Top Marvel Podcasts

Dynamic Duel: DC vs. Marvel

DC or Marvel? Twin brothers "Johnny DC" and "Marvelous Joe" review superhero films and debate the superiority between the comic companies by comparing their characters in stat-based duel simulations. Updates on Tuesdays.

DrinkIN GeekOUT

Hosted by four guys from Indiana that love to drink beer and geek out. Each week they discuss some geeky topic and review a few beers. They typically drink one “IN” beer (a beer from Indiana) and one “OUT” beer (a beer from somewhere else). It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this… podcast!


Script2Screen is a new radio show that serves as a new platform for nontoxic yet critical conversations about the film and television industry! Co-pilots Alan Mehanna and Had Solo take on the film and television industry, discuss fun topics, all the while remembering their love of films and series.

Swinging Through Spider-Man: A Spider-Man History Podcast

Join Bradley Hughes and James Rushton once a week as they experience the entire Amazing Spider-Man saga from the beginning. Armed with the entire Spider-Man back catalogue, our intrepid duo will be delving into the history of the Amazing Spider-Man on an issue by issue basis. From the Amazing Spider-Man classics of the Stan Lee,Steve Ditko and John Romita eras right through to the BIG TIME! of present day Spidey, experience this for the first time, along with this pair of novice wall-crawlers.The pair will be bringing their thoughts, and ideally the laughs, to the 50 year + history of the Amazing Spider-Man!

Ronin Geek Official Podcast

The Official Podcast of All Wayward, Masterless Samurai - Weekly Gaming, Geek and Tech News

Kyle and Joe's Super Awesome Podcast

Kyle Fray and Joe Megginson sit around and talk about all the nerdy things they enjoy and recap events in comics, movies, television, science, and pop culture.

MBD Talk

Egal ob Marvel Comics, Superheldenfilme aus dem MCU wie Iron Man, Thor oder Captain America. Der MBD-Talk widmet sich jede Woche den aktuellen Themen und erörtert diese. Freut euch auf eine Stunde geballter Information und Wissen rund um alle Veröffentlichungen aus dem Haus der Wunder.

Relevant to Our Interests Podcast

We're an almost weekly podcast that looks at nerd culture, focusing mostly on cartoons, comic book films, and horror movies, and more. We're just starting our 4th year and are excited to have moved to PodBean.

The Sorta Professional Podcast

Matt and Rich discuss comics and other things pop culture.