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We're three old friends dedicated to learning everything we can about TV and Film. We cover everything from classic Nickelodeon shows to the basics of cinematography. We're bound to have something for everyone, so grab a drink (wine, tea, whatever you prefer) and come learn with us!
Four longtime friends coming up on or passing up forty take a look back at the things they loved in the pre-adult world, and see how things have changed up since then! Join us as we decide if what was so cool back then still holds it's ground!
Those Conspiracy Guys is an Irish comedy podcast where we discuss all types and genres of conspiracy theories, paranormal happenings and true crime from Atlantean myths to Zapruder films; from ghosts and demons to alien abductions; from werewolves and vampires to CIA assassins and Russian spies. We have a big episode every two weeks, a True Crime show every other week and loads of other stuff every so often and you can head over to the website for details.Our aim is to cast a light into the dark corners of corruption, conspiracy and suppression. We want to scour a web laden with tales of political intrigue, extra-terrestrials, rogue governments, secret societies, the paranormal, murder, mayhem, deceit, destruction, the cryptozoological and the psycho-pharmacological and present the fable of the 21st century: The Conspiracy Theory.It's a Podcast that asks the unanswered questions of the wildest mysteries and weirdest truths from throughout our history. Taking universally available information from all around the internet and beyond, we'll provide a funny and friendly resource for all your conspiracy needs.With weekly Podcast episodes and our constantly updated website Those Conspiracy Guys want to bring some truth to your inquisitive ears.No topic is too delicate or outlandish and we want to make it palatable for everyone from beginners to experts. From the average guy on the street to a die hard conspiracy nut, we want to bring you the great conspiracies of time immemorial to the ones unfolding around us everyday. We avoid the tinfoil hats and poorly crafted sci-fi stories that litter the internet, to bring you conspiracies that you have heard about and more that you haven’t. We are gleaning information from a seemingly insurmountable wall of waffle and running our common sense detector over some of the misinformation that lies in the stagnant swamp of the web.We are but 'humble' Irish people, with a propensity for critical thinking and common sense, and a host of friends with the same mindset, but we all have a third eye squinted open for the strangeness of truth and are all tireless in the never ending quest for the opportunity to have the craic.Have you ever watched the news and thought ‘that doesn’t look right?’.Have you ever questioned main stream media or questioned what ‘main stream’ even means?Have you ever agonised over the official version of events that seemed like they were the script of a bad movie?Then this is the podcast for you. We analyse easily available material and cast a critical eye over it; discussing the validity of its sources and its credibility as fact. Sometimes we believe it, sometimes we don’t, but you can make your own mind up because we are just a bunch of people with some free time and questionable search histories. You can support our show by visiting and donating. You will get access to awesome exclusive content and be able to interact with us like you're the favourite in the family!
A film podcast tearing down the wicked little town of Hedwig inch by angry inch. Get Hed! Hosted by Jonfen of the Bat Minute podcast.
FMC Fast Chat features notables in news, media and business for conversations that are real, powerful and relevant. We take you inside the news so you can be in the know in 30 minutes. Hosted by Fair Media Council CEO & Executive Director Jaci Clement.
At a time when the world is changing fast, when social media facilitates and accelerates an exponential acceleration of everything... it's time to Hit Pause. Join me to discuss and think about our world... the morals of technology, the philosophy of our modern times. It's time to slow down, to reflect, to take a journey inside ourselves. "Know thyself and thou shall know the Universe and the Gods", said Socrates. Executive in the Silicon Valley, citizen of the world, I ponder, wonder, to find inside the path to what's next outside. Welcome. Time to Hit Pause.
The ultimate web series podcast, talking with experts to teach you how to best make, market, and monetize your digital independent series. Hosted by Stareable, the largest community of web series creators, each episode will focus on a different aspect of the production process, covering everything from the idea, to fundraising, to editing, to film festivals, and beyond. Topics will also include: Brainstorming | Screenwriting | Crowdfunding | Pre-Production | Contracts | Casting| Marketing | Film sets | Getting an agent | Social Media | Post-Production | Sponsorships | Branding | Brand deals | Directing | Producing | Acting | Cinematography | Pitching your web series | Distribution | Networking
Peppershock Media President and CEO Rhea Allen is bringing her marketing expertise to the microphone! Listen in as Rhea interviews special guests, discusses trending marketing topics, and most importantly, teaches you how to build your brand and your bottom line. Find and subscribe to the Marketing Expedition Podcast on your preferred platform below!
Calling All Nintendo Switch Lovers! Game Impression and Recommendation episodes you can fit in your pocket. Surprises around every corner but nothing dangerous. Follow us on Twitter @SwitchTalk30
Hobiger und Berger präsentieren euch den ENERGY Morgenmix Podcast! Aktuelle ENERGY Hits in the mix - jede Woche neu als Podcast und auch täglich in der ENERGY Morgenshow. Die kompletten Tracklists findet ihr auf HTTPS://ENERGY.AT/MORGENMIX.
This official podcast of Podfecta Podcasting Conference.
One-Shot podcasts from Kay & Clay... Gaming, movies, music and televison.
Mystic and Sapphy are a husband-and-wife team who love knowing the background of the video game worlds they've explored over the years. In Lore Together, the two talk about what they've found out as they deep dived into some of their favorite fictional worlds.
Werdet Teil des ENERGY Musikmeetings! Setzt euch gemeinsam mit Sarah, unserem Fangirl aus der Online Redaktion, Marco, dem kritischen Ohr und ENERGY Musikchef, Mr. Hip Hop Patrick aus dem Marketing und Kevin, dem Mann mit Gefühlen, an einen Tisch und bekommt einen Einblick hinter die Kulissen. Seid dabei, wenn sie sich jeden Freitag durch die neuesten Tracks der Musikbranche hören und ihren Senf dazu abgeben.
We're a conversational podcast between two old friends.
Podcast delle attività didattiche dell'Università degli Studi di Enna "Kore"
28 days to podcast interviews that stand out and attract listeners! Hosted by David Hooper of Build A Big Podcast, Podcast Interviewing School teaches you how to grow your podcast, better connect with listeners, and spread your message through better podcast interviews.
OLD SKOOL MOVEMENTS - The podcast that discusses everything retro, including entertainment, music, film, tv, fashion and food. Join childhood friends Darren & Chris as they take you on a nostalgic journey as they reminisce about times gone by, but not forgotten. Join in the discussions and suggest future topics, remember to like comment and subscribe to keep up to date with the latest episodes.
As the world emerges from the shadows of a pandemic, we're all wondering what's next? Has our experience in lockdown altered the future we expected or has it simply accelerated ongoing change? What's in store for us over the next few years? Join Singapore-based hosts Suzy Goulding and Andrew Clark every week as they ask leaders across Asia working in media, marketing, communications and lifestyle one simple question: What's next?
The National Endowment for the Arts podcast that goes behind the scenes with some of the nation’s great artists to explore how art works.
In this third season of the podcast, episodes will focus greatly on the work of local journalists. Reporters from around the U.S. will talk about their ideas and stories, how they work, and how their region fits into the big picture of American civic life.

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