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American Heroes Network

It has been said that we are only a generation away from forgetting our history. Disabled American Veterans struggle every day to overcome life-changing sacrifices. Their stories provides a vital part of history that has contributed to our American tradition. American Heroes Network provides a way for individuals, corporations and small businesses to support our Heroes by helping our veterans and their families rebuild their lives. They help aim our veterans, looking for jobs, in the right direction, help provide homes for our troops, assisting individuals and their families who have been severely injured while serving in the U.S. military and providing scholarships for families of our Fallen Heroes. This will be a weekly hour long show joined by our military heroes and people and organizations that make a difference. American Heroes Network airs live Tuesdays at 8 AM Pacific, powered by Voice America Variety.

The Aging Academy

The challenges of aging can easily be intensified without the information needed to navigate through our cultural institutions. And recent research has shown us much about aging that we did not see before. The Aging Academy Podcast (formerly known as the "Inner Game of Aging Podcast") brings you on a journey of discovery that is relevant to older people and those who care for them. Come with Lee on this adventure of aging enlightenment as his expert guests share their knowledge, insights, and perspectives while exploring questions relevant to those of us in the second half of our lives. The Aging Academy = Inspiring the Next Generation of Wise Elders.

Valgets tale med Arne Hardis

Så snart folketingsvalget er overstået, begynder kampen om vælgernes budskab: Hvem skal indtage Statsministeriet? Hvilke partier skal have indflydelse, hvilke sendes ud i mørket? Hvad håber vælgerne, hvad frygter de? Det er det budskab, man lidt højstemt sammenfatter i begrebet »valgets tale«. I podcastserien »Valgets tale« analyseres og diskuteres fem folketingsvalg siden befrielsen, hvor valgets tale har været særligt højrøstet som ved jordskredsvalget. Eller fatalt overset som ved 1980ernes skjulte udlændingevalg. Fem folketingsvalg, som fik stor og langvarig betydning for den politiske danmarkshistorie: 1945, 1960, 1973, 1987 og 2001.

Podcast Grifon

Apresentado pelo Advogado e Professor de Direito Ricardo Victalino, o Podcast Grifon aborda temas relacionados à área de Direito Público!

GAC Files | Dossiers d’AMC

The GAC Files is a podcast about the people, issues, and ideas driving Global Affairs Canada. Host David Morrison chats with a broad range of colleagues and guests about who they are, where they come from and what matters to them at Global Affairs Canada. | Les Dossiers d’AMC est une série de balados portant sur les gens, les défis et les idées qui sont au cœur des activités d’Affaires mondiales Canada. L’hôte des balados David Morrison s’entretient avec un large éventail de collègues et d’invités pour parler d’eux, de leurs parcours et de ce qui leur tient à cœur à Affaires mondiales Canada.

Découvrez Bibliothèque et Archives Canada : votre histoire, votre patrimoine documentaire

Le balado Découvrez Bibliothèque et Archives Canada : votre histoire, votre patrimoine documentaire est l'endroit où l’histoire, la littérature et la culture canadiennes vous attendent. Chaque mois, nous allons vous présenter les trésors de notre collection, vous guider à travers nos nombreux services et vous présenter aux gens qui acquièrent, préservent et font connaître le patrimoine documentaire canadien.

Let's Talk About Policy

“Let’s Talk about Policy” is brought to you by The All Women's Progress Party. The All Women's Progress Party is an advocacy group fighting for equal representation, participation & policy development for women. Let’s Talk About Policy is a new podcast discussing domestic policy here in the United States that disproportionately affects women and marginalized groups. We’ll also give a brief history about the women and men who influenced and/or drafted the policy that affects lives in the U.S. and tell you want policy to look out for on the horizon.


Публічні дискусії та інтерв'ю, покликані підвищити громадську активність та правосвідомість населення, сприяти соціально-політичній просвіті слухачів.

STIMULUS with Tara Cleary

STIMULUS with Tara Cleary is a social and cultural exploration of issues that challenge, and of people who are making a difference in their communities and striving for positive change.


A non-fiction medical drama through the eyes of the patient. Join us as we dive into the world of patient safety, where medicine, design, and politics meet, and everything we think about modern healthcare is thrown into question.

2005년 레주파의 L양장점

레주파(LEZPA)가 제작하는 레즈비언 맞춤 라디오 방송 L양장점♡ 으로 놀러오세요!

CLIMATE VOICES: From Paris & Beyond

Daily updates from the Paris Climate Talks and new stories from the front lines of climate change.

Export Stories Podcast

Welcome to Export Stories, a podcast of one-on-one interviews featuring stories from the wide—and sometimes crazy—world of U.S. exporting. Your host for Export Stories is Betsy Olim, President of Olim International, a U.S.-based export management company. Betsy has a made a 37-year career of developing global sales and distribution for U.S. companies. Olim International, Inc. provides professional export management and international distribution services to small- and medium-sized U.S. companies. Whether helping to open new international markets or strengthening a company’s unique, competitive advantages in existing export markets, Olim brings strategic vision and added value to our clients’ international distribution programs.

Podcast nan Gàidheal

Seo am podcast oifigeil le Bòrd na Gàidhlig. Sa phodcast a tha seo bruidhnidh sinn le daoine a tha ag obair no an sàs leis a' Ghàidhlig aig diofar ìrean; gu h-ionadail, nàiseanta is eadar-nàiseanta. Cuir fios thugainn ma tha ceist no beachd sam bith agad.

The Grow Maine Show

Resources and discussion for Maine entrepreneurs! Maine entrepreneur Marty Grohman leads conversations about entrepreneurship and business in Maine. Featuring entrepreneurs, business and policy leaders. Published since 2013.

Charlie Mike Podcast

Charlie Mike Podcast is for our Nations Combat Veteranpreneur’s to talk about how they transformed their combat experience into a groundbreaking entrepreneurial success. We will discuss their experience in relation to what I have defined as their VisualReality; their personal vision of building a successful business leveraging their combat experience to bring the core strengths of a combat veteran into the entrepreneurial realm.

Retirement Radio

Sorting out your financial planning? Pensions guru Steve Bee can help by guiding you though the baffling world of retirement income and making sense of UK Government pensions policy, developments in the pensions industry, and the critical decisions faced by the Great British public. It's pensions without the piffle – brought to you by Citywire.

Folkstalk Project

Beberapa hari jelang pemilu 2019 kita mau sharing alasan kenapa kita gak ngomongin pilpres. beberapa hal diantaranya ialah; pertama pemilu 2019, khususnya pilpres, hanyalah repetisi dari pemilu 2014. kedua ada beberapa pendapat dari caster-caster yang mengatakan bajwa sistem demokrasi yang saat ini berlangsung telah terdistorsi sehingga melenceng dari apa yang dicita-citakan demokrasi itu sendiri.

Let's Talk with Trevor Barnes

"Let's Talk" is a UNCENSORED show hosted by Trevor Barnes. The show is all about life from the perspective of the average teenager or young adult. Trevor shares his life experiences to help others and at times use the audience as therapists. It's the place where the unknown of life is welcomed and we talk about anything. #LetsTalkShow.

What's a Podcast with Brendan Kennedy and CB Wilkins

Brendan Kennedy and CB Wilkins meet weekly to talk and produce a podcast. Neither are particular sure what exactly a podcast should be, so they just talk and see if it makes for good podcasting.

Kevin Hates Everything with Kevin Moyers

Kevin Moyers breaks down every little thing that drives him crazy.

Media Access Australia podcasts

The latest media and technology news for Australians who are blind or vision impaired. Brought to you by Media Access Australia, Australia’s only independent not-for-profit devoted to increasing access to media for people with disabilities. Transcripts are available in our website at

2015년 레주파의 L양장점

레주파(LEZPA)가 제작하는 레즈비언 맞춤 라디오 방송 L양장점♡ 으로 놀러오세요!