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Blew My Mind Podcast

Blew My Mind is the podcast for Shrink Tank contributors to discuss their personal, mind-blowing experiences with pop culture.

Curious Courage!

Your most awkward friends meet the coolest people on earth.

Boof Baf Radio

Podcast by sebastian@BoofBafRadio

Le rendez-vous de la médiatrice

Emmanuelle Daviet invite à l'antenne ceux qui font la radio à répondre aux questions de ceux qui l'écoutent.

Mindsets Reinvented

Stop robbing yourself of making your dreams and goals into a reality, often the game changer lies in reinventing your mindset. Every week we share an inspiring story or interview from an amazing person who's reinvented their mindset and turned their goals into a reality. Learn how you as well can reinvent your mindset and bust the myth that it's too late.

Outside the Box Podcast

A critique of the news, a lambasting of the media, and a shrewd and satirical jab at politics and government. Outside the Box is a wild and crazy ride through current events, social change, academia, science, history, and entertainment. In each no-holds-barred episode, Kelvin and Jeremy tackle a new and current topic, always. They'll make you laugh, cry, and beg for more (or to stop already...). From the practical to the absurd, their sole goal is to move your thinking just a little bit further outside the box. Kelvin is an English professor at Hunter College, and Jeremy is an entrepreneur who focuses on health and nutrition.

KT work life

Just a daily journal about work

Shuem Soul Experience

This Podcast was created using

Buckle Up With Big Hass

Buckle Up is a series of interviews with musicians, artists, and entertainers about their work and creative process. Hosted by Hass “Big Hass” Dennaoui, these conversations take place "On The Go" so, Buckle Up & join us for a drive.


Explorewell exists to observe, document and reflect upon how design and culture come together to enrich our lives and add value to our work. This podcast explores these themes through interviews, travel notes, and cultural experiences to further explore their contexts, probe the deeper questions surrounding them, and make sense of how design’s role in them relates to the bigger social picture. Its topics are meant to connect ideas in the social sphere, broaden understanding of design’s role in business and innovation, evaluate shifts in design and culture, and champion beauty.

GaySA Radio Presents: The Steam Room

The Steam Room is a show specifically aimed at Men who have Sex with Men (MSM). These men could be heterosexual or anywhere on the LGBTQ+ spectrum. Teaming up with the National Department of Health’s Phila Project, GaySA Radio has devised an interesting and informative look at the world of MSM. Each episode deals with a different aspect. Consisting of features, interviews, people’s opinions and a radio drama - each show focuses on a different aspect of MSM sexual and general health in an entertaining and sex-positive manner. This is a show aimed at adults 18+, and topics will be discussed in a frank and honest way. Online radio is not bound by the usual broadcasting rules, and while every effort is made to keep the content within acceptable norms, tough subjects like those relating to MSM are tackled in a forthright manner while at the same time being controversial in order to start listener conversations and bring the message home

Open the Box Podcast

Open the Box Podcast is a true crime podcast in which victims (or victims' family members) tell the story of a crime that was committed against them, how it has affected their lives, and how they have moved on.


A cultural company for the future At the forefront, and in the background...

Babes with Books

Welcome to Babes with Books, we are a social podcast of babes spread all over the nation that just love to read, want to discuss, but honestly kind of hate putting on pants and driving to a book club that meets 28 miles away… So we created an online one. Tune in every other week to discuss a new book with us. Grab a glass of wine and buckle in for about an hour of thought provoking Q&A with your favorite babes.

Green Dragon Live

Green Dragon Live is for anyone who has, or has ever wanted to go to J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth. Whether it is your first or eleventy-first time, we will be your guide through the Lord of The Rings, the Hobbit, the Silmarillion, and everything else that has to do with this world. We will dig deep and bring you all of the information you need to deepen your love and knowledge of Middle-earth.

flipside's podcast

Flip Orley and Jim talk about current events, the day to day and add their side to it all. Part comedy - part opinion. 100% real.

Iggy Garcia

Please visit and

Anders Toftgaard podcast

På denne side finder du videopodcasts, der fortrinsvis handler om italiensk og fransk renæssancelitteratur. Jeg er postdoc på Institut for Engelsk, Germansk og Romansk ved Københavns Universitet, hvor jeg frem til sommeren 2009 arbejder på et treårigt forskningsprojekt med titlen ”Litteraturen som samtale og erkendelsesform hos Michel de Montaigne og Sperone Speroni”. Denne side er blevet til i forbindelse med mit adjunktpædagogikum. De to første forelæsninger handler om fransk renæssance. De blev holdt i foråret 2008 som en del af kurset Renæssancekundskab II på Åbent Universitet på Københavns Universitets Humanistiske Fakultet. I begge tilfælde havde der først været 45 minutters diskussion af de tekster, som holdet på ca. 12 studerende havde læst i kompendiet, hvorefter jeg, efter en pause, holdt en forelæsning. Til den første forelæsning, ”Introduktion til fransk renæssance”, havde de studerende læst digte af Du Bellay, Ronsard, d’Aubigné og Jean de Sponde i kompendiet. Til den anden forelæsning, ”Fransk renæssance. Rabelais og Montaigne” havde de studerende i kompendiet læst essays fra Montaignes Essays og uddrag af Rabelais’ Gargantua & Pantagruel. Du er velkommen til at kommentere podcastene på min blog, hvor jeg vil bestræbe mig på at besvare spørgsmål efter bedste evne." Anders Toftgaard

Figuring it out

This podcast is all about growing up and discussing topics we may not have learnt about from our parents / peers. Most episodes will have a guest in order to dig deeper into the topics and get different opinions. This podcast should be relatable, funny, and educational. I want to show people that they aren’t alone when having no idea what they’re doing!

Once named: What Does The Prayer Really Say? - Commentary on Catholic issues & slavishly accurate liturgical translations - by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf o{]:¬)

Retired & Recently Graduated

Retired (Julie) and recently graduated (Alex), we were struck with the same question… What’s next? We’ve approached a new time in our lives, full of rough waters and opportunity. Through this time, we’ve been searching our souls for what is pulling us into the next step in our lives. Which is when we realized we should do a podcast, and allow others to see our unique views on our journeys with God. Tune in to hear how our spirituality relates to our differing perspectives on religions, moral values, entertainment and politics. With one college grad and one retiree, it’s bound to get interesting.

Blueprint Your Career Podcast with Angela Hemans

I would like to welcome and thank your for visiting Blueprint Your Career podcast. My goal for this podcast is to help you find the right career and offer motivation to help you obtain your career goals. I will do that by talking to people in various Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medical careers. Interviewing career and motivational experts. I hope to provide continuous awareness of the various careers that exist both the most popular and the unknown!

Slutty Times

Lesbian archivist Captain Motorboat talks about everything sex-related with Bunny Vishus and Tommy Gunn.

Beyond Walls

Podcast by Theatre Passe Muraille