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The Nicolas Cage podcast that discusses the insanity and wisdom of the National Treasure one masterpiece at a time. We also go on fun non-Cage movie history tangents. We research Nic Cage so you don't have to.
Ever wonder who would win in court: Troll Dolls vs Furbies? Dunkaroos vs Gushers? Celine Dion vs Mariah Carey? Neither have we. UNTIL NOW. Two most excellent aspects of the 90s face off in court and have their sides presented by two experts: ch
Hey all! Here at Geek Freaks, we cover everything in geek culture. We discuss all the latest in gaming, comics, tv, and movies. Join us to celebrate Geekdom!
Start your sublight engines, it's time to lightsaber duel for your life. Everybody in a galaxy far, far away is queer (except maybe Anakin), because we say so. Join Mel, Jess, Ollie, Noah, and Klaudia every week for some critical analysis of
It’s a podcast. A podcast for guys like you and us. What’s that, no women? OF COURSE WOMEN ARE WELCOME! Think variety. Think funny. Think, old guys ranting about crap that entertains them. Sports, video games, pop culture and probably a lot of
A monthly Monkees Podcast! We cover everything Monkees!
Lisa, Andrew and their friends explore the best (and some of the worst!) of archive television with as much detail as they can manage and as many awful jokes as they dare!
Podcast host Gags and his assortment of friends as they provide their own personal views on current events in nerd culture as well as the nostalgic highlights of nerdy pasts.
A kinda weekly show about videogames, movies and all things geek based in Singapore. Join our hosts Shafique, Mr Toffee and Eccentric Tom on their podcast journey and pray their livers hold up as they traverse the pop culture landscape.
The Scene Snobs are shows that first and foremost try to entertain and bring comedy to a variety of topics like geek, movies, TV, sports, celebrity interviews and more. We are a conversation based podcast and will allow the conversation to dict