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Xperiential Education

Xperiential Education is a podcast which explores the different techniques of learning through doing. We take a look outside the classroom and interview some amazing experiential educators to find the most innovative ideas which are helping to shape people's lives and prepare them for an uncertain future in a rapidly changing world. However, as you'll see throughout the interviews the impact that experiential education can have on students is immense and this translates back in the classroom to help create life-long learning opportunities and build a resilience that's needed to be able to deal with endless change that life is now bringing. Around 500BC Confucius said: I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand. I've travelled far and wide throughout the world to interview some fascinating people who run some awesome experiential education programs that are having a real impact on the lives of those involved. Each week we'll chat with one of these educators to find out just how they're providing great opportunities for our next generation. Xperiential Education is a continuous search for the best practical teaching experiences possible to ensure students of all ages are getting the most out of their learning through doing. Hopefully you can take away some of these ideas and build them into your own educational programs. Artwork by Kris Stempel © 2018

Hockey In Focus

Welcome to Hockey In Focus, the hockey photography podcast. I'm Aaron Bell and I am tracking down the best hockey photographers in the world to talk career paths, camera gear and hockey photography techniques.

Battle Potato Mash

A podcast about hockey, the Pittsburgh Penguins and being fans by two drunk women in the London that's not in Canada.

Spill The Cup

Podcast by Edgar Chavero

2 to the Body

Money Mark and Lorenza meet to discuss upcoming combat sports events.

Hawthorn Football Club

Podcast by Hawthorn Football Club


Podcast by Heel Phakdi

OT Podcast

Podcast by OT Podcast

Rovers (Almost) Live

The Doncaster Rovers podcast from the Doncaster Free Press

Weekly Gringo

Sports/Music/Current Events

Nyack College Men's Basketball

Official Nyack College Men's Basketball Podcast.

Dude Next Door Podcast

Who is the Dude Next Door? Our bet is you don't REALLY know. So join us each episode as we invite the dudes or dude-ettes "next door" to find out more about them. Some may be famous, most not, but all will be entertaining.

Homestand Headlines

Tyler Kelaher discusses and debates the latest in Toronto sports with weekly guests, along with the top sporting headlines from around the world.

Sixers GM

Tyler Wellener and Josh Moskow feed your mind with a statistics based podcast, in honor of Sam Hinkie.

On the road to esport

Jona und Tobit erzählen vom Ursprung und Entstehung ihres Weges in den esport. Vom ersten eigenen PC und den ersten Lanpartys über die ersten Turniere und Streams, hin zur Vereinsgründung von "Let's play Games" und Auftritten bei Sport1. Der Podcast soll zum einen den steinigen, mit Umwegen geprägten Weg in den esport erzählen, aber auch dazu inspirieren und animieren selbst in den esport einzusteigen und sich in dem wachsenden Markt zu integrieren.

Women Sports Film Podcast

We feature in-depth conversations with filmmakers and athletes working at the intersection of women's sport, film, and activism. Photo by Sana Javeri Kadri

Suiting Up Varsity: Nebraska High School Sports History

Time-traveling through the history of Nebraska high school sports, exploring the great stories, intriguing personalities, and exciting contests from the Cornhusker state history books.


BAJA EDITION 4K29 is an editorial video podcast about the vehicles and racers traversing sands and rocks that litter the Baja landscape.


Matt and Ty share their love for sports from the great state of Alaska.

Quite Possibly Sports Podcast

Podcast by Quite Possibly Sports

Jeff Balke's Houston Sports Podcast

Jeff Balke is a writer for Houstonia Magazine, the Houston Press and appears weekly to talk sports on Houston Public Media's Houston Matters. He is also the co-author of the Houston Rockets 50th Anniversary history book.

Don't Choke Podcast

You love the Indiana Pacers. We love the Indiana Pacers. Well, Jesse half does, the other half loves the Seattle Supersonics. Join us each episode as we break down the previously played games, preview the upcoming schedule, discuss Pacers news, and give our insights into the rest of the NBA.

Tribune Nord

Podcast by Tribune Nord

Ride the Swell

Ride the Swell is a traveling podcast hosted by Brittany Parker. She's been part of the river surfing community for seven years and has built her life around it. Although, this podcasts theme is about river surfing you can expect to hear stories that would inspire anyone. Join her as she interviews other river surfers, board shapers, wave engineers, and pioneers. Follow her at @bp.surfs Thumbnail Photo Credit: Heather Jackson