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Ranger Command Power Hour
It's time to Ranger Up with @trekkieb47 @secretrangerfan & @ZachLaVoy as they talk all things Power Rangers on Four Eyed Radio Network with RANGER COMMAND POWER HOUR
SoulRio Church - Sermons
At SoulRio Church, we seek to live in authentic biblical community where others matter, community counts, truth transforms, everybody serves, and authentic worship is lived out in everyday life.
Practical Research Parenting Podcast| evidence-based | raising children | positive parenting
Science-based parenting. Join me as I learn through research and practice about babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and how we can form lasting and positive attachments with our children . If you have a child born since 2011, this podcast is for you. The first few episodes will focus on sleep, then I'll get into discipline, from there, I'll investigate questions that arise about my kids (born 2012 and 2014), and from my listeners.
Hey Who's That?
Enter Pat and Joe's Podcast Emporium
Heritage Breeds
The Heritage Breeds podcast is brought to you by The Livestock Conservancy. Now, you may be scratching your head and thinking, “but I see cows and chickens all the time, how can they be endangered?” Just like there are endangered species such as pandas, tigers, and elephants, there are also endangered livestock and poultry BREEDS. Specifically, 21% of the world’s 8,000 livestock breeds are in danger of extinction. It is these breeds that The Livestock Conservancy works to protect. In this podcast series you’ll meet the animals, breeders, and people working to save them from extinction. Visit to discover how you can get involved.
Fellowship Of Madison Podcast
Fellowship has a vision to LOVE GOD, LOVE PEOPLE, & DEVELOP DISCIPLES This podcast will demonstrate WHY God is worthy and HOW we can best honor Him with our lives.
Working Mother Radio
WORKING MOTHER RADIO - from the pages of the nation's premier magazine for moms, Working Mother is mentor, role model and advocate for the country’s more than 17 million moms who are devoted to their families and committed to their careers. Join host and working mother of two, Bettina Bush, each week as she brings the pages of Working Mother Magazine to life in the studio and on the road. Get great advice from leading experts on your child's health issues, eating healthy and staying fit, managing stress, career strategies, books, new gadgets and more. Get an inside look at National Trade Shows - learn how to look for the best safety features in a new car, how to take great family photos, and what to look for in a pediatrician. WORKING MOTHER RADIO provides educated and affluent women with the solutions and strategies you need to thrive while you balance work, family and life.
Sounds of Resistance
With Sounds of Resistance: voices from the streets, that is exactly what you will get. Voices from people entrenched in the community, essential players in the movement. Beautiful people. People, who, for me, keep hope alive that We Can Create the Changes Our Community Needs.
Luz Elena
¡Hola! Soy su amiga Luz Elena Salgado Gonzalí Experta Tridimensional en el Cuidado de Mascotas Consentidas Mi Misión de Vida es Cuidar con Mucho Amor a mis Mascotas de Pensión y hacer sentir a mis Clientes la Confianza que tengo en mí para dejar con gran Optimismo a sus Amadas Mascotas a mi Cuidado.
Beauty in the Basement (& other conversations)
Beth Barnes talks being a newbie to beauty... in her basement!
Musings of An Anonymous Wife, Homeschool Mom, and Business Woman
Follow the life of an anonymous, slightly judgmental wife, home school mom, and business woman, as she muses about her everyday trials and triumphs, and unknowingly embarks on a life-altering journey.
Leading Edge Parenting Show
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全家生活Fun!  (Family Talk with the Kaos)
一個全家人分享故事的地方。我們的故事有些感動有些搞笑,有些實用也有些無路用;但都是我們真誠的心意。我們希望可以藉著這個節目把我們容易遺忘的記憶給保存下來,也希望可以藉著我們的故事來認識更多新朋友。請每個禮拜一來下載我們新的中文節目 A place where we share our stories. Some of our stories are touching, some are funny; some are insightful, and some are useless. Nevertheless, all are truthful and sincere. Every Wednesday there will be a new English episode for you to download.
The Greene's Give Up
A married couple gives something up essential(ish) for two weeks.
Dyreparkens hemmelige verden
Dyreparkens Hemmelige Verden er en bil-podcast for hele familien. I denne podcasten får du være med bak i kulissene i Dyreparken i Kristiansand og oppleve ting som du vanligvis ikke får se når du er der på besøk. Du kan høre eller laste den ned på Spotify, iTunes og Soundcloud.
Forsaken Parents Podcast
we are talking with Lynne Lara A trained Psychotherapist.... I am Leigh Evans a practicing Life Coach and I too was rejected by my own adult daughter We are here today for You.
A husband and wife talk about the wife's experience learning Python. Who says programming can't be romantic?
First Steps to Al-Anon Recovery
Relatives and friends of problem drinkers are glad to share their experiences with you. They\'ll say what it was like, what they did about it, and how they feel today.
1. Scout-Podcast
Mit dem Podcast wollen wir Euch an unserem Gruppenleben teilhaben lassen. Unser Wissen über Pfadfindertechniken, Naturkunde und Bibel geben wir gern weiter. Der Podcast entsteht in unseren Gruppenstunden, Lagern und während unserer Projekte. Er wird in 14-tägigem Abstand erscheinen.
Coal Train Railroad
Jazz for kids and their grownups
Podcast dell'Istituto Comprensivo di Moncalvo
Piccolo progetto per l'utilizzo delle nuove tecnologie applicate all'educazione e all'istruzione scolastica, rivolto a tutti gli alunni che desiderano ripassare gli argomenti in modo alternativo, agli alunni eventualmente assenti per periodi medio-lunghi, e a tutti gli studenti con qualche difficoltà nell'apprendimento (DSA compresi). Contenuti creati da e per alunni delle scuole dell'infanzia, primaria e secondaria di I grado.
iTunes Podcast“年度精选”获奖作品。 彩色斑马Leo是“宇宙故事联盟”派驻地球的故事大使,它会搜集全宇宙的原创故事,讲给小朋友听。关注公众微信号“彩色斑马”还可获得文字版童话和精彩教育资讯。