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WB Reel News Podcast - 2008 Academy Awards(R) Edition
Welcome to the WB Reel News Podcast - 2008 Academy Awards (R) - your inside look at Warner Bros. movies and DVDs. During each podcast, we'll feature trailers, behind-the-scenes clips and more. Enjoy!
LOL Noiseheads
Sneak a peek into the world of the new film, LOL. These Noiseheads, made by Kevin Bewersdorf, feature the faces and noises of people from all over the World who sent these clips via the internet. LOL will be playing film festivals in 2006. To learn more visit the website at
Atlantide.TV Video Podcast La nostra idea di tv e' molto essenziale e assolutamente democratica: chiunque abbia qualche cosa di interessante da dire e la capacita' tecnica di raccontarlo potra' avere un nostro passaggio televisivo. Atlantide.TV nasce come una televisione: Autorevole e di grande personalita', per la notorieta' e il valore dei promotori e dei partecipanti all'idea. Capace di parlare all'ampia fascia di utenti insoddisfatti della programmazione televisiva attuale, e alla ricerca di stimoli nuovi e intelligenti. Comica, positiva e disposta a dire quello che le tv predigerite non sospettano neppure.Con una garanzia di qualita' (etica, ambientale, culturale) della sua programmazione, dall'intrattenimento all'informazione, fino agli spazi commerciali.
Bass e Azzurro
東京のとある閑静な住宅街にたたずむイタリアーノ・バール「Bass e Azzurro」。 週末になると気軽に一杯を楽しめるこの空間で、 いつもの常連客:黒沢美香とバーテンダー:佐々木洋平はグラス片手に様々な話題に華を咲かせる。 あなたもグラス片手にステキな夜をご一緒に!!
Servizi video realizzati a Bologna in occasione del Motorshow 2005
Fargo TV
West Coast Project discusses the FX Network TV show “Fargo”. The show is written by Noah Hawley and produced by the Coen brothers. It stars Billy Bob Thornton, Kate Walsh, Bob Odenkirk, Allison Tolman, Colin Hanks, Joey King and Martin Freeman. - Kino-Podcast aktuell und persönlich
Podcast seit 2008 rund um die besten aktuellen Filme im Kino. Es gibt so viele gute Podcasts zum Thema Film. Warum noch einer? Weil z. B. sehr persönlich im Anschluss an den Kinobesuch einen Film bewertet und wir unsere Eintrittskarten noch selber kaufen.
The allOrange Podcasts
Short films by Carlo Ledesma. Carlo is a Sydney-based filmmaker who manages the short film website Nice Shorts ( You can reach him at
NZ Idol 2006 Review - Podcasts
Idolblog's unofficial NZ Idol 3 podcast.
Now Showing
Awesome friends and co-hosts Moose and Monkey discuss and critique Empire magazine's list of the 500 best movies of all time. Check out for video versions and more!
High School Musical
Ein Tanz- und Musikfeuerwerk der Extraklasse, das bei seiner TV-Premiere in den USA 7,7 Millionen Zuschauer begeisterte. Regisseur, Choreograph und Emmy® -Gewinner Kenny Ortega („Dirty Dancing“) vereint in diesem Disney Channel Hit heiße Talente, coole Songs und einen Soundtrack, der die Chart-Rekorde bricht und 3 Wochen lang Nr.1 der verkauften iTunes-Alben war! Jetzt auf DVD - mit zusätzlichem Dance-Workshop und exklusivem Musikvideo!
Le podcast de Motion Live Teach
Bienvenue dans le podcast de Motion Live Teach ! Le podcast où l'on parle de 3D, d'animation, d'effets spéciaux, de films, de mindset, de logiciels... Bref, tout ce qui se rapporte au métier d'artiste 3D.
FisherCast- Six Feet Under Retrospective
This podcast is dedicated to the show "Six Feet Under". Join funeral director Robin as he guides first-time Six Feet Undertakers Moira and Des through all five seasons of this quirky drama.
Robotech 00 PodCast
The Official Podcast Headquarters of the Infopedia Robotech Universe! Technical discussions about Robotech Story, mecha,charcters, Univers and continuity.
Space Station Liberty
Remember Robotech? This podcast is about the seminal American anime mecha experience, the anime, games, and other spinoffs related to it, and the Internet fandom that grew up around it. I will try to have guests with interesting things to say about that fandom, but chatters who remember the show (or are curious about the show) are welcome to join right in! NOTE: The opinions and viewpoints expressed on this show are strictly those of the individuals expressing them and do not necessarily represent those of Harmony Gold (unless they are expressed by a Harmony Gold representative in an official capacity). Robotech, The Shadow Chronicles, Space Station Liberty, and all associated trademarks are property of Harmony Gold, and their use in this podcast is not intended to infringe.
Moving Pictures Movie Podcast
A weekly film podcast reviewing the new releases from a film student and a fellow film fanatic. Posted on Fridays, hopefully. Also corresponding with our blog:
S-I-A Films Video Podcast
This is the video podcast of S-I-A Films Ltd, an independant film production company based in the East Midlands. In these podcasts you will meet the personalities that make up S-I-A Films, see us shooting our next films, and follow the post-production of our HDV feature "East Midlands Babylon" as we prepare for it's DVD release. The podcast has been online for just over a year, and has viewers in over 30 countries from all corners of the globe. It is produced by Richard Leverton, and you can get in touch with us by emailing or visiting
The Movie Digest
The Movie Digest is a weekly podcast dedicated to looking at the latest news from Hollywood, all the upcoming movies, and our weekly top 5. Presented by JQ & Fin
All things Sopranos from show recaps to cigar talk. Fuhgeddaboutit!
May Contain Spoilers Film Podcast
Steve, Drew and JP take a look at the week’s latest film releases, with the odd actor and director interview thrown in from time to time. Follow the show on twitter: @filmspoilers
Caravan Tours
Caravan Tours is proud to present a series of short films covering beautiful destinations around the United States, and Canada.
AudioSurgeon is the official podcast of Pixelsurgeon: movies, games, music, design and tech news chat, plus exclusive interviews. Hosted by the Pixelsurgeon editors, including Jason Arber, Richard May, Sam Gilbey, Alex Wiltshire and Rina Cheung.
Five By Five Reviews
Being the enthusiastic waffling of a pair of Class-A genre boffins. Film, TV, Gaming & Comic coverage and other assorted malarkey.
Weird and Mysterious
Listen, laugh and learn.