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Welcome to the J360 Radio ! The home of The J-Man Show, The MiniBytes, J360 Radio Live, and The Cyclone. Hang with us as we entertain and inform you. New Adventures await! It will also feature team ups with other podcasters and musicians (email if interested).
Have you ever witnessed turkeys attacking cars, a truck bed catching on fire, or a cow sitting on a car? Join sisters Bhavneet and Taranjit as they set out to share the crazy, weird, and funny experiences that happen on the road, and to show you that driving can be pretty entertaining! Each episode we bring on a new guest to discuss crazy driving stories, driving fails, and first-time driving experiences. Buckle up and get ready to laugh, relate and wonder just how many commute stories you have stared in. Have a funny, weird, crazy driving story? Use the #DWUPCommuterUpdate on social media or email them to us at and it could be featured on an upcoming episode! For more content visit: Follow us on: IG: @DriveWithUsPodcast Twitter: @DriveWithUsPod
The mysteries of the universe are vast. Whether they are light years away, in a far off country, in things we use everyday, or even our own backyard...they never seem to have an explanation...they just ARE. This podcast seeks to bring these unexplainable phenomena to our audience, while making it easy for anyone to understand. If nothing else, by listening to this, you’ll sound a lot smarter at parties.
We're a group of 5 men in our early 30’s sharing our opinions with anyone willing to listen. Our episodes feature discussions on societal and cultural issues from a comedic, happy hour perspective with our friendship and relationships at the core.
Listen in as I introduce my boyfriend to musicals he SHOULD have seen!
The Deep Dark Truth Podcast is searching for the truth behind the internet's favorite conspiracies, mysteries and true crime cases. 🎙Hosted by Moe, Chip & Mikey.We're here and we're queer and its time for murder. Line 313.355.3411
Be shocked. Be thrilled. Be sparked! Debra, Diana and Jesi compete each week to bring you the most interesting true stories from every corner of the universe. Kick your week off right with a new episode every Monday and get sparked!
Wild Thing is a podcast about the strange and unusual things that capture our imaginations. It’s about the relationship between science and society. It’s about wild places, wild people, and wild ideas. Because whether it’s seeking out Bigfoot, in season one, or gazing skyward to look for extraterrestrial life in season two, the search for the unknown helps us better understand ourselves. Each episode, host Laura Krantz takes us through the latest chapter, which builds on previous ones, so it’s best to start listening with Episode 1 of each season.
Four podcasters board a space ship supplied by the SpaceX program. They travel through an anomaly and find themselves bouncing from planet to planet each of which has been inspired by Earth's own pop culture influences.
Each week, we discuss social justice through the lens of pop culture, taking you on a journey to places and times you never knew were connected. Give your ears a treat, and your eyes a new perspective. Warning: All discussions can contain spoilers for featured content.
In this podcast about all things Hamilton, Hamilton-related, Hamilton-adjacent, or anything else in the Miranda universe, I (your host Gillian Pensavalle) talk to guests (and my sometimes co-host/all times husband Michael Paul Smith) about such things as: how Hamilton brings people together, how we find Ham references in everyday life, and the general brilliance of the show. I'm proud to say that we've spoken to almost everyone from the original creative team (aka "The Cabinet") including the man himself: Lin-Manuel Miranda. In addition, I've had cast members from every company, crew members, musicians, creatives, and the hard working people that keep the production alive. I've also had to pleasure of speaking to experts on the show and its history, some of my superfan friends of note, celebrity Ham enthusiasts, and everything in between.  When I started this podcast in January of 2016, I could not have imagined the incredible community that has grown around the show and the amazing experiences that have come my way. Thank you to everyone who has listened, appeared on the show, contributed, or reached out in any way. This podcast is for you and I absolutely love making it. If you have any great Ham stories or funny references that you've come across, let me know! Email TheHamilcast [at] gmail [dot] com, or contact me on social media @TheHamilcast. I also have a Patreon that has given rise to the loveliest corner of the internet, ever. You can learn more about how to be a part of that lovely corner, and how to submit questions to guests, and to be part of my monthly AMA's at
How do I organize my business and life? How do I create my goal life? How do I ensure constant refuelling on my journey? How do I balance it all? What should I do? How do I breath Life into my multi idea? How do I put a system in my life or business? How should I live colourful? Welcome to Being Novel, where multi-passionate creator Nafisa, answer ALL of these questions and share her journey on being novel while mastering the art of surviving. If you're ready to secure your life, level up like never before and embrace your novel self, then this is the podcast for you!
A podcast where two mates chat about Netflix's BoJack Horseman episode by episode and get completely distracted by personal stories, serious social commentary and dumb, stupid nonsense. Judge for yourself! Harshly. Please. It's the only way we can feel anymore.
Conversation with everyday people known because of their work through the Internet.
Ever had a long conversation at midnight with your best friend? Yeah, now imagine those raw conversations recorded as a weekly podcast. That’s what ‘Successfully Stressed is about! From their favourite stories to tell at parties to their dirtiest secrets shoved under the carpet, they’ll rant fearlessly and shamelessly about everything from toxic friendships to depression to ambitions to every problem that has existed. Confess about your stresses on our IG page and we’ll stress over that too in our ‘Stress Confess' segment! From Deshna and Tanisha to your headphones! IG: @successfullystressed
How can you create a transformation in others if there's no transformation in yourself? This question, I often think. Suppose your someone aspiring to learn how to connect to the world just as I am. Tune in on how to decode ourselves through others' realization—focusing on what we need in developing our voice through shared experience that we all unwittingly have in common. Connecting clarity, we can reestablish ourselves through education, connections, and challenging public perception.
Even the Podcast is Afraid covers the real life & fictional horrors of true crime, the paranormal, & the unexplained. Giving you a researched and comedic approach to serial killers, cults, demons, aliens, ghosts, & all sorts of macabre history. Hosted by Jared Ordis, Nick Porchetta, & Samantha Vazquez with new episodes released every Monday.
Life musings on where I came from, how I got where I am and where I'm going. I'll share my thoughts and experience on womanhood, relationships, parenting, lifestyle, hobbies, education, employment and things I love. I'll take you with me through this podcast on an interesting and unpredictable journey. New episodes on Tuesdays, Fridays & Sundays
The Unresolved Podcast is a venture aimed at telling stories which have no conclusion. This podcast puts the emphasis on the people affected by the occurring events and tells their story in a audio drama format. Each episode is full of detail and facts, ultimately letting you make up your mind on what truly happened.
Southgate Media Group performs live podcasts at the Geek Bar coving a wide range of geek topics. Shows featured are This Week in Geek, You got GOT: The Game of Thrones Podcast, and Geektastic Cage Match.
The Know Show is a podcast that makes academic research accessible to everyone. With over 300,000 unique listeners and viewers, the show is changing the way academic research is shared. Our guests are world experts in their fields. We cover all sorts of fields and show how they apply to everyday life. Join us today and be part of the research revolution.
First-hand witness encounters of the Strange and unexplained.Have you had an unusual experience? And you would like to talk about your experiences on our podcast🎙UFOS, Paranormal, Conspiracies, Cryptids, Occult, Esoteric, Cults, Secret projects, if it's strange it's covered. You can drop me an email at: Tell your story.Podcast Website:
Every Monday through Friday, listen to learn about the national celebrations and the historical and pop-culture events that make each day unique. 'This is Today' is a podcast for those feeling a little nostalgic, for lovers of history, and for those who need a good laugh. At just ten minutes a day, it's a great addition to your daily routine. See for privacy and opt-out information.
Lucio Dalla diceva che nel centro di Bologna non si perde neanche un bambino, e aveva ragione. La parte di città che sta dentro le mura infatti, è come la ruota di una bicicletta, con i raggi che dalle Porte convergono in Piazza Maggiore. Le porte, che per secoli sono state gli unici punti di accesso alla città, sono dieci, e se si impara a conoscere il loro ordine, perdersi è quasi impossibile. Basta sapere a quale porta suonare ---Ti raccontiamo la città attraverso le voci e le storie delle associazioni e dei volontari, che rendono Bologna un posto speciale. Un posto, dove c’è sempre una porta che si apre. "Dammi il Tiro - un podcast su Bologna" è prodotto dall'Associazione Scambieuropei e realizzato da Federico Fabiani, Francesca Sciacca e Enrico Pontieri.📸IG: Inclusive è un Progetto di Solidarietà, cofinanziato dal programma Corpo Europeo di Solidarietà dell’Unione Europea 🇪🇺
If you like Joe Rogan, you'll hate us! Just 3 people talking about whatever we think about. We talk about this. We even talk about that. But we never talk about that one thing. Episodes come out twice weekly. Monday's, and Friday's. Available wherever you get your podcasts!

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