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A podcast, it's about Dad stuff, Nerdom and everything grown almost middle aged men might want to talk about! Download us on iTunes, Google play or Castbox.


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Scientifiquement Parlant [Version Video]

Inventeurs, Ingénieurs, étudiants et autres personnes œuvrant en science et technologie, qui parlent de leur domaine, expériences, les projets sur lesquels ils travaillent et bien plus encore!

The NSNorth Podcast

The NSNorth Podcast features short interviews with the fantastic speakers who make up the NSNorth Conference.

Matt and His White Friends Talk About Video Games

Friends Matt, Tom and Dan met while teaching in South Korea years ago and they're still passionate about the video game industry in addition to arguing with each other (something no other podcast has done before!). Updated biweekly, this podcast dwells into thoughts on games currently being played, industry trends, mechanics done right or horribly wrong and whatever noteworthy news or conflict facing the games industry.

Loup Ventures Podcast

The combination of virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and robotics will fundamentally transform how we live -- for the better. It will enable a world of infinite and limitless exploration. A world where humans are free to live their passions without worry for basic needs.

Let's talk about Electric Vehicles

Will electric vehicles ever fully replace prevalent gasoline cars? What challenges are there yet to conquer and how will mobility and transportation look like in the future? My name is Teresa, I’m an economist, and my field of study is e-mobility development. In this podcast, I will talk about different aspects and challenges of the electric mobility sector such as batteries, infrastructure, or regulations. My goal is to provide unbiased and factual information about electric cars in a sales-free environment, for listeners who are either already somehow involved in the movement or just have a casual interest in electric vehicles. Let me introduce you to both the economic and technical aspects in an explanatory manner. Moreover, I would be more than happy to hear your opinion and start a vivid conversation about e-mobility matters.

Bugs on Fire

Um podcast descontraído onde cientistas da computação discutem e debatem temas relevantes da vida cotidiana e acadêmica.

Speaking Up with Patrick Schilling

Join us as we explore and discuss some of today’s most pressing topics that will determine how we live tomorrow. Learn about emerging questions from technology, philosophy, politics and society. You will from some of the most interesting people in the field. Let them inspire you


a escapade for escaping your everyday life, join us and we'll talk about what you want. just let us know!

Missions Matter

Great companies are built on the backs of incredibly talented people, aligned on a shared vision, working from a set of core values. Each month we meet with people who have built or survived incredible cultural transformations to learn from their experience on how to build strong cultures in the digital age.

Primeval: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Podcast

Join Mike and Kara for a comedic take on the themes, characters, and all things even slightly related to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Influencers & Entrepreneurs Podcast

The Influencers & Entrepreneurs Podcast unpacks the minds of interesting successful social influencers as well as digitally focused entrepreneurs. I speak with a varied range of social influencers and entrepreneurial people and share what I learnt along the way. I uncover how my guests build their brands and profiles online and how they use digital technology to enable them to live amazing lives whilst creating successful businesses along the way.

Espacio Drone

¿Quieres conocer más acerca del hobby de los drones? Acércate a Espacio Drone, un podcast realizado por Jerónimo Márquez, de FPV Max, y Rafael Cruz, de Mundodron, para traerte las últimas novedades, consejos y charlas sobre el mundo de los drones en español.


Каждую неделю мы выбираем лучшие новости про технологии, новые гаджеты, запуск ракет и пр., и рассказываем их вам.

Un país mundial

Programas de Radio Galega

Core Insights : The Mining Digital Transformation Podcast

Join Uptake's Director of Mining, Ashutosh Agarwal and innovators across the mining industry as they dig deep on how technology is redefining the future of this centuries old business.

Uppdrag spänning

Dalakraft djupdyker i områden kopplade till el och energi tillsammans med radioprofilen Jon Norberg.

Pour Gamer's Podcast

The Pour Gamers, Chris, and a mix of Dante, Jim, West and Nick, discuss the world of video games and everything else related. Visit for videos and other neato stuff. Theme music by ToxicXEternity

Pequeño Podcast

Un pequeño programa donde los episodios también son pequeños, pero poderosos. Donde lo variado toma forma, y las ganas de hablar, son igual de grandes que las ganas de coexistir en el asombroso mundo del podcasting.

Embodied Reality : Technology | Creativity | Love

A show about what neuroscience and cognitive psychology tell us about the future of virtual and augmented reality.

Monowelle Filme und Serien

Hier findet ihr alle Film und Serien Podcast Folgen der Monowelle in einem separaten Feed zum Abonnieren.

The Cult Movie Show with Warren & Velvet

Lets Talk Cult Movies that are so bad, that they're good

Animal de compañía

Podcast en español hecho 100% en la ciudad de Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom. Con la conducción de Poli Flores y la participación especial de invitados de lujo repartidos por toda la geografía mundial.