Top Two Nerds Talking Podcasts

Two Bit Geeks

A two-nerds-talking podcast exploring science, philosophy, education, art, literature, geek culture, technology, and other human endeavors. New episodes roughly twice monthly.

On the Shelf Podcast

We are Soul and Cyrix, a couple of videogame nuts who are currently obsessed with the Nintendo Switch. We'll be here to talk Switch releases, news, game reviews, and more. Thanks for listening!

Chattin' Bull!

We look at things going on in life with a healthy dollop of banter!

Nostalgia Be Damned

Nostalgia Be Damned takes your favorite childhood movies and asks one simple question: do they hold up?

The Softbrains

A comedy podcast to keep your brains soft and your ears delighted. Each week your two hosts, Justin and Clarke, bring an interesting story, some weird history or unbelievably dumb fact and they share them with each other and you! Includes things you should know, stuff you should laugh at, and reasons why you should question our sanity.