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The Nicolas Cage podcast that discusses the insanity and wisdom of the National Treasure one masterpiece at a time. We also go on fun non-Cage movie history tangents. We research Nic Cage so you don't have to.
Ever wonder who would win in court: Troll Dolls vs Furbies? Dunkaroos vs Gushers? Celine Dion vs Mariah Carey? Neither have we. UNTIL NOW. Two most excellent aspects of the 90s face off in court and have their sides presented by two experts: children of the 90s. Also featuring lots of other 90s nostalgic nonsense.
Hey all! Here at Geek Freaks we cover the weekly geek news. We discuss all the latest in gaming, comics, tv, and movies. Join us to celebrate the Geekdom!
DC or Marvel? Twin brothers "Johnny DC" and "Marvelous Joe" see who would win in Marvel vs DC fights using stat-based simulations, and review superhero films. Updates on Tuesdays.
Zilch!:A Monkees Podcast!
Lisa, Andrew and their friends explore the best (and some of the worst!) of archive television with as much detail as they can manage and as many awful jokes as they dare!
Join childhood friends Gags and TA as they provide their own personal views on current events in nerd culture as well as the nostalgic highlights of nerdy pasts.
A kinda weekly show about videogames, movies and all things geek based in Singapore. Join our hosts Shafique, Mr Toffee and Eccentric Tom on their podcast journey and pray their livers hold up as they traverse the pop culture landscape.
The Film Reel Join Stu and James as they discuss and review the weird and wonderful world of films, from rare suave critique to general banter and wild accusations and criticisms. From Star Wars to Spaceballs, from Marvel madness movies to academy award winning Rocky. If you love movies, understand British accent, then this is the show for you! Geeks need only apply with their ears.
NEON is a different way of sharing historical knowledge. NEON takes a pop culture phenomenon and turns it on its head by revealing lesser known facts, real-life events and history behind your favourite Netflix shows, movies or video games. From how the A-Team took inspiration from Vietnamese history and resistance leaders, to the Aryan purity and Harem breeding programs behind the Handmaid’s Tale. Even some of the most successful video games – Assassins Creed, God of War, and Fortnite – are steeped in history. NEON has already uncovered historical references in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Black Panther, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, The Greatest Showman and the musical, Hamilton. Presented by Jem Duducu Produced by Dan Morelle
Welcome to the official soundcloud of the No Structure Podcast! We’re a duo who speaks on life, relationships, current events, and everything else under the sun. We provide social commentary, a few personal stories and some good laughs. You can check out playlists we’ve made and other content over at Don’t forget that if you like what you’re hearing to like, comment, subscribe and repost so we can get the word out to others!
Since 2014, Ben Verth and Mark Donaldson have been discussing the 20th Century incarnation of Doctor Who in broadcast order, pairing each story with an appropriate drink and a classic series serial. Join them on Twitter (@OnTheTimelash, @BenVerth @Oldmankrondas) or on
The podcast features Stuart from 5D & Zack from who will be discussing many things sci-fi, fantasy & horror related. Occasionally we may even get our facts correct...... A new 5D Podcast episode will be published weekly on a Saturday......or Sunday...depending if we can get our act together.
Join hosts Rivers Langley, Pat Reilly, and Mr. Goodnight on their intrepid aural expedition through the world of oft-forgotten pop culture on "The Goods from the Woods". Featuring personal tales and recollections on the theme from the hosts and their special weekly guests, "The Goods from the Woods" will leave you enlightened. It will leave you enraptured. You will find yourself changed, daddy! Also, you will laugh.
Nightly occurrences, as they happened, at Artists' Television Access in San Francisco
Triple Academy Award winner Peter Jackson (The Lord of the Rings trilogy) directs the dramatic adventure King Kong, bringing his sweeping cinematic vision to the iconic story of the gigantic ape captured in the wild and brought to civilization where he meets his tragic fate.
Best ever TV and Movie Podcast (ever) reviewing the latest and greatest on the big and small screens as well as previews on upcoming features. All of this with a distinctly Irish flavour
Welcome to the WB Reel News Vidcast - Comic-Con 2008 - your inside look at Warner Bros. movies and DVDs. During each podcast, we'll feature trailers, behind-the-scenes clips and more. Enjoy!
A podcast discussing episodically the Sleepy Hollow TV show broadcast on FOX.
AudioSurgeon is the official podcast of Pixelsurgeon: movies, games, music, design and tech news chat, plus exclusive interviews. Hosted by the Pixelsurgeon editors, including Jason Arber, Richard May, Sam Gilbey, Alex Wiltshire and Rina Cheung.
The brain child of two mental defuncts, Fueled by Beer is the ultimate outlet for the outrageously politically incorrect California Joe and Red Matt. Tired of the same, boring, let's-not-offend-anyone radio? Then Fueled by Beer is for you. Guaranteed to offend and open your mind to ideas you should never have in daylight.
Movie Wars is a movie commentary show with a twist. One commentator likes the film in question and one does not. So plug in, sync up your dvd and prepare for the cinematic gladiatorial excitement of Movie Wars!
Weekly podcast series that discusses all things comic book & animated on the big, little & internet screens, print, on the internet all brought to you by one guy called Ian & another guy called James - both of whom are huge fans of everything comic & animated.
Cross Talk is an internationally syndicated television and radio program. The mission statement says it all: "We are boldly reaching out to change lives with the radical truth of our Jewish Savior." The host of CrossTalk is Dr. Randy Weiss. He is a Jewish believer in Jesus who has been proclaiming this message since his conversion in early 1973. Tune in weekly to enjoy teaching, humor, singing, and sharing from a Jewish man's perspective. Randy teaches about the Jewish origins of the Christian faith and helps the Church be sensitized to Jewish issues. He is committed to biblical clarity, historical accuracy, and creative techniques for presenting the Gospel message to the mass media.

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