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The Two Techies | Weekly Technology News

Get your weekly roundup of technology news with The Two Techies. Released every Saturday, the show goes over some of the most notable and interesting technology stories of the week. Occasionally joined by guests, well known to the technology world!

The Effective Entrepreneur Show

In The Effective Entrepreneur Show, you’ll learn how to double or triple the income in your business while doing less and living more. You’ll learn from some amazing Entrepreneurs and what they do to grow their businesses in marketing, operations, hiring, accounting, advertising, personal development, and tons more. 

BxJS Weekly

Weekly javascript news podcast.

APAC Virtualization Roundtable

Every fortnight a new topic on virtualization, Cloud and VDI. For more information and next podcast sessions go to: This Podcast was created using

Asia Tech Podcast

Substantive Conversations on All Things Asia...Conversations are better than interviews. Information is better than pure entertainment. We all have a story...let us help you tell yours.

Rutger's Rawazzi

Rutger's Rawazzi, de beste afsluiting van je schoolweek! Elke vrijdag tussen 17:00 en 18:00 uur live op Omroep Helmond Radio. Luister mee via 107.2 FM in de regio Helmond of via

Jose A Rubio

Bienvenidos a mi podcast donde veréis una extensión del contenido de mi canal de YouTube y que podáis consumir mi contenido de una manera diferente. De esta manera extenderé mi presencia al mundo de la voz y os ahorraré tiempo como siempre ha sido mi visión. Mi nombre es Jose Angel Rubio y aquí seguiremos hablando de drones, reviews y edición. Become a supporter of this podcast:


Neste cast você vai receber spam sobre cinema, música, quadrinhos, games, tecnologia e tudo que for muito legal!

AWB-FLA Science Review

5th Grade Science Review Podcast Series

Tech Talk For Dummies

I hope you'll join me live or you can listen to my past episodes here or at Here is a place to make technology more accessible to users. If you are afraid to buy a new piece of technology, this is the place for you. Do you think you are behind on the latest technology but don't know where to begin? Are you a Boomer who feels that the information age is moving way too fast to keep up? The answer to these questions and many more will be covered in this informative and fun call. This Podcast was created using

CORE - Core Gaming for Core Gamers

Not just another Heroes of the Storm show / podcast. Hosted by podcasting vet, Scott Johnson, Jon Jagger and Beau Shwartz. Weekly, on the frogpants network.

Dr. Bruce Damer's Levity Zone

An exploration of science, vision, hope and the Great Project of Being



Divagaciones en El telar del Geek

Podcast en formato express en el que doy mi opinión sobre algún tema o noticia tecnológica que me haya parecido relevante. También puedo expresar alguna duda o contar algo que haya implementado en mi metodología de trabajo o diaria. La duración aproximada de los episodios será inferior a los 10 minutos normalmente.

Mastermind Joomla!

El podcast donde hablamos sobre cómo empezar, promocionar, y hacer crecer tu plataforma web en torno a la herramienta Joomla!®

Journey of a Wantrepreneur

The Journey of a Wantrepreneur is a podcast aimed to inspire and encourage others to pursue their dreams by detailing my own journey and those whom are guests.

Tom and Steve Show

We can make the world a better place, one conversation at a time. Steve and I are fascinated by the opportunity that modern technology offers. We hold in our hands pretty much all the combined knowledge of mankind and the ability to communicate seamlessly through this medium we call podcasting. Fascinating time to be alive, have a listen.

JSLeague Show

A podcast about JavaScript, software engineering, entrepreneurship and building awesome software products.

FIT5095 Data Warehousing

Designing, managing and operating data warehouses.

Ö1 matrix

Neue Technologien müssen nicht über uns kommen wie ein Unwetter. Wir können das Technikklima beeinflussen. Und deshalb analysiert "matrix" jede Woche, was hinter dem Bildschirm abläuft - von Netzpolitik bis Augmented Reality, vom 3D-Druck bis zu den Drohnen über unseren smarten Städten.

bitcast – bitblog podcast

Diskurálunk biten innen, biten túl. Hírek, érdekességek, vélemények pár bitvadász billentyűzetéről.


In diesem Podcast dreht sich alles nach dem Motto: It´s all about cars! Hier findet ihr die neusten Trends und Entwicklungen aus der Automobilbranche sowie Auto Bewertungen/Reviews. Dazu bekommt ihr regelmäßig Tipps&Tricks um euch das Thema Autos und die Faszination dahinter, noch näher zu bringen.

Auscast Network Extra

All the best bits from across the Auscast Network.