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Ever wonder who would win in court: Troll Dolls vs Furbies? Dunkaroos vs Gushers? Celine Dion vs Mariah Carey? Neither have we. UNTIL NOW. Two most excellent aspects of the 90s face off in court and have their sides presented by two experts: children of the 90s. Also featuring lots of other 90s nostalgic nonsense.
Shart Select is a gaming podcast with a twist, it's all about that anarchic comedy! So if you like your games with a side of grim, Check us out
The 90’s Video Game Magazine of Podcasts - Geek News and Comedy
Dueling Decades is the totally awesome adult retro game show you've been looking for! Listen as the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s square off and do battle! Because it's your history, we just fight for it! The rules of our game are simple! A coin flip shall decide who picks first, out of the 5 dueling decades categories (Movies, TV, Music, News, & Hot Products). The judge’s ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first 3 rounds are worth 1 point each. With rounds 4 and 5, worth 2 points apiece. The winning decade shall be decided by the highest overall score after all 5 rounds.
Join host Adam Gradwell as he talks about growing up in the 80s and early 90s and his favourite movies and TV shows. Along the way he interviews special guests from pop culture that get the nostalgia flowing. IG & Twitter: @geekyretronerdsFB: Geeky Retro Nerds Show
Pass the Hot Sauce is a podcast focused on the classic teen alien high school drama Roswell. We’re discussing the original series episode by episode, spoiler-free.
The Human Attention Span has dropped to a staggering 8.25 seconds according to researchers. Now I can’t convey anything useful in under 8 seconds, but under 15 minutes, why not? This is Michael J Maione and you’ve just discovered MICRO BREAK. A podcast for humans with the attention span of a goldfish. Where I share my thoughts, wisdom, and humor on a wide range of topics including, the 80s, 90s, social media, technology, current affairs and whatever else I think my listeners might enjoy! All delivered unscripted each and every week right from my New Jersey, USA studio. Please Subscribe! Support this podcast:
Join Nikki and Jon in their celebration of the fun, unique and diverse films from the highly underrated year, 1991.
Every week we take a look back at some of our the most beloved or infamous video games which shaped our childhood. But is hindsight 20/20, or do these games still deserve their perfect 10/10?
TRN Talks is a talk show series reserved for discussing random retro topics that need more attention than 140 characters on Twitter or a photo on Instagram. You’ll hear familiar voices from The Retro Network and their guests who have extensive knowledge on the subject.
Bracket style podcast tournaments featuring a variety of pop culture topics.
Relive the days of video rental stores through the memories of former employees. Each episode features stories from our 'Video Heroes' using a fun multi-interview format. You'll hear experiences from rental store infancy in the 1980s, dominance in the 1990s, and demise in the early 2000s. From VHS to DVD, from Blockbuster to 'Mom and Pops', Rental Return celebrates this distinctive time in film history.
Welcome to TRN Drive-In! Visit the snack bar and tune your radio to The Retro Network because it's time to screen the movies you love.
Toy Flavor Radio welcomes you with the soundtracks that moved us over the years. Some classic and current intros, outros and the themes that we all know are cool to nod your head to from the best of American animation, Japanese Anime and popular movies/TV shows.
Three guys (and sometimes a guest) yakking about things they find funny or interesting.
The Official Podcast for the SBCGaming Community.
This is a podcast wherein we have a ZEST for all things RETRO! Join your host Curtis Lanclos as he picks a subject about anything RETRO-related (Music, Movies, TV Shows, Video Games, Toys, Pop Culture, etc.) and provides commentary which is interesting and entertaining. Enjoy the nostalgia!
Välkomna till N3rds Bars egna podd: Retrospelspodden! I våra avsnitt kan du lyssna på allt mellan himmel och jord inom ämnen som retrospel, nörderier, fulkultur. Vi avhandlar ämnen som tv-spel från svunna tider samt har roliga argumentationer kring nostalgiska minnen. Kontakt:
Welcome to Loot Before You Leap, where two friends spend time discussing their favourite games, plus all the latest news, rumours and announcements from the gaming industry!
A nostalgic look back on the 1990s, we discuss one year over three episodes chronologically starting from 1990. Mainly based on pop culture of the time we will reminisce over our favourite parts and memories of this remarkable decade. If you want to join three guys talk about the 90s from their own perspective then pull up a chair and come on in.

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