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At Meta Minds we help you master your mindset. We will guide you through managing your ego, finding your authentic voice, and discovering your values and passions. All of this while staying grounded and true to yourself.
Bald and Blonde, the Mindset Evolution podcast provides tips and tricks on how to create your dream life! Based on scientific findings Kathi Tait, the Baldwarrior and Daisy Papp, International Excellence Coach discuss topics that affect all humans. Kathi and Daisy share tools to overcome challenges and teach skills that can easily be applied immediately to achieve extraordinary results in your life! Now heard in 44 countries! You can support us on Patreon: For more resources visit our website: Support this podcast:
The podcast aims to address passion hunting and following the non-mainstream methods in order to attain those goals. A platform to empower. We wish to unleash the potential in students and professionals by sharing stories of triumphs and losses throughout a person's life. Personal struggles that were an important part of this realization and other factors will be discussed over a set of people who have gone through the same and reached their goals.
In a single moment your life can change!  “Moments with Marianne” is a transformative hour that covers an endless array of topics with the ‘best of the best.’ Her guest are leaders in their fields, ranging from inspirational, mindful, spirituality & consciousness authors, top industry leaders, business and spiritual entrepreneurs.  Each guest is gifted, and a true visionary!  A recognized leader in her own work, and while teaching others to develop, refocus, and grow; Marianne will bring the best guest, and sometimes a special surprise.  Don’t miss this – you never know just which ‘moment’ will change your life foreverFor more show & book club information visit:
Sisters, Shannon and Emerald use their voices to encourage listeners to embrace their awkwardness, practice mindfulness, and strip naked to reveal the true beauty that lies beneath the persona we’ve been trained to show the world! Boho Afro Diaries weaves a narrative journey about growing up in a beauty and popularity obsessed society, and uplifts and encourages listeners to be authentic in a world filled with packaged personalities.
Leadership is a lifestyle choice, regardless of what title you hold, everyone is born to lead. It’s just a matter of choosing to lead and making a difference to someone else’s life. Our guests will talk about the unspoken truths of leadership, the darkside and the learnings from dealing with conflict with integrity.
Peppershock Media President and CEO Rhea Allen is bringing her marketing expertise to the microphone! Listen in as Rhea interviews special guests, discusses trending marketing topics, and most importantly, teaches you how to build your brand and your bottom line. Find and subscribe to the Marketing Expedition Podcast on your preferred platform below!
The Improvement Project is a podcast about dabbling in self improvement to become a better human through challenging yourself to take on good habits to become more productive, more creative, happier, healthier and overall, your own best self. Listen in and play along as Dr. Peggy Malone takes on the challenge of getting intentional about her habits under the watchful eye of her accountability partner and friend, Jenny Couse. If you are looking to add new habits that will help you to be your own best self, this is the podcast for you!
How can you create a transformation in others if there's no transformation in yourself? This question, I often think. Suppose your someone aspiring to learn how to connect to the world just as I am. Tune in on how to decode ourselves through others' realization—focusing on what we need in developing our voice through shared experience that we all unwittingly have in common. Connecting clarity, we can reestablish ourselves through education, connections, and challenging public perception.
Sometimes it's not just about hard work and putting in the hours to be successful!! Learn the principles of success from people who have achieved it, and who are now applying those same principles on other ventures. Join me on this journey as we look to get inspiration from others and be inspired to take action for success, and also get to hear my insights on joy, fulfilment and happiness in life!! Dr Rakish Rana is an experienced life coach who works with clients on an individual basis to support, challenge and encourage them to achieve their success.
We're Pedro + Steph, currently in the middle of our careers - dealing with the ups, downs and anxieties. The Middlests explores the reality of being in the middle while finding tangible advice from experts on how to manage the uncertainty and figure out what we want to be when we grow up. Because we can’t be the only ones who haven’t developed their 15-year plan.
Evan Holladay is a successful real estate developer and investor, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, podcaster, and blogger. On Monumental, we sit down with entrepreneurs, leaders, visionaries, creatives, BIG thinkers, and those helping shape our future. We will talk about mindset and motivation, big vision, what makes them tick, and how all of us can achieve our success, learning from our mistakes and experiences. Find out more at
We take you along with us into the journeys of the professionals across the sports industry. From social media managers to executives. They share with us all their experiences and insight into what they do. From the time we are born we are placed in a bubble. It may be a result of where we are born, the people we are around, or the information we are given. Our mission is to pop the bubble and help everyone realize they control their own path. Hosted by Kolby Castillo Kolby Twitter: @kolby_castillo LinkedIn: Support this podcast:
The Project EGG Show is a video talk show that introduces you to entrepreneurs from around the world. It is broadcast from studios in Metairie, Louisiana to online platforms including YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and Stitcher, and hosted by Ben Gothard. Our goal is to give you a fresh, unscripted and unedited look into the lives of real entrepreneurs from around the globe. From billionaires to New York Times best selling authors to Emmy Award winners to Forbes 30 Under 30 recipients to TEDx speakers – we present their real stories – uncensored and uncut. Support this podcast:
Productif au quotidien est un podcast de productivité où on parle d'organisation, efficacité et gestion du temps. Dans chaque épisode, vous découvrirez les secrets des gens hautement performants qui réussissent à atteindre tous leurs objectifs, ainsi que des stratégies concrètes pour mieux vous organiser et maximiser votre ressource la plus précieuse: le temps. C'est le rendez-vous des entrepreneurs, professionnels et leaders ambitieux qui souhaitent faire une différence dans la vie et multiplier leur impact, grâce à une meilleure productivité.
Je vous invite à partager un nouveau regard sur le Monde et à la réflexion. J'utilise les outils divinatoires pour éclairer, imager nos pensées et focaliser notre attention sur un monde meilleur. Retrouvez également mes prédictions voyance sur ma chaîne youtube christophe voyance
Hi, There. I'm here to encourage, inspire, and motivate you to be the best, original version of YOU. I believe we are all created with specific gifts and talents that are unique to each of us. My goal here is to nudge you to live out your purpose without feeling like you have to apologize to anyone. TO SUPPORT ME USE MPESA (+254 722 368 008) or PAYPAL ( Innocent Mwangi Support this podcast:
Modern life smothers us in an unending barrage of toxicity: unrealistic demands from work, family, and friends; food, water, air and products filled with harmful pollutants and a glaring lack of education surrounding the fact that we as humans need to achieve a balance of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health in order to truly thrive. Through interviews with experts from a variety of disciplines, I hope to inspire, educate and empower you to create a life in which you can achieve your highest levels of health, happiness, and fulfillment. If you are looking for holistic yet science-backed advice, digestible and applicable content and someone to hold you accountable to the changes you have always been wanting to make...welcome to the family.
Females on Fire is more than a's a community born out of a passion project and dedicated to women everywhere, providing an all-in-one platform for educational training and inspiration in both business and personal development. Hosted by marketing coach and motivational speaker Hayley Luckadoo, each episode highlights the stories and advice from both Hayley and the exceptional female entrepreneurs that have found success and built their dream life and business, in the hopes of helping you do it too! | Join the community on Facebook: "Females On Fire Insiders" | Follow Hayley on Instagram @hayleyluckadoo | Find SHOWNOTES at
I'm Meredith - the most extroverted introvert who ever introverted & I collect people ... for real. I believe curiosity is worth cultivating, so I made a podcast to stir yours up. Each week I talk with someone new for 30 minutes & the topics are as ADD as I am, so if you have a wide variety of interests & a short attention span, WELCOME! You can listen on your favorite app or watch on YouTube! Get episode updates & clickable resources by texting REAL to 66866. |
A podcast that gives encouraging, positive perspectives to life's events. We combat the negativity that inundates our daily lives with encouraging, positive outlooks and actions to help listeners achieve personal and professional greatness.
I believe in living life by design, not by default. It is for that reason my mission is to empower people to live life more consciously, meaningfully, and authentically. To live a life of joy, growth, and fulfillment, in whatever way that is for you. Each episode features a guest and myself sharing lessons, insights, experiences, and perspectives - in the hopes that you can take something from it that moves you towards that while listening to great conversation. Connect with me on social media!
You ever feel like you need a coach but not sure where to start? This podcast brings all the resources and people you need to find the coach for you! From Life coaches (Like your host Lisa) to Fitness Coaches we are getting them all in front of you to help you figure out who to hire next.
Daryl Daughtry hosts this insightful podcast and is on a mission to help you with your personal development and self improvement. Get motivation and inspiration from your guide to greatness and success.
Welcome to Deek Parassini's Life is All Positive Podcast. Deek Parassini a Positive Influencer or some call him the "Healer of the Mind" who is in a Mission to Make Positivity Free for All. Here you'll find a mix of his Q and A Sessions, Speeches & Talks on Positivity.

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