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Glamour spell gone wrong? Astral projection got you untethered? Want to know why your angry dead rich father is haunting you? Consider Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services. After a controversial fallout with her coven, Kalila Stormfi
Join Linda and Jane as they discuss witches, man-witches, sorcerers, wizards, and other magic-practitioners in movies, television shows, history, comics, games, and novels. In the occasional minisode, they discuss a heroic and/or just-plain-awe
A podcast addressing current events and issues in the paranormal community, hosted by Hazel Thornton, witch and medical practitioner. https://linktr.ee/cafow
Queer, eclectic witch, Fen Alankus, follows her curiosity wherever it takes her - from witchcraft and the occult to the paranormal, aliens, fairies, shamanism, gurus, and and and - all the WOO. Through interviews, stories, and investigations, F
We're Amber and Liv, two bitchin' witches. Join us on our podcast and cackle along as we explore the magical, the spooky and sometimes the ruddy mysterious!
Beware, for something beckons to you from out of the Woo... It is the Mystagoggle: a queer feminist esoterica podcast from rural NJ. We're brewing up a conversational potion of myth, spirituality, spooks, folklore, and witchcraft. With our orig
Join me along my spiritual journey. I'll share my experiences, knowledge, thoughts and beliefs on a variety of modern spiritual topics such as awakenings, manifestation, law of attraction, self-love, meditation, yoga, soul mates, crystals, witc
Enchanted: The History of Magic & Witchcraft features the best stories from the history of magic, sorcery, alchemy, and witchcraft. With in-depth historical research accompanied by dramatic storytelling and ambient sound, it's the perfect liste
Spirituality , Tarot Readings, Broken hearts, Spells, Just a day in the life of a modern Witch. And whatever else is on my mind Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/paula-jaworsky/support
Belle, Book & Candle is here to encourage and educate the pagan community on topics of interest to an earth-centered spirituality. Step into the world of a southern witch through stories, southern lore, intriguing guests and education meant to