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40 Going On 14
Four longtime friends coming up on or passing up forty take a look back at the things they loved in the pre-adult world, and see how things have changed up since then! Join us as we decide if what was so cool back then still holds it's ground!
Derpy Show
Derpy Show is the definitive comedic nerdy podcast about nothing. Join boR, Chan Sterling “DJ Snorlax”, Neofaust, and (occasionally) RoboJoe for a big old helping of derp! They provide twisted viewpoints on every topic presented, make asses of themselves, perform derpy music, and say offensive things! What’s not to love?
Join Mike Schubert, a grown man reading the Harry Potter series for the first time, as he sits down with HP fanatics to poke fun at plot holes, make painfully incorrect predictions, and rant about how Quidditch is the worst sport ever invented.
How We Manage Stuff
An audio drama that makes you laugh, that make you think, that makes you wonder what these characters believe that they are doing. Imagine a cast of characters trying to make their way through the bleak promise of the modern industrial landscape. Machine Intelligence to the left of them. Disruptive Innovation to the right. A boss often absent from the scene. And the wrong person for the wrong decision at the wrong time front and center. This is How We Manage Stuff. An episodic drama about the working world. Human characters who are trying to make something of themselves is a turbulent time. Anna the intern. Vinny the Venture Capitalist. Jameela, the data scientist. Evelyn the Office Manager. Rohit from IT. Sulley from PR. And of course, Maddie, the business leader of the future, currently a student at The Lillian Moller Gilbreth School for Disruptive Innovation. No promotions. No sales. No advocacy. No best practices. Just a story. A sharp, insightful, story that strips away superficial ideas and asks you to think clearly, unconventionally, and ultimately, deeply. How We Manage Stuff is produced by Djaghe LLC, David Alan Grier Executive Producer.
Side Quest
Couple of guys talking about new and upcoming events in the Video Gaming world. Become a supporter of this podcast:
VodkaTalk with Mo & Jo
Welcome everyone to the debut episode of the VodkaTalk Podcast with Mo & Jo, a raw and raunchy podcast bathed in humor and vodka. Mo & Jo are two vodka-loving, middle-aged broads discussing current events, pop culture, and well, just life in general. They say it like they see it, and don't apologize for anything. So get out your martini shakers, grab a sense of humor and put on VodkaTalk! In this episode, we uncork the bottle and dive into topics that include Halloween costume uproar, menopause, #MeToo, guilty pleasures and more. Please pull up a bar stool and have a listen. Don't forget to like, comment and share the podcast, as everyone is invited to the party!
The Ultimate Gravity Show
The Ultimate Gravity Show is a podcast that centers around many sorts of topics. Jason & Scott will dig deep into topics, or possible switch through multiple topics in one episode. Episodes follow heavily on Humour, Pop Culture, Sports, History, Science, and much much more
Rise and Rant Podcast
Join Baller and Lee on the Rise and Rant podcast where they complain about the true problems in life, like peanut butter and dog pictures on social media. There is a new topic to rant about every week, but things usually get off topic real quick. It's guaranteed fun, laughter, and some controversy. We would love it if you gave us a listen.
Túnel de vento
Eu tu-cá-tu-lá com as coisas miúdas que me apoquentam.
Podcast 42
The World's Most Popular, Often Inaccurate And Sometimes Squirreled Retelling Of Pop Culture History Podcast.
The Blockbuster Boys Podcast
From Milwaukee, Wisconsin! The Blockbuster Boys Podcast dives deep into the week in our crazy world and performs gut busting improv and sketch weekly!
The Virgin Sacrifice
Each week a group of us get together to watch & review a movie, but at least one person - The Virgin - goes in cold with little to no foreknowledge of what to expect Be sure to like our Facebook page:
B-Side Guys Podcast
A music podcast that focuses on undiscovered talent across multiple genres.
The Pandemonium Midnight Uploading
A radio theater troupe that once aired on WLRN, Miami's National Public Radio affiliate. We were deeply influenced by and owed much to the greats of the genre, such as the Goon Show and Firesign Theater. Hey! Let's put on a show!
Podcast and Passed Show(s) - TurdNote
A loving parody of BirdNote (, TurdNote plunges listeners into the thrilling world of turds.
The Department of Offense
Looking for a podcast with intellectual discourse on current events? Well, keep looking because this show aims lower than that. Join the host Casey, co-host Carlos and their rotating stable of friends and guest as they drink craft beer and talk about whatever news story grabs their interest. Just a fair warning these recordings are not for small children, the easily offended or anyone with actual taste.
Chronicle Podcast with Josh Way
This podcast features news and talk from the creator of the webcomic Chronicle.
Punch the Night!
Action packed weekly TV show turned comedy podcast!
Spazio OcchiettiNeri di Elisabetta Ricci su RLB
Spazio dedicato alla cultura e alle iniziative dell'Associazione Socio-Culturale OcchiettiNeri
An Entirely Other Day
Code, nerd culture and humor from Greg Knauss.
Konsten att vara
Clara Henry och Gustaf Jernberg pratar om det som gör livet värt och ibland ovärdigt att leva, och lär ut allt från den ädla konsten att fly från finlandsfärjor till att våga vägra brainstorming.
Intelligence Check
Intelligence Check is a collaborative storytelling series that's big on the laughs. It's a light-hearted show, using D&D 5e rules, set in the homebrew world of the Lichstone Empire. Follow the adventures of Tor, Blag, Kort and Rathborn as they face the trials created by their devious Dungeon Master, Kyle. We've got dark and mysterious backgrounds, defensive elephants, weird gambling, oddly specific kobold slaughter, and tentacles. Way too many tentacles. Join the friends every other week as they have fun attempting to break the thoughtfully crafted world Kyle creates! A Dungeons & Dragons 5E Actual Play Podcast Theme song by Jet 'n' Joby Logo designed by Ed Rempfer
Epic Uber Video Game Reviews of Awesomeness
Epic Uber Video Game Reviews Take New Games and Review them to their up most.
Last 'Stache Standing '09
Your Last 'Stache Standing Weekly Update.