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Das klingt aber verstaubt und antiquiert!“ rümpfen viele die Nase, wenn sie zum ersten Mal von der „alt“-katholischen Kirche hören. Der Begriff „alt“ ist heute nicht mehr positiv besetzt. Er klingt nach altmodisch, altbacken, überholt und restriktiv. Die Wirklichkeit der alt-katholischen Kirche und die Intention ihres Namens ist jedoch eine andere: Es ist gerade ihr Anliegen, das Evangelium Jesu Christi den Menschen ihrer Zeit nahe zubringen – in einer zeitgemäßen Sprache und Gemeindeorganisation. Die altkatholische Kirche ist eine katholische Kirche, die von Rom unabhängig ist. Sie entstand im Anschluss an das Erste Vatikanische Konzil (1870). Die katholischen Christen, die die Beschlüsse des Ersten Vatikanischen Konzils nicht annahmen, wurden von der römisch-katholischen Kirche exkommuniziert und gründeten in der Folge eigene Gemeinden und bischöflich-synodal verfasste Kirchen, an deren Spitze die Synode und ein Bischof steht. Für das katholische Bistum der Alt-Katholiken in Deutschland ist das Bischof Matthias Ring, der zusammen mit einer von der Synode gewählten Synodalvertretung das Bistum leitet. Sankt Cyprian ist die alt-katholische Gemeinde in Bonn. Wirklich „alt“ sind in der Gemeinde aber nur wenige. Von den über 600 Gemeindemitgliedern sind über die Hälfte unter 45. Der Pfarrer der Gemeinde ist Thomas Schüppen. Weitere Seelsorger sind Ralph Kirscht (Geistlicher mit Zivilberuf), Diakon Stefan Kandels sowie Vikar Alexander Eck.
“馬可福音”講章,講章是mp3的形式 Gospel of Mark in Mandarin。歡迎收聽!! (劉氏廣播及發行: 廣播及發行與基督教和天主教有關的: 講道. 書籍, 音樂, 詩歌, 和訪問等等.)
Schau mal anders auf Dein Leben! Genieße den Perspektivwechsel, den Dir ein Clown hier bietet. Höre über Freude, Glück und Dankbarkeit, über Achtsamkeit und Bewusstsein. Höre über die Bestandteile des einfach guten Lebens. Komm mit auf die Bühne, die Dein Leben ist. Dein Leben ist Deine Bühne – Schau, wie schön es hier ist und genieße es!
Back to the Altar Leadership is a tool to train and equip you for leadership, specifically Christian ministry leadership. If you are currently, or if you desire to be a Pastor or leader in any capacity, as a career or as a volunteer, you need to hear this podcast!
The Most Powerful and Inspirational TV Show to Create Emotional Balance and Transform Your Life!
Join George and Liva as they podcast from the back of a car for the sake of making a podcast
Listen or watch the Mark Gungor Show every Monday. Join Mark and co-hosts Diane Brierley and Phil Gungor as they discuss any and all issues concerning life, love and marriage. This is your opportunity to hear Mark answer your questions. Mark is the creator of the Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage seminar, and one of the most sought-after speakers in the country on marriage and family.
Ce livre explique les sujets de base du christianisme tels que la foi en Dieu, l'histoire et l'écriture de la Bible, la personne de Jésus, la nature du salut et plus, présentés avec une approche facile à comprendre qui convient bien à ceux qui sont moins familiers avec la Bible ou la religion chrétienne.
We bring hope by the way we love. We build community by the way we live. We become the church by the way we lead.
The official podcast channel for Inception Ministries, sharing the love of Jesus Christ.
사주명리학은 조선시대 '음양과(陰陽科)'에 소속되었던 명과학(命課學)입니다.
SHARON LYNN WYETH graduated from the University of Redlands with a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics at the age of twenty. She began teaching that same year in a public Junior High School in California. During her three years there, she obtained her Master of Arts degree from Azusa-Pacific University in education administration with an emphasis in math. After her initial teaching assignment, Sharón moved to Germany where she taught for the Department of Defense Schools. She continued to move around as she married an Air Force soldier. She was fortunate to always find a teaching job in each location. After Germany came Texas, and then Japan. Eventually she would also teach in Idaho, New Mexico, Nebraska, Washington state and China, besides being a high school administrator in both Texas and Oregon. She retired as a high school principal in 2002, only to come out of retirement in January 2008 to become involved in schools again. It was during her time in the schools that she linked the patterns in names to a person’s mindset or personality. She worked on figuring out the patterns of the different letters for fifteen years before she fully comprehended all of the nuances. Sharón took the opportunity to travel a large part of the world testing her theories for the first three years after leaving the education field. Many people requested that she write a book so that they could learn what she had realized about names. It was during this time that she wrote Know the Name; Know the Person, with the first edition being published in December 2006. The second edition, published in May 2010, added chapters on mnemonic devices to help people remember the patterns explained in the book and also how to compare two names. The third edition was released in June 2012, with more updates. She is currently working on another book, “Know the Name; Know the Spirit” scheduled to be released September 25, 2014, and is still teaching math. Her name app, NAME MEANINGS is now available on iPad and iPhone plus both of her websites.
Podcast by Sandeep Maheshwari
A podcast about all of the creatures we like to imagine go bump in the night, and how they have saturated our culture and history.
하나님을 등에 업고 내가 성공하고 내가 출세하는 내가복음. 이것이 복인지 독인지 알아보는 나이롱 크리스천을 위한 방송. 내가 복음이다! 지금 시작합니다.
Inspiration & encouragement from an evangelical bible focused church in Camberwell (Victoria, Australia).
The latest MP3 feed from
Dr. Mike Murdock is in tremendous demand as one of the most dynamic speakers in America today. Thousands view his weekly television program… “Wisdom Keys with Mike Murdock” on The Word Network.

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