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We are giving to society an open platform to be heard; by shedding light on the perspectives of individuals in varying areas of our communities, that are commonly not considered “mainstream”.
Elyce Cole and Daniel Burka interview people who are working on the world's hard and meaningful problems.
Council Connection is the monthly news magazine produced by the Bay State Council of the Blind. This program highlights the current and forthcoming projects and events of the organization and it's members.
Découvrez Défense Mobilité Radio ! La webradio de Défense Mobilité, au service du personnel du Ministère de la Défense en transition professionnelle et de leurs conjoints. Recruteurs du privé ou des fonctions publiques, découvrez chaque semaine sur Défense Mobilité Radio des contenus qui vous sont spécialement dédiés. Vous êtes une entreprise ou collaborateur RH des fonctions publiques ? Si vous souhaitez faire le choix du recrutement d'un ancien militaire ou en savoir plus sur ces profils, découvrez des témoignages de vos homologues privés ou publics qui expliquent pourquoi ils ont fait le choix de ce recrutement bien spécifique.
Jure Detela, Iztok Osojnik, Iztok Saksida: Podrealistični manifest (1979) Podrealistični manifest je izšel leta 1979 v samozaloženih Zbranih delih I Edicije Pest (s. 78-100). Natisnila jo je Tiskarna Društva mišično in mišično-živčno obolelih v 50 izvodih. Enega od njih danes hrani Mednarodni grafični likovni center v Študijskem kabinetu grafike, knjig umetnikov in druge tiskane efemere. V okviru razstave 9 + 9 Knjige umetnika in umetniki (23. 11. 2010 - 8. 2. 2011) je Iztok Osojnik manifest prebral v petih terminih. Zvočna realizacija javnih branj ter produkcija in arhiviranje podcastov Podrealističnega manifesta je delo radioCona, besedilo manifesta pa je prosto dostopno tudi na, spletni knjižni polici Društva za domače raziskave: termini branj: 1. december 2010 ob 17. uri 3. december 2010 ob 12. uri 15. december 2010 ob 17. uri 23. januar 2011 ob 12.30 uri 28. januar 2011 ob 16. uri
Brian Parker and friends
Annual giving is the "front door of philanthropy" for many institutions. It's the initial annual giving donor who often becomes a major donor later. CASE Innovations in Annual Giving author Bob Burdenski conducts a monthly online Annual Giving Roundtable program with ideas and insights for improving fundraising performance. In this podcast series you can listen free to interviews with today's leading annual giving fundraising practitioners, taken from Bob's Annual Giving Roundtable Series.
The story of Generous Giving began in the 1990s when five friends came together, challenged by the question of what could happen if Christians were truly generous with their resources, living out the joy of giving instead of the duty of tithing. They talked with a handful of people who were already experiencing this joy and asked them to share with others how living in faith-driven generosity had brought extreme transformation to their hearts and lives.
Émission hebdomadaire sur les enjeux de sécurité informatique, de vie privée, de surveillance et tout ce qui s'y rattache.
Podcast rund um die Politik in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Benjamin Stöcker interviewt in unregelmäßigen Abständen Politiker die sich ihm stellen.
Connecticut Network is the citizens source for complete and balanced television and webcast coverage of Connecticut state government and public policy. Capitol Report gives you highlights of the debates, decisions and developments at the State Capitol, pulled from our award-winning gavel-to-gavel coverage of state government and public affairs. Capitol Report can help you understand the basics of state government-in-progress and capture important moments you may have missed during the week.
The Scene is a weekly podcast about the art, theater, nightlife, and stuff to do in Louisville, Kentucky. Each week our hosts, Shauvon McGill and Rachel Allen, welcome a special guest (or guests) from around the city with a unique insight into the amazing community that we call home. Maybe you will learn about a whole world you never knew existed, or maybe you will just discover something you can do this weekend.
The BIZPHYX podcast channel offers complimentary QMS education on quality standards such as TL 9000, (the telecom quality standard), ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. BIZPHYX is a leading TL 9000 quality management consulting firm. We are TL 9000 Experts, global Quest Forum TL 9000 Master Trainers and have a 100% client certification rate.
If the Safety of your Life, Family, and Property are a priority to you, do yourself a favor and subscribe. Here is why: YOU the PUBLIC, entrust my brother and I to wear a belt with a gun, a bullet-resistant vest, and a badge. You ask us to drive around all day in a patrol car with pretty red and blue lights, to hopefully protect you and your family, your pets, your car, and your property from being victimized. Does it work? It is a nice concept, but you tell me. Chances are you have already been a victim of crime. We came up with a different concept. One to put you in control. One to make you aware. One that will Make your life Code-4! Remember these 2 very important words. Code-4 Code-4 is a Police code that we use on the radio to tell the dispatcher that we have the situation under control, and that no further assistance is necessary. We often rush to assist other officers in potentially dangerous situations. While responding to the other officers location, we hear the officer advise dispatch that they are Code-4. No further assistance needed because they have the situation under control. I do not notice it anymore after all these years, but when I hear another cop advise Code-4 my brain tells my body it’s OK to relax. I would not call it a sigh of relief exactly, but I definitely get the feeling that - Everything is cool for now - and my sense of urgency disappears until the next call comes in. Mark and I are both experienced street officers. Day in and day out we see senseless tragedy that could have been avoided. Property loss, that could have been avoided. Innocent people being victimized who did not need to be victimized. Criminals bouncing through the criminal justice system, like it was a revolving door. See the full info on our website - But subscribe to the podcast first......
The Public Manager Podcast is a supplement to The Public Manager magazine. Each episode includes a few highlights from the latest issue of TPM as well as bonus content related to current articles and a preview of the upcoming issue. The Public Manager is a monthly digital magazine for public sector learning professionals who want to promote effective government leadership by fostering knowledge, vision, professionalism and best practices at all levels. The Public Manager is published by the Association for Talent Development and The Bureaucrat.
Whenever election day is near, UNC-TV is here to provide up-to-the-minute information about North Carolina politics and candidates with special UNC-TV public affairs programming, alongside national election specials, designed to educate, enrich and inform.
CONDO VOICE (CV) is the award winning, quarterly publication of the Toronto & Area Chapter of the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI). CV+ presents audio articles that complement each issue, providing readers with an opportunity to hear CONDO VOICE. Enjoy our free podcasts and visit for free access to the CONDO VOICE archive dating back to 2002. Thank you for supporting our non-profit organization. Podcast presenters, the Canadian Condominium Institute and its representatives will not be held liable in any respect whatsoever for any statement or advice presented herein. These audio presentations should not be relied upon as a professional opinion or as an authoritative or comprehensive answer in any case. Professional advice should be obtained after discussing all particulars applicable in the specific circumstances in order to obtain an opinion or report capable of absolving condominium directors from liability [under s. 37 (3) (b) of the Condominium Act, 1998]. Presenters' views expressed are not necessarily those of the Canadian Condominium Institute.
How San Francisco created America's first bicycle felon
Welcome to the Jeremy Gorham leadership podcast, a conversation designed to encourage and equip church leaders. Jeremy is a follower of Jesus, husband of Erin, daddy of Ayden, Ethan, Owen, Josiah, and Lead Pastor of CrossTown Alliance. For more information, visit
The Grinspoon Institute for Jewish Philanthropy is now offering a monthly Webinar for the overnight Jewish summer camps it serves. These Webinars will cover a broad range of topics of interest to the camps: Alumni Outreach and Events, Fundraising, Board Development, and Strategic Planning.
Calyx commissioned Athena Media through Murray Consultants to create corporate podcasts about the Calyx group and its business endeavours.
Sharing our stories as followers of Jesus.
Shelf Understanding is the podcast of the Bloomington (IL) Public Library. Join librarian/host Danny Rice as we host discussions, interviews, and ideas through the lens of a community.

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