Host Dennis Mitchell has produced the show since 1991, covering every Beatle topic imaginable and featuring guests that include Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono, Olivia Harrison, Pete Best, George & Giles Martin, Geoff Emerick and literally hundreds of other musicians, public figures and celebrities. Requests always welcome at

Adequate Damage

A casual, uncensored conversation about the everyday damages that created who we are, and the survival instincts behind all of it.

Sync Book Radio from

We are a community committed to exploring the impossible. With Sync Book Press, our goal is to create a platform that hunts out and nurtures the black swans.

Truth is Stranger...

Adriel is a nerd who is into strange, creepy, and obscure stuff. Follow her as she dives into history and proves that the truth really is stranger than fiction…

True Crime Tea

Oftentimes, fact is scarier than fiction. Creepypastas are fun, but true crime is chilling. Whether you're old or young, healthy or blah, true crime surrounds us all. Join author Angela Nicole Chu every Wednesday for some downright chilling true crime tales. Grab your tea, and take a sip :)

Venice Sessions

Le conseguenze del futuro: Esiste il modo in cui raccontiamo il futuro, e questo racconto ha delle conseguenze


Chaque matin, Maxime Dumartin met à l'honneur une personnalité ou une initiative de nos régions.


Each month historian Paul Letters delves back into events from This Month in History. The focus is on modern history, with anaylsis of how historical events shape our modern world. For example, we talked to the US fighter pilot who stepped into the March 1969 conflict between China and the USSR which caused the "Madman" nuclear alert.

Outside Lands San Francisco

Woody LaBounty, David Gallagher, and Nicole Meldahl of Western Neighborhoods Project ( share San Francisco west side neighborhood history with humor, a real fact or two, and much-better-informed occasional guests.

Radio Effe

Radio Effe, Podcast della classe IVF - a.s. 2006/2007 - Liceo Bramante di Magenta (MI)

Sorting Chat

Sorting Chat explores history, literature, pop culture, and politics through the lens of the four Hogwarts Houses. Join Trevor, Patrick, Beckah, and Meghan each week as we sort one prominent figure into their House. Twitter: @SortingChat |

Canadian History Ehx

From the simplest farmer to the craziest outlaw, there are many amazing stories to tell from Canada's history. Join me as I delve into the many interesting stories that Canadian history has to tell.

Dead Man Talking™

Angel Resendiz aka The Railroad Killer criss-crossed the US by freight train in the 80s and 90s, choosing his victims at random, before he was executed by the State of Texas in 2006. Before his death, Resendiz spoke to journalist Alex Hannaford and claimed, on tape, to have killed more than he had taken the blame for. The authorities said Angel Resendiz was lying in an attempt to delay his own death. But, haunted by the crackly interview tape, Alex is determined to investigate. Then a letter arrives from a woman serving life in prison for her husband’s murder — telling him that Resendiz once confessed to that killing too.

Bad Ideas Podcast

A podcast about the worst ideas in history. Albert Berg and Tony Southcotte take on some of the biggest historical flops, mistakes, and blunders. From Cop Rock to the Yugo.

Stick This In Your Ear! A Podcast About Music

A podcast where three Generation X-ers from the midwest (a mobile D.J., a writer, and a professional musician) discuss music from their generation. 80's and 90's music are fond to their hearts but they explore older and current music with contrasting opinions, wit, and candor. Guests occasionally pop in and lend a voice as well. Funny, insightful, and nostalgic; there are no rules. So sit down, download, plug in, and STICK THIS IN YOUR EAR!

Argus TV

News and features from Wayne County, N.C. and the greater Goldsboro area

Strangers and Pilgrims

The story of how Joseph Smith, the prophet and founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was murdered in jail. This serial podcast combines drama and history. It pulls from numerous books and source materials to tell the story of religious refugees fighting for their safety, and of Joseph Smith’s murder on the American frontier.


Vamos a enfocarnos en Mitos, leyendas y en el encuadre de la historia a través de ellos. Trayendo cada capítulo un pedazo de nuestra evolución cultural. Dos aspecto revela de la cultura del ser Humano el primero las guerras y el segundo sus creencias.

Delicious Word Sandwich

Picking each story’s ingredients carefully, from their yeasty origins to their hammy plots, Ol’ Matty Hannibal Butler boldly chews through zesty summaries, meaty analysis, then tells you once and for all, without pretension or apology, if that word sandwich is still fresh and, of course, delicious. Has Ol’ Matty Hannibal Butler bit off a bite more than he could chew? Probably. But where there’s a will, there’s a Hemingway. And it’s all worth it for a bite of that Delicious Word Sandwich. Delicious Word Sandwich: readable edibles; eat with your whole face.