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Filmmakers Forum
The Filmmakers Forum is a weekly podcast dedicated to independent filmmakers, musicians, and artists. The podcast will include interviews, film and music reviews, podcast safe music and independent related promos!
Exploited Cinema
A podcast covering horror/exploitation/cult films. Hosted By Bat32 & Dale Roy EMAIL US AT OFFICIAL WEBSITE
Classic TV
Pancast PODuctions guide you through some of the classic British sitcoms of the last 50 years. Some of the most iconic characters in comedy. Blackadder, Partridge, Father Ted, Fawlty, The Trotters to name but a few. So sit back, put on the rose tinted specs and lets reminisce. What show do you want us to do next? Email Check out all of our podcasts at
United Anime Kingdom Podcast
Hello and welcome to the United Anime Kingdom pod cast; the place to go for your anime needs! Released every Monday we discuss a wide range of topics within the world of Japanese animation! Starring TheSlyDragon93, TheAGCorner, BDT87, NessMudkipz, and Zstargames! If you like this podcast, then please share with your friends and subscribe via itunes! Watch us on Youtube!: Follow us on Twitter: Send your feedback and questions to
The Wookiee Rookiee Podcast
Did you know that there exist people who have never seen the original Star Wars trilogy? It's true! Katharina is one such soul who would like to be able to enjoy the forthcoming "The Force Awakens" without skipping over a whole generation of the story. Chris and Mick, caring types that they are, decided that if she's going to watch the original series after all these years of steadfast refusal, then she should probably go back and watch the whole six movies in chronological order. In this podcast we discuss how that experience went, one episode at a time.
Bad Wolf Radio
The latest podcast based on the new series of Doctor Who. Opinions coming from both sides of "the pond" leads to varied discussion on a variety of topics.
Witchndigger Show
We talk about TV reality shows and about ourselves. Please kids this is not the show for you. Thanks, Witchndigger!
Der Trailer zum Kurzfilm "Tüte" von Steffen Heidenreich
Moving Pictures Movie Podcast
A weekly film podcast reviewing the new releases from a film student and a fellow film fanatic. Posted on Fridays, hopefully. Also corresponding with our blog:
FisherCast- Six Feet Under Retrospective
This podcast is dedicated to the show "Six Feet Under". Join funeral director Robin as he guides first-time Six Feet Undertakers Moira and Des through all five seasons of this quirky drama.
The allOrange Podcasts
Short films by Carlo Ledesma. Carlo is a Sydney-based filmmaker who manages the short film website Nice Shorts ( You can reach him at
The Movie Digest
The Movie Digest is a weekly podcast dedicated to looking at the latest news from Hollywood, all the upcoming movies, and our weekly top 5. Presented by JQ & Fin
NZ Idol 2006 Review - Podcasts
Idolblog's unofficial NZ Idol 3 podcast.
All things Sopranos from show recaps to cigar talk. Fuhgeddaboutit!
Robotech 00 PodCast
The Official Podcast Headquarters of the Infopedia Robotech Universe! Technical discussions about Robotech Story, mecha,charcters, Univers and continuity.
May Contain Spoilers Film Podcast
Steve, Drew and JP take a look at the week’s latest film releases, with the odd actor and director interview thrown in from time to time. Follow the show on twitter: @filmspoilers
Space Station Liberty
Remember Robotech? This podcast is about the seminal American anime mecha experience, the anime, games, and other spinoffs related to it, and the Internet fandom that grew up around it. I will try to have guests with interesting things to say about that fandom, but chatters who remember the show (or are curious about the show) are welcome to join right in! NOTE: The opinions and viewpoints expressed on this show are strictly those of the individuals expressing them and do not necessarily represent those of Harmony Gold (unless they are expressed by a Harmony Gold representative in an official capacity). Robotech, The Shadow Chronicles, Space Station Liberty, and all associated trademarks are property of Harmony Gold, and their use in this podcast is not intended to infringe.
WGON Radio
A podcast dedicated to the works of George A. Romero and his associates. All Romero, all the time.
S-I-A Films Video Podcast
This is the video podcast of S-I-A Films Ltd, an independant film production company based in the East Midlands. In these podcasts you will meet the personalities that make up S-I-A Films, see us shooting our next films, and follow the post-production of our HDV feature "East Midlands Babylon" as we prepare for it's DVD release. The podcast has been online for just over a year, and has viewers in over 30 countries from all corners of the globe. It is produced by Richard Leverton, and you can get in touch with us by emailing or visiting