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Avery Speaks Podcast (Family Advocacy) A Podcast Empowering Our Families And Communities IG @averyspeakspodcast Avery Speaks is a podcast sharing thought-provoking content that is empowering, healing and informative to our families and commun
Ona - lady ogarniacz z listą zadań na każdą okazję.On - inżynier z pasją do klusek i motoryzacji.W marcu 2015 roku postanowiliśmy zostać parą, a trzy miesiące póżniej podjęliśmy decyzję o wspólnym wyjeździe za granicę. Od tej pory idziemy przez
Come chill with me Excellent aka Metroyungboi and Kagiso aka Just_Kagiso lets just hang in a chilled enviroment while we talk about life, growing up, and music and games. we tell stories of our childhoods, advice for the youth on matters of the
The place to be for all the tea on Love, Relationships, Sex, Astrology and soooo much more!!!
How To Find Your Soulmate & Build An Empire Together
MIRROR TALK brings you conversations about love, life, spirituality, finance, relationships, personal growth and other relatable topics. My name is Tobi Ojekunle. I have a passion for soulful conversations with great teachers, speakers, authors
Culture | Comedy | Entertainment | Social Commentary Mondays at 12:01 AM on Soundcloud| Spotify| Itunes| Youtube| Google #Nostructurepod #podcasts
The Love Is Podcast is a weekly episodic podcast where love is discussed, life is talked about and great sex is always the fantasy of the day. So join The Lovable Asshole, DK Walker and that Thorny Chic, Karen KK Rose, every Wednesday as they s
Have you ever been hurt, confused, or disappointed by love? Has a breakup ever left you feeling empty? You don't even have to answer those- I know you have, Love. .This podcast is for the TRUE believer in love who just can't understand why you
Dogs and their people: true love and other stories. Get up close to the funny, tricky, tender business of sharing life with dogs, and bring the joy of dogs to your ears.