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Gastrointestinal Cancer Update

This series bridges the gap between research and patient care by providing medical oncologists and hematologists with ongoing access to the perspectives and opinions of national and international clinical investigators with expertise in gastrointestinal cancers.

Behind the Storms - Weather Podcast | Tornadoes | Hurricanes | Lightning | Floods | Snow

Behind the Storms is a collaboration between Hillary Fulton, Tim Marquis, and Gabe Garfield to make complex meteorology accessible and exciting to the average weather enthusiast. As meteorologists and storm chasers, hosts Hillary, Tim, and Gabe bring their unique experience every Monday to inform, educate, and entertain. Guests include prominent meteorologists as well as storm chasers who share their valuable weather insights and thrilling storm stories. Go "Behind The Storms" and dive into the wonderful world of severe weather!

WWT London Wetland Centre

An update on wildlife sightings and other news from WWT London Wetland Centre.

First Fridays Science Discussion | Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

One of the many great attributes of science is that it allows us to use the tools of today to understand where we have been and to predict where we are going. Will we be walking among woolly mammoths? Will we be able to harness the power of your brain to be more creative? Is climate change causing us to evolve? Will we live in a building designed by termites? Are we doomed to go the way of the dinosaur? Or, perhaps, will we live forever? This is not science fiction of the future but the real science that is affecting our life today. Join us as we look at the latest happenings in the fields of genetics, neuroscience, evolution, biomimicry, paleontology and human biology and learn how the science of today is paving the way for a fascinating journey into our future!

LocalAlists by James Pesch & Steven Morales

2 Young Fitness Professionals interview and deconstruct the methods and mindsets of top performers in their varied fields from Business to Politics and everything in between.

Neuro Transmission Podcast Station

Tune in to The Neuro Transmission, an engaging podcast exploring the psychology of the human condition and the hottest topics discussed today. Hosted by Professor Jeffrey Armstrong.

The Objective Lens

This podcast is about life in the medical laboratory and discusses issues that are important to the people who work there. We also will give you tips and support for some of the unique challenges of working in the medical laboratory and in health care. Although each episode will have a laboratory slant to it, many people working in health care may find the information useful and relatable. We'll be talking to subject matter experts in their fields, such as lawyers, union representatives and physicians, using their expertise to help you.

[기대남] 기후변화에 대응하는 남자들

기후변화에 대한 다양한 이야기를 쉽고 재밌게 전달하는 본격 기후변화 팟캐스트

STFM Podcast

Advancing Family Medicine To Improve Health Through A Community of Teachers and Scholars

Constellation Radio

Constellation Radio: with your host, Shayne Riordan

R Weekly

Data & Fun. Weekly updates from the R programming language open source community. #rstats


 鬱病歴8年のパーソナリティが送る、鬱病当事者へのラジオ番組、『Radio UTSU』です。  鬱病当事者、鬱病経験者の方、ぜひ鬱について考えを聞かせてください。 お便りはこちら→  コーナー企画『言葉の薬(好きな言葉特集)』、『経験者は語る』 お便り大募集!!!

Hennepin Dive TV

This site is designed to bring the world of hyperbaric and undersea medicine to other acute care providers and those interested in diving and hyperbaric medicine.

ASU Connections Podcast

ASU Connections is a conversation with professors and researchers at Arizona State University. Topics include astrophysics, geology, astrobiology, and space sciences discussed with experts in each field.

BBC Sky at Night magazine

BBC Sky at Night podcast features contributions from world-leading astronomers and writers, essential listening for both the experienced and amateur astronomer.


Since the dawn of time, humankind has looked to the heavens with a sense of awe and wonder. Such encounters with the unexpectedly profound aspects of nature have inspired scientists and artists alike to design masterpieces and develop theories about the workings of the universe. Wonder tells the stories of how this feeling inspires and motivates scientific and artistic pursuits, to create, to explore, to understand.

Forskning & Framsteg

Forskning & Framsteg är en populärvetenskaplig tidskrift som vänder sig till dig som är nyfiken på allvar. Vi strävar efter att skriva begripligt och intresseväckande om allt från materiens minsta beståndsdelar till den yttersta rymden. Från djurens beteende till den mänskliga hjärnan. Från livets uppkomst till aktuella energiproblem. Från mänsklig kultur till frågor om rätt och fel.

Bacchae Wine Cast

Each week hosts Chris Shaffer and Charli Clark talk everything from wine tasting, wine history and even share their own personal stories.

Houston Resus: The UT Houston Emergency Medicine Podcast

The goal for this podcast is to expand upon a basic fund of knowledge and give the listener a framework in which to apply this knowledge, maintain broad differentials, and delve into management pathways for different pathophysiologies frequently encountered with critically ill patients in the Emergency Department.

심리상담방송 참나원 시즌4

두명의 상담자가 함께 진행하는 전문 심리상담방송. 이메일을 통해 방문상담 또는 이메일 상담을 선택하여 신청하면,선택에 따라 신청자를 초대하는 방문상담과 이메일 사연에 대한 조언을 들려주는 이메일 상담으로 구성.


Tudo sobre o mundo da medicina veterinária no podcast do Vet da Deprê!

Heritage Breeds

The Heritage Breeds podcast is brought to you by The Livestock Conservancy. Now, you may be scratching your head and thinking, “but I see cows and chickens all the time, how can they be endangered?” Just like there are endangered species such as pandas, tigers, and elephants, there are also endangered livestock and poultry BREEDS. Specifically, 21% of the world’s 8,000 livestock breeds are in danger of extinction. It is these breeds that The Livestock Conservancy works to protect. In this podcast series you’ll meet the animals, breeders, and people working to save them from extinction. Visit to discover how you can get involved. | Emisión Especial. Seminario de Política Lacaniana. Conferencia de Jacques-Alain Miller, en Turín, "Los Heréticos". Segunda …

El 8 de julio del 2017 en la ciudad de Turín, en la Accademia Torinese dell'inatteso, se ha llevado a cabo el Tercer "Seminario de Política Lacaniana", prosiguiendo al curso de Jacques-Alain Miller que se inscribe en el Año Cero del Campo Freudiano. El comienzo del Seminario ha estado a cargo de Jacques-Alain Miller, quien ha dictado la segunda parte de la conferencia "Los heréticos". La presentación fue realizada por Rosa Elena Manzetti y la traducción simultánea a cargo de Paola Bolgiani Presidente de la SLP. Radio Lacan ofrece seguidamente a sus oyentes paso a paso los momentos sucesivos del Seminario. *

Microbiology Talk- MiTalk

Talking about Microbial science that matters