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A podcaster's journey to learn a little more about the world, one story at a time. 🌎 🎙️ 🎧
Podcast Brunch Club: like book club, but for podcasts.
Bringing you the best sounds and ideas in K-pop each week. Featuring guests in and around the k-pop community. On a regular basis, we recommend "hit replay" songs you should listen to, as well as provide semi-regular in-depth k-pop editorial told nowhere else.
Utah's longest-running political podcast, featuring interviews with Utah newsmakers and insights from longtime political journalist Bryan Schott. Winner of "Best Podcast" in the Top of The Rockies excellence in journalism contest in 2018 and 2019.
Exploring our favorite albums in full spin review.
Three wanna-be demigods, Ava, Niamh, and Brayden go chapter by chapter through the Percy Jackson series analyzing and seeing how much they remember about this childhood favorite series. Find Out More At Twitter & Instagram: @ReturnToCamp Patreon: Redbubble: Hosts: @brydnstllmn @niamhhsherlock @avapirie Support this podcast:
Tired of a news media that operates in 3.5-minute segments not providing any context or background information on a political issue or story? Tired of a news media that focuses on gossip rather than issues that impact our everyday lives? Tired of a biased news media that views ordinary Americans with disdain and operates within their own bubble? It is Professor Giordano’s passion that led him to start The P.A.S. Report. Sick of an activist news media that wants to dictate how to think, Professor Giordano started The P.A.S. Report because of his unique ability to breakdown complex political issues and explain those issues in a way to appeal to everyday Americans beyond the 3.5-minute segments. By introducing facts, a conservative perspective, and quality analysis, listeners are free to come to their own conclusions. Professor Giordano brings common sense back to the debate. The P.A.S. Report Podcast is rapidly growing. Professor Giordano talks about the issues that matter to you and America. He also has great guests, including Tucker Carlson, Victor Davis Hanson, Dinesh D’Souza, Gad Saad, Dave Rubin, Deroy Murdock, Sharyl Attkisson, Brian Kilmeade, Congressman Lee Zeldin, Gordon Chang, John Yoo, Chuck Woolery, and more. The P.A.S. Report is a quality Conservative podcast. Whether you’re a Conservative, Republican, Moderate/Blue Dog Democrat, The P.A.S. Report appeals to most people regardless of political ideology. Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast and share it with family and friends. Also, visit the
FMC Fast Chat features notables in news, media and business for conversations that are real, powerful and relevant. We take you inside the news so you can be in the know in 30 minutes. Hosted by Fair Media Council CEO & Executive Director Jaci Clement.
Expose yourself deep into conversation with your hosts about the viewpoints between balanced and unbalanced. Theorize and interact as you open your views and perceptions as to what you know reality to be, vs. what it also could be. Be ready for an off the wall entertaining show each week off script! If you want to thrill yourself with the different possibilities or just sit in word bliss. Join us when your ready! We welcome all listeners, and encourage you to respect all the ideas you will come to hear. This show is for 18+ only audience. We may talk about hardship and triggering topics so please be advised. We will warn at the beginning of the show for these instances. Enjoy yourself as you let the time pass and before you start to listen, keep an open mind. Thank you for joining and listening to receive your balanced dose of Harmony and Caos.
Motivational ,Reality talk with Host Hoodreal about news ,music ,artist and mainstream talk controversial gossips surrounding celebrities ,the environment , child-care ,relationships ,astrology ,health and wellness ,local events ,dinning ,beauty fitness ,movies ,fashion and more. You can count on the "dynamic duo" to bring it live and direct in your face!! with humor ,music ,and just plain real commentaries ,so join your host "Hoodreal" and Carma on the hoodreelz radio talk your support for our show by visiting our website link, and thank you.
An award-winning, expertly-curated podcast of progressive politics and culture. Diving deeply on a wide range of topics, we draw from more than 100 sources of progressive news and commentary. Est. 2006.
Part-time podcasters. Full time friends. Each week we invite you into our 20 year friendship as we discuss stories from across the internet that we find interesting. You'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll wonder why Addison doesn't like to pee in toilets.
Cliff Notes Radio where REAL life meets, REAL thought, and liberation through REAL talk! Hosted by @RealCliff225 Backed with @Its_Tee_Rich and @TuffCrowd_Leel. We go where the others are scared! No opinion is silenced, explaining science in bias so take down some CLIFF NOTES and think a little bit deeper!
Join Miller Frost, curmudgeon, occasional misanthrope, bad gay and bi-weekly podcaster, as he chaperones yet another irreverent journey through a mix of today's headlines and oddball news stories.
Unscripted opinions about Football. Official page of The ElitePundit Show. Contact: I live and breathe football. If you do as well. Tune into this podcast to listen to what I have to say about your favorite players, leagues, and clubs. Hope you enjoy the show! Support this podcast:
A fresh sounding news podcast that saves you time. Ditch the formal, “both sides” coverage for facts and analysis from an outlet outside of the D.C. mainstream.
Creatures, killers and questionable gender politics as the Spooky Bitch Gang investigates the horror canon.
Gemini Jackson and the Loud Table interpretate odd news from across the universe. This is the Newz from Slam City. Bring a change of clothes. Quantimino™ Powered.
Jake and Mezrah talk about everything from the Space Shuttle to cannibalism. Email us at with topics and feedback.
Lets Chat! With Chris Revill is a conversational exploration of subcultures. Host Revill uses his behavioral health background and pop culture obsession to connect with guests from the world of punk rock, podcasting, and pop culture. Let’s Chat! Has been featured in Vulture, Huffington Post, and has been in the top 100 comedy podcast on apple podcast.
Thirsty Digging Podcast hosted by John Wannamaker. Don't eat for 3 days you lose weight. Don't drink for 3 days, you die. This podcast is for the person with an idea to start a business but lost or unmotivated. You hate your job, or you're unemployed and you need action. This podcast is about your pursuit of your best life from job to business owner. Support this podcast:
A new podcast presented by Respect Group featuring Sheldon Kennedy having open and honest conversations with notable guests sharing their insights and subject matter expertise on the many social issues we face today.
Welcome to the place where nothing you say matters - Weekly ramblings from hosts: bunny and david. #commentaryrealness Support this podcast:
Join Me Every Weekday As I Discuss Trending Topics ,Weird Stuff and News Stories That Are Making and Breaking The Internet. Support this podcast:
Co-hosts and sisters Alma and Dalia discuss a different horror movie each week. Cult classics, foreign, ghost stories, and cheesy 80s horror are just some of the genres we’re ready to tackle. Expect mispronunciations, spoilers, misunderstandings, and maybe some jump scares along the way. Alma startles easily and Dalia asks too many questions. Join us weekly for a new horror movie discussion.

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