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Long-distance best friends, Andree and Mariah take deep dives into random, niche topics (ie: whatever the heck they feel like talking about) while laughing uncontrollably and genuinely having the time of their lives! If you're looking for a fun podcast that feels like you're having a chat with your best friends, then Pretty Nice is for you!
🎙️ A podcast where we're joined by a “Third Wheel” each episode to learn a bit more about them, debate various topics and (occasionally) play some games whilst your hosts Aaron & Hamish take shots at each other and act as if they understand everything being spoken about 🙃. New episode every Sunday! 🚨
Need a good laugh? Wanna lower your IQ? Well this is the podcast for you! Hear Kevin Wyer and Matthew Saunders spew whatever comes to their damaged minds. If you are easily offended, you're gonna be triggered! You have been warned! Everyone else, Enjoy and become one of the growing legion of Dummies! Email us at Support this podcast:
A bunch of mates chat absolute trash whilst recalling their most memorable nights and other topics.
The Original and the Very First Story Narration Podcast from the Philippines since 2017! Inspired by the likes of Anything Ghost, No Sleep Podcast, Lore and CreepyPasta comes stories fiction and non-fiction that will trigger your imagination of the weird, strange and most of the time creepy but unforgettable creatures, lore, facts, history and culture in the Philippines and the rest of the world. Come and listen as we deliver short but daily stories and weekly compilations that will surely keep you up and entertained. Make sure to check us on our social media accounts! Support this podcast:
We at pen paper and heart believes in a heart to heart talk with the help of pen and paper,when some feelings are overwhelmed, they melt down into paper in the form of wordsfor more podcast and blogsplease visit
Africana x Africano donne la parole et met en avant la multiplicité des expressions, visions, talents et expériences des membres de la diaspora africaine. /\ Africana x Africano aims to give a voice to the African diaspora, and show its various talents, visions, expressions and stories. Par/By Anna Rabemanantsoa Illustration by/par ANSO
En février 2013, je découvre l'existence de la Fête de la Gastronomie. En septembre suivant je l'organise dans mon village.   Depuis, avec la complicité du Commissariat Général à la Fête de la  Gastronomie, je participe au développement et au rayonnement de cette  fête.  Mon action, aujourd'hui régionale, doit  s'inscrire dans une démarche globale, nationale et avec les pays  francophones. Pour cela, je crée un grand mouvement : « les Amis de la  Fête de la Gastronomie ».  Son objet est de vous réunir,  passionné(e)s de cuisine, de gastronomie, de produits de terroir,  bénévoles comme moi, amateurs ou professionnels.  Avez vous envie de faire connaître les richesses culinaires de votre région et les personnes qui les mettent en valeur ?  Avez vous envie de transmettre les valeurs de partage, de solidarité, et de savoir faire ? Avez vous envie de voir votre commune, votre quartier, votre cité, votre hameau, participer à cette Fête ? Alors rejoignez « les Amis de la Fête de la Gastronomie » : ou    portable : +33685334785 Suivez nous sur : ➡️Facebook (                     ➡️Twitter (                     ➡️Instagram (  
Positivity, Productivity, Inspiration, Health & Wellness, Improvement, Growth, Motivation ☀️ Happier with Ming is a lifestyle design & personal development podcast discussing wellness, love, friendship, health, current favorites, positive thoughts, and the journey of life. Life is a journey to enjoy and I want us to fall in love with the process. This refreshing podcast is designed to encourage and inspire you to live life to your fullest everyday! -- Connect with me! @HappierwithMing on IG, Twitter, Youtube Music by Dyalla Swain &
Wide Eye Perspective is about seeing another perspective on topics you normally wouldn’t see, we talk about multiple topics and tackle them hard. We have a lot of fun with it and love to give our perspective on things. It’s going to be a lot of fun, come check us out and catch a new perspective! #catchaperspective If you want to support my show with a one time donation you can Venmo- @Devin-GillettePayPal- Also my Patreon! Snapchat-dgillette42
Anonymous agents ponder the nature of our reality and visualize ideal futures through conversation and cultural criticism. 3st Eye Open Chakra Meditation Kundalini Binaural Beats 369hz Relieve Stress Anxiety Asmr *Real Tingles* Astral Projection Immediate Results Tonight
Заросли—это подкаст о растениях, где ведущие Вика и Катя делятся своим опытом, отвечают на вопросы и обсуждают интересные новости и проекты по теме. Уникальность подкаста заключается в абсолютно противоположном подходе подруг к домашнему садоводству. Серьёзная Вика старается разобраться в фактах и научной стороне вопроса, а Катя, эмоциональная и страстная по своей натуре, полагается на интуицию, старается прочувствовать сердцем что нужно каждому её питомцу и даже не парится по поводу научных названий и уж тем более семей. Девушки живут в разных городах- Вика в тёплом Берлине, а Катя в прекрасном, но иногда хмуром Петербурге. Так что помимо подхода и темперамента отличаются ещё и климатические условия. Поэтому тема влияния окружающей среды на успехи ведущих с зелёными подопечными обязательна к обсуждению! Выпуски раз в 2 недели по пятницам. Чтобы ничего не пропустить, подписывайтесь на наш Instagram @zarosli_podcast
Being a parent is weird sometimes, so let's talk about it. Join Chelsie on Weird Mom, a podcast about the things they just don't tell you about raising a tiny human.
The Project EGG Show is a video talk show that introduces you to entrepreneurs from around the world. It is broadcast from studios in Metairie, Louisiana to online platforms including YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and Stitcher, and hosted by Ben Gothard. Our goal is to give you a fresh, unscripted and unedited look into the lives of real entrepreneurs from around the globe. From billionaires to New York Times best selling authors to Emmy Award winners to Forbes 30 Under 30 recipients to TEDx speakers – we present their real stories – uncensored and uncut. Support this podcast:
Welcome to GGPP! Run by current seniors Alex Le & Ethan Thai since 2019, this podcast includes various episodes that all revolve around school life and our various shenanigans. We recommend you leave this on in the background while doing homework or something else 👍 To view our videos and explore all our different projects, visit:
Este podcast é um conjunto de CDs encontrados em um baú antigo, mas sem nenhuma identificação sobre seus conteúdos. Eles parecem promissores e talvez sejam realmente um tesouro. Mas você só irá descobrir se o ouvi-los por completo. Este é um convite à reflexão, esteja preparado para mergulhar comigo em cada episódio.
Welcome to "I Run Because." We all have a reason why we run. Each person has a unique purpose to answer their why. Your why moves you, your why gets you across the finish line, and your why can motivate others. I run because seeks to inspire others by exploring why of athletes who run for charitable organizations and causes. Your host, Joe Borchard, and his lovely cohost, Christine, seek to highlight the athletes and guides of the running club Achilles International. The podcast's producer is Willie Sanchez. Support this podcast:
Everything changed when the cancer diagnosis came for Jessica Turri at 9 years old. But her story isn’t what you think. Not even close. Relive her improbable life – from treatment at St. Jude to the set of a popular TV show, from Nashville TV news to country music – with members of her awestruck family.
Nada fuera de lo común, o bueno, tal vez todo muy fuera de lo común. Una charla entre amigos en la que estás invitado a entrar, nos gustaria hacerte sentir que estás aquí sentado con nostros.
Welcome. All songs & compositions featured in this podcast were written & produced by music artist Fictionaleyez, who is the creator and narrator of this new storytelling series. Fictionaleyez is an experimental audioshow writer, singer and composer. She shares her creative process as a songwriter through video artistry displayed on her Instagram page. Followers track song drafts as they start as seeds, then evolve and grow into imaginary musical willow trees. Fictionaleyez has written, recorded & independently released 73 original songs through streaming since November of 2018. Alone.
Presenting deep and real emotions, meditations, journal entries, theories, and ideas from a calm, relaxing and zen point of view that dives into personal mental health and its relativity and subjectivity to others. / You may find yourself floating as you lay in your bed one night. You may find yourself soaring upwards towards the stars, past the moon, and through the nebula. In this place, you find yourself serenely alone with only your thoughts and the infinite vastness and the nature of space, and time. Support this podcast:
A comedian's weekly cross-country phone call to her mom. Catching up, telling stories, and laughing a looot.

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