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A mercenary, bastard child, repair woman, a revenge seeker, a priest, and a fur trader with daddy issues get in a canoe... Sounds like a joke but this is actually the start of friendship and adventure. Watch this medley of adventurers become unlikely heroes of the realm.
We are a website dedicated to gaming across all forums with a focus on tabletop.
Follow the spacefaring adventures of Rav'nys, Luckbeak, and Marco as they find themselves new recruits of the crew of the Voidfarer, an independent spelljammer ship exploring a new crystal sphere called Kraatspace. Can they uncover the secrets of the lost Kraatorian empire or will they fall victim to the same mysterious calamity that befell the ancient voidfaring civilization thousands of years ago? An original D&D Fifth Edition campaign inspired by the classic AD&D setting, Spelljammer. A Project Derailed podcast!
A dead acolyte. Her puzzle box. A city festering with secrets. And four hero investigators uncovering it all. Little Realms is a Dungeons & Dragons actual play adventure using DnD 5E.
Where theatrical people play roleplaying games. Each season our players part-improvise a story in a new genre, with roleplaying game rules providing surprising twists and turns. Jump in at the start of any season! The story continues every other Tuesday; on the Tuesdays in between, Backstage episodes shed light on the game and storytelling mechanics behind the scenes.
We're PlayQuest! A group of friends that loves to playtest table-top RPGs and tell a story along the way! Come along with us as we play D&D, Cypher, Tenra Bansho Zero, and other TTRPGs, discuss the rules, and try not to let our characters die as we test the limits the games and our imaginations.
Welcome to WafflesMapleSyrup's Podcast Network! We are excited to present actual play TTRPG campaigns; authentic, uncut, and hilarious from our live stream to your ears. "Journeys Adrift" is a canonical jump through 'The Gap' into the Pact Worlds and the amazing Starfinder system. Hop in the ship and ready yourself for blast-off as we follow the journeys of these five characters! "Time Has Past" is our exciting time-traveling, calamity-stopping, homebrew campaign. Straight from Waffle's creative mind for your enjoyment! "Extinction Curse" is Paizo's amazing Adventure Path full of circus tricks and shenanigans that are bound to have you on the edge of your seats! So come join us at our table as we fly by the seat of our pants. The way TTRPGs are intended! "TTRPG Talks" is a series where we get together with fellow members of the community to discuss everything under the TTRPG umbrella. So check it out to meet some other fantastic podcasters, streamers, and friends! Keep an eye out though as we grow and introduce even more content! Much love from two kind hearts, Waffles & Syrup
Tabletop RPG actual play and discussion. D&D5e, Inspectres, FATE, Dark Heresy, Call of Cthulhu and more
Världens bästa podd om musik och spel!
Two guys who have run one too many games of Dungeons and Dragons. Here we gripe about foolish players, horrible mechanics, and bad dice rolls. As well as, worldbuilding, rules, and how to deal with the party splitting up for the third time this session.
A biweekly actual play TTRPG podcast. Join us as we venture between realms to protect the fabric of reality by exploring everything the tabletop world has to offer!
A one-on-one actual play podcast co-hosted by a married couple with a focus on lighthearted play. Diana and Zack are just two nerds and teachers who like to spend time in fantasy worlds together. We never squabble over rules, except when we do. Catch up with Season 1 of our Dungeon World campaign in the setting of Segurança, a diverse plains city beset by internal power struggles and devils at the gates. New episodes every other Monday.
A Live Play Morrow Project Podcast
A Podcast dedicated to Call of Cthulhu and other Horror and Lovecraftian Role Playing Games.
Superheroes meet Tabletop gaming! Trade in your medieval castles for the sprawling cityscape of New York as three teenage heroes must come to terms with the chaos that revolves around having super powers! They must face multi-conglomerate corporations, outer-dimensional beings, shadow organizations and the deadliest threat of them all: HIGH SCHOOL. Be sure to tune in LIVE every Wednesday at 6:30pm EST at Missed an episode? Check it out on YouTube at Have a collaboration prospect or inquiry? Email us over at The Cast: Colby - Professor GM Nicole - Jackie Galaxy David - Adam Mercury Cory - Elias Crowley
Join Rob Wieland, Jordan Fishburn, Tony Cheek, Ethan Eichstedt-Anderson, Tawnie Thompson, Sarah Babe, Tech-master Brad Davies and Danielle Bryn as we explore new role-playing games and exciting one-shot tabletop RPGs! Support the team on Patreon!
A Podcast Celebrating Actual Play TTRPGs and Gaming in General!
Welcome to Very Random Encounters, a show where we play pen and paper RPGs in which we've randomly determined as many things as is possible, including characters, villains, names, places, and other weirder stuff! It all comes together to be a very random encounter. We're an actual play roleplaying game podcast by four friends who love the challenge of telling a story whose details are all prompted by random rolls. You can start with the first episode in any given season.
Side Character Quest (SCQ) is a improvised fantasy adventure told in an anthology style. In each "quest", the show's host takes a guest player on a journey through a larger shared world. Quests are usually 3-6 episodes long, and listeners can generally start the show at the beginning of any one of them! SCQ is set in a world surrounded by a massive, impenetrable wall. The people here are (in general) peaceful and good, but under the surface lay rumblings of dark magic. Undead hoards, corrupted beasts, mysterious bargainers, and more are waiting in the shadows.
LCP DnD is an Actual Play & Audio Drama podcast.
A superhero RPG podcast
Welcome to The Villains Demand podcast network! Here you can find the fictional battle podcast Crossover Collision, the nerdy entertainment podcast Fandom Fusion and are D&D actual play podcast The Last Tavern on the Left.
Grim Encounters is an actual play tabletop RPG comedy horror podcast using the Chill 3rd Edition ruleset.
Roll with Advantage is the Dungeons and Dragons actual-play podcast you didn't know you were looking for. Come join the fun and action as our heroes encounter iconic D&D locations, monsters, and characters.
Four uninhibited actresses weaving heartfelt and empowering storytelling in a femtastical, homebrew D&D universe. Follow the adventures of Delaelia, the elven ranger; Feliks, the gnome fighter (atop his goat Ramsey); and Princess Theia, the Wild Magic sorceress, as they befriend mystical animals, slay big baddies, and swoon over axe-wielding women. Spellbound features DM Emma Carter and players Kelsea Botwinik-Hruza, Rebecca Munoz, and Lydia Miller.

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