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Caffeine driven podcast with topics ranging from black holes to who really knows the platypus. There are no limits, with some sweet cuban coffee and a heck of a lot of sugar, Brain Juice takes listeners into our minds, research and curiosities. Fun facts to mathematic methods to absurd guests, live your life, the "sciencey" way! Visit
DR. BERNARD BEITMAN, MD, author Connecting with Coincidence: The New Science for Using Synchronicity and Serendipity in Your Life, is the first psychiatrist since Carl Jung to attempt to systematize the study of coincidences. He is a Visiting Professor at the University of Virginia and former Chair of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He attended Yale Medical School and completed a psychiatric residency at Stanford. Dr. Beitman has received two national awards for his psychotherapy training program and is internationally known for his research into the relationship between chest pain and panic disorder. In addition, he has edited two issues of Psychiatric Annals that focus on coincidences. Dr. Beitman is the founder of Coincidence Studies. His work with coincidences was the subject of a feature story in Men's Health.
Tune in to The Neuro Transmission, an engaging podcast exploring the psychology of the human condition and the hottest topics discussed today. Hosted by Professor Jeffrey Armstrong.
Advancing Family Medicine To Improve Health Through A Community of Teachers and Scholars
Supercharge your learning and enhance your practice with this Internal Medicine Podcast featuring board certified Internists as they interview national and international experts to bring you clinical pearls and practice changing knowledge. Doctors Matthew Watto, Stuart Brigham, and Paul Williams deliver some knowledge food for your brain hole. No boring lectures here, just high value content and a healthy dose of humor. Fantastic podcast for Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Primary Care, and Hospital Medicine. Topics include heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cardiac imaging, migraines, fibromyalgia, hypertension, cholesterol, osteoporosis, insomnia, testosterone, functional medicine, dementia, and more!
Kannabis, lääkekannabis, psykedeelit.
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두명의 상담자가 함께 진행하는 전문 심리상담방송. 이메일을 통해 방문상담 또는 이메일 상담을 선택하여 신청하면,선택에 따라 신청자를 초대하는 방문상담과 이메일 사연에 대한 조언을 들려주는 이메일 상담으로 구성.
We are the Knights of Nerdvana and this is our kingdom. We represent all things nerdy and will protect this kingdom of nerd culture and allow for all fandoms to be treated equal. We welcome all nerds to join the cause, team up with our #NerdArmy, and carry their nerd banner proudly.
Email, we have weekly live shows on the network, as well as other syndicated weather shows during the week. Rebroadcast of these shows will be shown here This Podcast was created using
New Media Conversations with is a podcast series adapted from the blog and other conversations about using new media in response to HIV/AIDS.
The USA Science & Engineering Festival's Nifty Fifty Podcast featuring science technology engineering and math professionals speaking to K-12 schools to educate students about the real world of STEM and inspire them to pursue STEM careers in their future. Nifty Fifty is presented by InfoComm International, the force behind every audio visual experience. Nifty Fifty is a program of the USA Science and Engineering Festival, and founding and presenting host Lockheed Martin. To learn more about the Festival, visit
Lecturer in Social Sciences Drew Dalton talks about HIV stigma in the workplace, what he has learned from his own research, and what the University of Sunderland is doing to tackle it.
Sorvana Podcasts is the place to learn everything Sorvana, from product insights to take your heath to a whole new level to business building tips to skyrocket your income!
Things That I Find Interesting is a show about the thing that people find interesting. Each Thursday Buck Mulligan talks to his guest about 3 things that they find interesting, whether emergent properties of simple systems, aquatic ape theory or bag pipes, if it's interesting we'll talk.
Welcome to The 'X' Zone Radio Show.... a place where Fact is Fiction and Fiction is Reality where Canadian broadcaster and media personality, the host, creator and executive producer, Rob McConnell has been at the helm of this Internationally syndicated terrestrial radio and satellite programming since 1991 and broadcasting/producing TV programming, commercials, and special since 1981. Topics that are discussed with those that Rob interviews from around the world include: 11:11, 2012, 666: The Number Of The Beast, 9/11, Alien Abduction, Aliens, Angels, Apocalypse, Astrology, Atlantis, The Bible, Chinese Astrology, Conspiracy Theories, Cosmology, Crop Circles, Cryptozoology, Crystals, Demonology, Dreams And Dream Interpretation, Electronic Voice Phenomena, End Times, End-Time Prophecies, ESP, Exorcism, Extraterrestrial Communication, Fairies, Forbidden Knowledge, Ghosts, Government Cover-ups, Hauntings, Herbalism, Kennedy Assassination, Kirlian Photography, Life After Death, Lost Tribes And Civilizations, Mind Over Matter, Near-Death Experience, Nostradamus, Numerology, Occult, Ouija Boards, Palmistry, Paranormal Hoaxes And Frauds, Paranormal, Parapsychology, Past Life Regression, Precognition, PSI, Psychic Phenomena, Psychic Phenomenon, Psychic Surgery, Raelians, Reincarnation, Remote Viewing, Sacred Geometry, Science Fiction, Séances, Shadow People, Shamanism, Spiritualists, Tarot Cards, The Apocalypse, The Bermuda Triangle, The Dalai Lama, The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Michigan Triangle, Time Travel, UFO Crashes, UFOs, Unsolved Mysteries, Vile Vortices, VooDoo, Wicca, Zombies and much more! Over the years, Rob has interviewed more than 3,900 guests - an entire list can be read at A list of 'X' Zone Radio Show Guest Comments can be read at For more information on The 'X' Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell, visit and to find out when you can listen to The 'X' Zone Radio Show, visit
UK Health Radio presenter Sam Bearfoot brings you The Digestion Detective Show. Using years of clinic practice as a Kinesiologist and Health Coach, Sam Bearfoot provides a down to earth, no nonsense approach to guide you through all the jargon in the health and wellbeing industry. She also talks to leading industry experts and provides reviews on some of the latest products and services available in the market today.
You are a wonderful walking, talking, thinking, feeling ball of vibrating star matter energized by starlight. Each week we will dive in to uncover the extraordinary science within our ordinary moments. You bring the curious mind, I'll bring the passion and enthusiasm.
2 Young Fitness Professionals interview and deconstruct the methods and mindsets of top performers in their varied fields from Business to Politics and everything in between.
The Scope Health Sciences Radio “Science and Research” podcast reports on the latest medical discoveries and breakthroughs in addition to discussing in-depth health topics. The opinions expressed in this podcast do not necessarily reflect those of The University of Utah.
Helping you better understand your health and the health topics you’re hearing about, this is The Scope Health and Wellness Show.
O site Curta na Web, é dedicado a Podcasts com temas sobre Cultura Pop, cotidiano, rock e tudo que envolve um bom entretenimento nerd. A vida é muito curta...por isso Curta na Web.
A podcast about the latest science news, science policy and anything else science related.
H.H. Avadhuta Sri Ramakrishnananda Babaji Maharaja is a Hindu spiritual master, and founder of the Vimuki Yoga Mission. He lives and teaches at the Vimukti Yoga Ashram located in the Catskill Mountains, NY. When Prabhuji Ramakrishnananda was a child, he had a divine and spontaneous experience that triggered his long spiritual quest for enlightenment. That search took him around the world as he sought guidance and answers from religious leaders and spiritual masters. Thirty years later, the blissful experience returned as a complete realization of the Self. Many years of both theoretical and practical study, together with a direct realization of the Self, have made Prabhuji a genuine authority on each of these various paths of yoga, including: purna yoga, nada yoga, raja yoga, hatha yoga, bhakti yoga, mantra yoga, kundalini yoga, karma yoga, jnana yoga, tantra yoga and kriya yoga.

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