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    Authentic sex is a podcast about all-things sex, pleasure and relationships and is hosted by Australia’s leading sexologist, Juliet Allen. With a reputation for her bold and straight-to-the-point manner, Juliet shares her expertise on sex and relationships, plus facilitates real-life conversations about sex with some of the world’s leaders in the field of sexuality and relationships. Find out more at www.juliet-allen.com

    351 Ratings

    Tuloy lang, mga Bes! We are an international award-winning Filipino podcast by fabulous members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Our goal is to normalize and de-stigmatize conversations that Pinoys generally only talk about in secret - mental health problems (like depression and suicide), sex, sexuality and the human body, non-traditional relationships, among others. "Balut" is a Filipino delicacy consisting of a fertilized developing egg embryo that is boiled and eaten from the shell. So, we aim to make our episodes nutritious though they are not for the faint of heart. While "kiki" is queer slang for a gathering among friends. Kaya we throw in discussions about queer  culture and interests - because why not, diba? We are uniquely PINOY. We are unapologetically QUEER. Join your hosts Mel, Geoff, Nealle together with Peter, Morey, Kenny, Choi, and a bevy of other Bessies!  Winner, BEST PODCAST HOST, 1st Asia Podcast Festival Awards, Singapore. 

    Mental HealthSexualityRelationships
    95 Ratings

    Fold your dollars, grab a beer and make your way to the stage.Experience Denver nightlife with the graveyard staff of the adult entertainment industry.  Ex-dancers Pixie and Mister J analyze the Ins/Outs, and social nightlife of being a stripper in Denver, Co.Relive the memories, join the commentary, Next on Stage One.The spicy stripper podcast!

    31 Ratings

    Welcome to the Breakfast With Tiffany Show, a podcast that has been inspiring listeners since July 2020. Hosted by Tiffany Rossdale, a certified transformational life coach, this podcast features compelling stories from diverse guest speakers who share their journeys of overcoming trials, discovering uplifting paths, and making positive life transitions. Tiffany’s incredible journey began in the Philippines and currently a resident in Tokyo for more than two decade. A proud transgender woman, Tiffany has transformed from a prominent trans showgirl in Tokyo’s Shinjuku red light district to a powerhouse in the Ginza hostess scene, and now a champion of personal growth and positivity. Every Tuesday, join us for episodes that offer mental nourishment, meaningful conversations, and plenty of smiles. You'll hear from influential guests from all walks of life, both within and outside the LGBTQIA+ community. Our conversations focus on: Personal Evolution Empowerment Spirituality Self-Love Kaizen 改善 ("Change for the Better") Hacks Explore how these individuals made significant life transitions and learn how you too can find a better you. Curious about Tiffany's own story? Don't miss the first episode, "My Truth", where Tiffany opens up about her personal transformation. Special Thanks Logo Artwork Design: Yukino Yoshimura Official Music Tracks: Kazunori Kumamoto Podcast Administration: Elin Fu Podcast Writer: Chase Banks Voice Over Actor: Brendan Stallings For more information and to explore our episodes, visit our official website: Breakfast With Tiffany Show. Join us and be inspired by stories of resilience, growth, and positivity every Tuesday!

    25 Ratings

    HRU is a podcast series that sheds light on those working in the adult industry, and explores all topics of sex with authors, educators, and advocates. Hosted by world renowned erotic photographer and director Holly Randall, she interviews some of the biggest names in the adult industry, and various non-porn guests who touch on the subject of sex in one way or another. With an honest and humorous outlook on life, Holly strips away the misconceptions on people who work in the sex industry, and offers sex-positive discussions on various social and political issues. You can follow Holly on both Instagram and Twitter at @hollyrandall and drop us an email at [email protected]. Expect to be intrigued, to laugh your ass off, and to learn something new! Holly Randall Unfiltered is a proud member of Pleasure Podcasts. For network details, contact [email protected].

    24 Ratings

    What does it take to have a successful marriage and be a successful entrepreneur or career-focused couple?For DINKs (Dual Income No Kids) Brent & C.C. Moreno, it’s taken lots of hard work, setbacks, lessons, plenty of adventures, and even therapy.The DINKs Podcast shares raw, real, sexy, funny, and completely vulnerable stories from themselves and other couples' adventures.Tune in for insights on marriage, intimacy, entrepreneurship, travel, current events, and everything in between.

    23 Ratings

    Featured in Buzzfeed, Oprah Magazine, Esquire, and Queerty, Gayish is an award-nominated podcast that breaks down one gay stereotype each week. Mike and Kyle bring humor, honesty, and irreverence to topics like the hanky code, depression, and open relationships.Past guests have included Jinkx Monsoon, YouTuber Davey Wavey, gay porn star Calvin Banks, disability activist Andrew Gurza, a gay priest, a trans atheist, and Mike’s wildly supportive mom.

    19 Ratings

    Consider this your (comedic) education in dating, sex, and relationships. Girls Gotta Eat is a top podcast since 2018 co-hosted by Ashley Hesseltine and Rayna Greenberg and covering everything from breakups to bl**jobs, finances to fetishes. New episodes drop every Monday so you can start your week EATING, then dive into The Snack (a lighter episode about pop culture) on Thursdays!

    28 Ratings

    Beyond the Rainbow Podcast a.k.a. Rainbow Crimes is a show about crimes committed by and against the LGBTQ plus community. Join host C.J. for an array of true crime stories from all over the world, especially lesser known cases. Remember, it's not a crime to be gay...unless you're a murderer...

    True CrimeHistoryHealth
    16 Ratings

    LET’S TALK ABOUT EX, BABY! AH CRAPPY RELATIONSHIPS, THE BANE OF OUR COLLECTIVE EXISTENCE. BUT WHAT DO WE LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES? Former relationship columnist Elizabeth Best and current all-round funny guy Tom Harris chat to guests about the couple fail stories we all like to recount over drinks (because let’s face it, sometimes we need booze to cope). Ghosts of Boyfriends past will take you on a journey through the funny, tragic, horrifying and sometimes just plain bonkers stories about that crazy little thing called love, and try to wind up wiser for it. It’s like a group therapy session... with two people completely unqualified to be leading it. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

    15 Ratings

    Anna Sale explores the big questions and hard choices that are often left out of polite conversation.

    ArtsHealthSelf Help
    19 Ratings

    Welcome to Gender Reveal, a podcast about nonbinary and transgender folks. Join us as we interview notable trans guests, analyze current events, answer advice questions and get a little bit closer to understanding what the heck gender is.

    LgbtPersonal JournalsHealth
    15 Ratings

    Dating can be a hot mess, from being ghosted by your crush to realizing that you've been catfished by a Tinder match. Why Won't You Date Me? is here to help.Join Nicole Byer, the perpetual singleton, as she invites fellow comedians, friends, and ex-flings to talk romance and share their wildest dating tales, from cringeworthy first dates to jaw-dropping hookup stories. Nothing is off-limits.

    18 Ratings

    Dan Savage, America's only advice columnist, answers your sex questions and yaps about politics. To record a question for Dan to be answered in a later podcast, record your question and send it to [email protected], or call 206-302-2064. For a much longer version of the show, with no ads, visit savage.love and get yourself a subscription.

    18 Ratings

    Step into the tantalizing world of ”No Life Skills”! Your host, Adore Ashlynn, is here to spill the sauciest secrets and give you a behind-the-scenes peek into the mysterious realm of sex work. Who needs life skills when you’ve got wit, charm, and the courage to tackle the juiciest topics? We’ll serve up diverse perspectives like a five-star feast, dishing out tales from the frontlines and the boudoir. Legal insights, emotional adventures, and lessons in self-love are all on the menu! Let’s break down the barriers and unleash the laughter as we debunk stereotypes and give a much-needed wink to the world of sex work.See my melons at https://onlyfans.com/adoreashlynn/c50

    11 Ratings

    Monstica is an LGBT anthology monster erotica fiction podcast.

    SexualityFictionErotic Audio
    11 Ratings

    Become a Paid Subscriber: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/dearnikky/subscribeBecome a Paid Subscriber: https://anchor.fm/dearnikky/subscribeWe all have sexual fantasies or secrets. That's what my show is all about. Every week I read letters and emails I've received where my listeners share sexual encounters from their past. Often, this is the first time they've told anyone else about them.My name is Nikky, and I'm the host of the show. I've worked in the adult industry as an entertainer and more recently a podcast host. Why not let out that secret you've been wanting to share? You'll get the thrill of thousands of people hearing what a bad boy or girl you've been under the guarantee of complete anonymity.

    10 Ratings

    A dorky adult gives goofy, somewhat insightful commentary on Television shows/movies and middle-grade & YA books for the casual listener. Some original stories included. *For An Adult Audience. May contain some mature language. Discretion advised.

    10 Ratings

    Welcome to Off the Cuffs: a Kink and BDSM podcast, for those in the lifestyle and those who are curious. Each week, hosts Dick Wound and minimus maximus, sit down for a discussion with a new guest, covering topics such as their journey into kink, scenes they’ve been involved in, and the importance of consent and communication. Episodes tackle the entire spectrum of kink, from the sensual to the sadistic, and the bizarre to the vanilla.

    SexualityPersonal JournalsDating
    12 Ratings

    Cum fall down LK’s “rabbit hole” and listen to her unique and quirky perspective and experiences in Married Dominance and submission. Mr. Fox and lk will discuss how to create and sustain a monogamous marriage using Dominance and submission in and out of the bedroom. They will examine the use of mixing the sexual dynamic with healthy relationship skills while entertaining you with information about sexual discovery, health, and products of the new Midlife Sex Culture. L.K. is a Certified Life & Energy Coach, Founder of the subMrs Website & Community, and Creator of the D|s-M Method.

    9 Ratings

    Unprepared for perimenopause? (Same!) Felt misunderstood or alone during it all? (Yup.) Feel too young for this? (Me, too!) So I'm on a quest with my friends (and my aloof vagina) to understand what other "surprises" to expect AND to get a handle on all this midlife stuff, from sex & relationships to the weird stuff happening to our bodies. (The stuff nobody wants to talk about.) Warning: Like to laugh and sometimes pee your pants when you do? This podcast was designed to serve you. Grab leakage protection & join us for some fun.  

    9 Ratings

    Sex Talk With My Mom offers sex and relationship advice while exploring the hilarious dynamic between a sexually-liberated, "C.O.U.G.A.R." mom and her comedian son. With over 3 million downloads and having been featured on Esquire, Huffington Post, and TODAY, they are the best (albeit only) mom-son comedy duo talking about sex. Each week they respond to listener comments and questions about all topics that a mom and son don't typically talk about. To join the fam, shoot them a text at 310-356-3920. You can also support them on Patreon at www.patreon.com/sextalkwithmymom; Instagram – @SexTalkWithMyMomPod; Twitter – @SexTalkWMyMom; Email – [email protected] Talk With My Mom is a proud member of Pleasure Podcasts. For network details, contact [email protected].

    9 Ratings

    The Podcast celebrating the musical importance of lovers, inspirations and groupies.

    10 Ratings

    BFF Kathy Tu and Tobin Low are super queer, super fun and ready to take over your podcast feed. Join them for provocative stories and frank conversations about the LGBTQ experience today. Because everyone’s a little bit gay. WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other podcasts including Radiolab, Death, Sex & Money, Snap Judgment, On the Media, Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin and many others. © WNYC Studios

    Gay LesbianHealthSexuality
    8 Ratings

    Just Between Us is a comedic variety show where Allison Raskin and Gabe Dunn openly discuss everything from mental health to sex and all the stuff in-between. Each week, they’ll answer a question from a listener seeking advice, interview someone fascinating, participate in a rarely winnable game show and discuss a random topic affecting the world. Jump from highbrow to lowbrow in a single episode! Sometimes multiple times! Nothing is off limits for these New York Times best selling authors who are trying to destigmatize the world one hilarious episode at a time. Produced by Diamond MPrint Productions.

    11 Ratings

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