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Ron Palmeri is Founder and CEO of Layer and Founder of Prism Skylabs. Layer has raised about $30 million in 5 years for its toolkit for building better conversations through messaging. Prism Skylabs has raised $24M in less than 7 years to bring physical spaces online – it’s a video intelligence platform that transforms security cameras into data sources for business analytics. Like Algolia’s Nicolas Dessaigne, Ron is excited about the evolution of conversational ininterfaces. “Mobile is rewiring our brain. All of that is going to get fundamentally remade through what we call conversational interfaces.”
Edith Harbaugh, CEO and co-founder of LaunchDarkly, adores software so much that she’s built a product that helps other companies build better software. She also writes, codes, podcasts, runs ultramarathons and mentors startups while running a Silicon Valley star scale-up. Her company is less than 4 years old and has raised over $32m “When you’re outside your mind starts to make connections because you’re not staring at a screen.”
Eilon Reshef, Co-founder and CTO at Gong, talks about his conversational intelligence platform for helping sales teams converse more effectively. Gong was founded founded in 2015 and has raised $26 million in investment. Eilon also reflects on AI and data ownership. “I can’t recall a King who suddenly decided he doesn’t want to be a King anymore …. Kings are gonna take as much tax as they can and these guys are gonna take as much of our privacy as they can.”
Rick Stollmeyer, is Co-Founder and CEO at MINDBODY. He started this in a garage in 2001. Way back then it was an app for boutique health & fitness businesses to manage the scheduling of their fitness classes. Now it’s the largest
Nicolas Dessaigne, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, chats about Algolia, his platform for building search into your business. Algolia was founded founded in 2012 and has raised $74 million in investment. He discusses the importance of APIs, conversational interfaces and a special focus on developer experience. Nicolas is obsessed with promoting a positive company culture and he believes in always striving for authenticity. “Sometimes when you have a problem or a bug, it’s an opportunity to shine … you need to care about the culture you create“
Mada Seghete, Co-Founder and Head of Mobile Marketing, discusses Branch, a linking infrastructure for apps and the mobile web. Branch was founded founded in 2014 and has raised $113 million in investment. She talks about her vision for Branch becoming the conduit that effortlessly takes users to the content they want. She shares future visions of a seamlessly connected digital world and VR, and talks about building community. She also shares memories of her imaginary competitor! “I’m a mobile gamer … I’m always addicted to one game … you play very differently when you have only one life left“
Still not convinced about the power of social media? Wondering what the benefit is for your small business? With more than 2 billion worldwide users, your customers are already there. That makes social media a crucial part of your brand's marketing strategy. But while you should be on social media, knowing where to begin is easier said than done.
Multichannel selling is the strategy of listing your products on more than one platform, to reach a larger audience. The more space you carve out for your products online, the more potential sales you’re gaining. Plus, the sooner you do it, the more potential revenue you get for the future.
Search engines use content and links to assess the authority, relevance, and trust of websites. Here's what you need to do to earn that authority, relevance, and trust for SEO success.
Polina Montano, Co-Founder & COO, explains why she set up Job Today, which sets out to bring new levels of efficiency and immediacy to hiring across high staff-turnover industries like retail and hospitality. Job Today launched it’s viral app in 2015, and has raised $65 million for it’s mission already. She talks about the ‘crazy’ invisible offline nature of local jobs, video cover letters and the increasing need for companies to focus on developing a positive internal culture. “We really believe that people are much more than their resumes“
In this episode of Better Product LAUNCH, Christian and Anna sit down with the Co-founder of Podchaser, Cole Raven. Podchaser is a user-generated online database for podcasts with features for discovery, ratings, reviews, creator credits, playlists, and more.  Cole’s journey with Podchaser is unique because the platform didn’t start as a business idea. He and his co-founders saw a need for data in the podcast industry and began building what has become the IMDB of the podcast world. As Cole shares his story, you’ll hear how he’s tackled the challenges of a pre-revenue product and explored new ways to leverage Podchaser’s unique position in the industry.
On this episode of 'Inbound & Down,' host Jon Sasala sits down with the CEO and Founder of Podchaser, Bradley Davis. Davis explores journey of creating the platform with his co-founder ColevRaven, what Podchaser has in store for the future and shares his take on the state of the podcasting world overall. This episode of Inbound & Down is sponsored by AudioEye. Their automated technology provides the foundation for barrier-free access to the web. Learn more about AudioEye and the importance of digital accessibility, today. -- Do you have questions about podcasting? Send them to Show Notes: Podchaser Bradley Davis Connect: Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn YouTube Blog See for privacy information.
In this episode, Douglas James talks about the top five marketing lessons he learned in 2020. You will hear about why you should focus on YouTube more, the power of giving things away for free, and why you should be hiring more fresh blood at your agency. Tune in to hear it all.
In this episode, Douglas James talks about how you can rank on page one of Google in 2021! and highlights the value of making a well-functioning website, updating old content, using ‘the skyscraper technique’, creating titles that evoke curiosity, and a whole lot more. Be sure to catch today’s show for some lightning-fast tips you can use to boost your SEO in 2021!
Are your Facebook ads not working for you? Wondering how to make changes that deliver better results? To explore what to do when your Facebook ads fail, in this episode, Douglas James, a Digital Marketing Expert and Social Media Marketer from California help marketers improve their Facebook and Instagram ads results.
Instagram business tools include features like adding contact information, viewing insights about your posts and followers and promoting posts from within the Instagram app and even shopping on Instagram.
Before you start improving your CTR, you need to establish a baseline. Go to Search Analytics in GSC. The default view simply shows queries you are ranking for (i.e., your keywords) and the amount of clicks they receive. Check the CTR box and voila – you'll have the average CTR rate for your top keywords.
Our guest today is Michael Knox - Head of Creative at Roller, News Corp’s in-house Creative agency. He’s the former Chief Creative Officer of Grey Hong Kong and member of Grey’s Global Creative Board. He’s judged and won at major award shows including D&AD, Cannes Lions and Spikes Asia.
Our guest today is Perrin Lawrence, the Global Head of Marketing and Communications for AI. Reverie, a Forbes Top 2020 pick in the white-hot field of A.I. She jumped into start-up life from her previous role at the NBA as Director of Audience Development. Prior to that, she helped lead The New York Times’s transition into a digital-first company. Her past lives include brand promotion at Disney and a year filming a travel documentary and writing her way across 25 countries.
Our guest today is Dave Smith, Brand Strategist, and MBA graduate (Kelley School of Business, Indiana University) whose career thus far has focused on building both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage brands. Dave has had almost a decade of experience in brand management and experiential marketing working for global companies like Coca-Cola and Heineken amplifying iconic brands such as Powerade, Dos Equis, Strongbow Hard Ciders, and Amstel Light.
Cole Raven truly embodies the entrepreneurial spirit. He knew he wasn’t meant to be in a 9-to-5 desk job, working for somebody else. He’d always had a passion for travel and independence and building his own thing. So, when the opportunity came to leave his W-2 and commit fully to the startup he’d cofounded, the decision was easy. Cole is the cofounder of Podchaser, the leading podcast directory and destination for podcast discovery, ratings and reviews, creator credits, playlists and search. The startup was founded in 2016 by a small team of podcast enthusiasts, with the goal of creating the ultimate, platform-agnostic database. Cole’s independent spirit extends to his lifestyle; he is currently training for obstacle course races and traveling the country full-time in an RV! In addition, Cole earns passive income as the owner of five Airbnb properties. On this episode of Men on Purpose, Cole joins Emerald to explain how the lack of discoverability called Cole and his cofounders to serve the podcasting community. He shares the Podchaser origin story, discussing how the team formed through a Reddit forum, how they knew they had a good business concept, and what they did to raise $500K in seed funding in eight months. Listen in for Cole’s insight on using Podchaser to find and share shows that fit your podcast personality and learn how to take small steps every day to become the person you want to be! What You Will Learn How the lack of discoverability called Cole to serve podcasters How the Podchaser team formed through a Reddit forum How the Podchaser team raised $500K in eight months Podchaser’s plans to monetize through a SaaS subscription model Cole’s role at Podchaser in marketing and product development How Cole’s entrepreneurial mindset prepared him to quit his 9-to-5 What inspired Cole to earn passive income through Airbnb The impetus for Cole and his wife to travel the country in an RV Cole’s invitation for listeners to create a user profile on Podchaser The consistency and commitment it takes to stay fit and healthy Connect with Cole Raven Podchaser Connect with Emerald GreenForest Creative Age Consulting Group Emerald’s Website Emerald on LinkedIn Emerald on Twitter Emerald on Instagram Email: Resources Reddit Airbnb This episode is sponsored by the Creative Age Consulting Group. Men - Is it time NOW for you to make your mark? Visit to apply for an invitation-only consultation.
I personally prefer the strategy of using social media for reusing, posting, and sharing old content. If the strategy is implemented correctly, it will increase your engagement rate and customer base. Finding the right social media management tool is important for repurposing your old content and to plan a posting schedule.
YouTube marketing is often overlooked by social media marketers. Some think YouTube counts as a social media network. Others see it as more of an online video platform. Either way, there are countless marketing opportunities on YouTube—especially if your audience is on the platform and your competitors aren’t. YouTube counts two billion logged-in monthly users worldwide, and ranks as the most widely used online platform among U.S. adults.
Cold emails have the power to land you in a great position if written wonderfully. And trust me it is entirely different from a spam email. But getting in touch with someone who is especially busy or someone you’ve never met and compelling them to respond is indeed a difficult task. If you’ve already tried sending cold emails to prospects and failed, it's time you tweak your techniques. And you are at the right place to learn about it. Here are a few proven and effective ways of writing a cold email that people can’t simply ignore:
In this episode, Manuel talks about his 7 Step Marketing Strategy Formula to help take you on a path to success with your business in the social media world. I’ll give you a few, but you have to tune in for Manuel’s deep dive into these topics: Finding your superpower - finding your unique ability that you have that can help others. Omnipresence -  to be everywhere in the social media world all at once. Having your own list and how important that is. Building your audience. Alright guys, tune in now and take some notes because this information is incredibly valuable for your business in the social media world. Thanks for listening! I hope you enjoy the podcast! Do the FREE Facebook Ads mini-courses here: If you’re ready to take your social media marketing game to the next level, then check out the AGM Ninja Lab by visiting And don't forget to follow me on social media for even more marketing tips and strategies. I post content every day, so be sure to follow me on your favorite platforms! YouTube: Facebook: Messenger Channel: Instagram: LinkedIn: Ps: Don't forget to subscribe to the Facebook Marketing Ninja Podcast and if you found value in today's episode please leave a review. For more information about my advertising agency (AGM MARKETING) or if you would like to hire AGM for your marketing needs, please contact us at or 1.888.280.3339

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