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[팀 이이제이] 쇼! 개불릭
종교학 돼지 이박사, 목사 지망생 시사돼지 김엄마 김용민, 해방신학자 김예수 동생 김근수 가톨릭프레스 편집장, 재가불자 우희종 교수와 함께 씹고 뜯고 맛보는 종교 이야기 쇼개불릭
Accountancy Ireland
With every issue of the magazine, Accountancy Ireland hosts a round-table discussion with experts in their field on the theme of the issue. Popular topics include: diversity in the workplace, the future of the accountancy profession, regulation, public sector, Brexit, ethics and governance. Find out more:
Question Your Perception
A podcast about eveything
CJAM 99.1 FM Schedule - Rose City Politics
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Presented by Jordan Janssen, SwinByte is your way to get your weekly ‘byte’ of technology (See what I did there??) along with Politics and a whole bunch of other news, streamed on 3SSR: Swinburne Student Radio. This show features numerous segments including: - Technology News - Audience Questions (phone, text or tweet your tech questions to be answered on air!) - Tips and Tricks - Weekly Politics Wrap-Up - Any other cool, weird and wacky news stories Tweet @SwinByte or text the show on 0481 060 171 from 3-4pm on Tuesday's to interact with the show during the live broadcast.
Recent podcasts of TANGLED UP IN BLUE from am1020 whdd and
[모술건방] 모텔에서 술 먹고 하는 건전한 방송
불과 1년 전이었나..미래는 분명 꿈으로 가득찬 설레는 이 가슴에.. 뭐 대충 그랬는데, 2015년 우리의 앞은 까마득하기만 하고... 마침내 술의 힘을 빌어 하고싶은 얘기를 시작하는데... 본격 하무솟방,(하늘이 무너져도 솟아날 구멍은 있다고 믿는 방송) 명지니와 홍실이 그리고 권재의 헛소리가 시작된다!!! Bottom up in the air
Código 3 por SexenioFM
El portal de mayor crecimiento de México ahora en radio. Noticias, música, comentarios.
KBOO Tiki Cha Cha Club
KBOO Radio is a community-powered station in Portland Oregon
NH투자증권 QV클럽 주식설전
주식시장의 핫한 주제를 골라 뒷이야기를 들려드리는 토론 형식의 방송 서비스입니다.
한겨레 더 정치
한겨레 기자들이 진행하는 정치 해설 및 논평 프로그램입니다. 2015년 12월10일 시작합니다. 기획: 한겨레 정치팀 정치BAR, 진행: 김태규 성한용, 출연: 한겨레 정치팀, 제작: 한겨레TV 문의: 사이트: 페이스북:
Kitchen Table Politics
A podcast dedicated to creating dialogue and new ideas.
ASU Connections Podcast
ASU Connections is a conversation with professors and researchers at Arizona State University. Topics include astrophysics, geology, astrobiology, and space sciences discussed with experts in each field.
Toque de Bola
Apresentado por Gustavo Rodrigues, Nicolas Barronca e Guilherme Bassi comentam no Toque de Bola os principais jogos de futebol e mercado da bola.
#Politics is a podcast where our hosts and guests discuss and dissect how proposed policy affects us personally.
Reclaiming The Heart of Our Humanity
Audrey Addison Williams running for President
Life Uncut
Hosts Tom Walter and John Allaire  tackle the challenges of life, faith and everything inbetween with more transparency than ever before. You can connect with us at Find us on Facebook at Please rate and comment! Send any questions or concerns to Theme song “Deliver Me” provided by up and coming band, Suddenly Still. Their music can be purchased on iTunes and Google Play.
Monique and Moses take over pop culture.
Face Connecticut
“Face Connecticut” is produced by WTIC News and airs Sunday mornings from 6am – 6:30am. The show focuses on topics that are of concern to Connecticut residents.
Vita pillret
Vita pillret är ett familjevänligt borgerligt program som pratar om stort som smått.
Chuck Versus You
Too often it seems that the choice of the individual is lost in favor of the loud minority. We have set a dangerous precedent by bowing to the voice of a loud few. I hope to argue against this growing threat and preserve the choice and liberty of the individual person.